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13. You Go Ice Skating Together

13# You Go Ice Skating Together

Note: I like this one.... a lot

Harry: "There you go Haz! Open your eyes and look! You're skating!" You yelled happily as you skated backwards in front of Harry. Harry opened his eyes and quickly stuck his arms out in front of him to try and grab onto you. "No Harry. Come on you are doing just fine by yourself." After steading himself for a few seconds Harry finally put his arms back down at his sides and started to pick up some speed. You smiled and clapped your hands like a proud parent who had just taught their child how to walk. Harry smiled and skated the small gap that was between the two of you. He quickly wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you as close as possible to him. Harry crashed his lips to your's and you felt him smile into the kiss. When he pulled away he was smiling like an idiot and he said, "I love you!" You giggled and said, "I love you too Harry." You placed another kiss on his lips and then you grabbed his hand to continue skating. After many hours of teaching Harry he had finally gotten the hang of it. He wanted to make sure that he could skate when the two of you were going ice skating with the boys and their girlfriends on New Year's Eve. You knew that Harry was going to brag to the boys about how quickly he picked up skating even though that was a complete lie. You also knew that Harry would never mention to the boys about how many times he had fallen. That was just a little detail that you would stay between the two of you and something that only you would get to tease him about.

Zayn: "I swear if I am going to fall this is not going to be pretty." Zayn said as you held his hand, skating next to him. "Trust me babe, as long as I am here you are not going to fall."You said continuing to skate. Everything was going fine and you and Zayn were having fun goofing off and trying to impress the other. Zayn decided that he would let go of your hand and skate as fast as he could. As soon as he started to skate he fell, right on his face. You clasped a hand over your mouth to try and stop yourself but it wasn't working. Zayn managed to get himself up and once he brushed all of the ice that was on his jacket off, he gave you a look. "Hey don't blame me! You wanted to be Mr.Macho and skate by yourself but you see what happens when you try and be a dare devil?" "Oh shut up!" Zayn said suddenly slamming your body against the ice skating rink barrier. You gulped loudly and Zayn just smirked. As soon as you thought to skate away Zayn crushed his lips against your's and soon the two of you were having a heated make out session. That was until the zamboni driver told the two of you to get off of the ice so he could clean it. You quickly pulled Zayn over to the side of the rink, so that he wouldn't fall again in the process, and got off of the ice. As soon as the two of you were back in his car, you continued were you left off in the rink.

Niall: "Babe! This is pure torture!" Niall yelled as you had finally convinced Niall to get on the ice. "What happen to my invincible Ni?" You asked placing your hands on your hips as you skated backwards, holding Niall's hands. "He ran out the door as soon as you mentioned ice skating." Niall said under his breath as he tried to concentrate on his feet and trying not to slip on the ice. You smiled to yourself seeing the look on Niall's face and you knew that he was actually trying to impress you with his non-exsistant skating skills. You giggled to yourself and bent forward to give Niall a kiss. As soon as you pulled away Niall lost his balance and fell right on his butt. You cracked up as Niall tried to get back up on his feet by himself but he eventually just gave up and he laid helplessly on the ice waiting for you to help him. "Tomorrow we are playing soccer!" Niall yelled finally thinking of something that he is better at then you. "Alright, fair enough." You said helping your helpless boyfriend back up onto his feet again.

Liam: "(Y/N)! Look at me!" Liam yelled from the other side of the rink finally getting the whole ice skating thing under his belt. "Wow babe! You're doing awesome!" You yelled back at him as you stopped skating to watch him. Before you could yell at him to stop, Liam went to go do a jump and ended up face planting on the ice. "Li?" You asked worriedly skating over to him and bending down next to him. He pushed himself up by his hands and nodded. "That wasn't the softest landing." He said letting a small smile slip. You cupped the side of his face and kissed him. "Come on." You said getting up and helping Liam stand back up. "I think it's time to head home before you start spinning or doing more jumps. I would really like to make it home without taking a trip to the ER first." Liam just laughed in agreement and you two skated off the ice safely. As you both were heading out to his car, Liam bent down and kissed you. "Thank you for teaching me how to skate today babe." "Anytime Li, anytime." You said squeezing his hand and smiling.

Louis: "Alright (Y/N), this isn't fun anymore." Louis said as he stopped moving. "What?! I thought you were having a ton of fun!" You argued back. "Well I was. But now I am cold and my feet hurt." Louis said adding a pout at the end. "Aww baby! Well I'll make you a deal. If you can beat me to the other side of the rink then we can stop." "But babe! I just got the hang of skating!" Louis whined. "Exactly." You said smiling evilly. You loved ice skating and the more time you got to spend on the ice the better although Louis had a different view on the whole thing. You literally had to drag the boy onto the ice earlier that afternoon after weeks of begging him to go ice skating with you. "FINE! On the count of three. 1.......2.......3!" You both shot off of the wall and hurried to the other side. Louis actually managed to keep up with you but as soon as you got close to the other wall you realized that you never taught Louis how to stop himself. Louis was quickly yelling for you to help him but before you could stop him he ran into the wall and toppled over it, landing near a bench that sat on the other side of the wall. "Ow." Was all you heard as you hurried off of the ice and over to where Louis laid as you tried your hardest not to laugh. You helped him stand up and dust off some of the melting piece of ice that were stuck to his jacket. "Nice landing." You said teasingly and you winked and walked off to go give your skates in. "Thanks. It took me a really long time to master it." Louis said sarcastically as he sat down on the bench and rubbed his hurting head. You helped him take off his skates and then you got him some ice for his head. Later that night, Louis realized that it wasn't so bad that he had hurt himself because he had you to take care of him.

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