Preferences/Imagines w/ one direction.

Some preferences/imagines with One Direction for you ;) I'd be happy if you would leave some feedback - thank you !


78. You get stung by a bug

78# You get stung by a bug

Note - I personally like it

Louis: “Shit!” Louis exclaimed suddenly, jumping backwards a few steps. “What?” You asked, slightly alarmed, before noticing the tiny wasp buzzing in the spot your boyfriend used to be. You giggled. “Oh, this little guy? Come on, Lou, man u-OW!” You smacked against the spot on your arm it had bitten out of instinct, trying to get the bug, but only ended up hurting yourself. “Dammit.” You whimpered, looking at the red bite on your upper arm. “That hurt.” “Oh, man up Y/N.” Louis teased you, chuckling slightly. You gave him a glare, which was enough to stop his laughs and bring you home for some ice and a kiss.

Harry: You were at your friends wedding with Harry, which she decided to have outside. In a garden. In July. You’d worn a strapless sundress, and were smacking away at any bug that dared come near. Harry was chuckling at your escapade, and you turned to glare at him. “Something funny, Harold?” You asked. He laughed again. “Yeah, you.” He replied, poking your nose. You were about to retort some witty remark when a sharp pain in your shoulder caused you to yelp. “Ow! Shit! I’ve been hit!” You exclaimed, clutching at your wound. Harry laughed again, before being silenced by your glare. “Don’t worry, Sweetie. We’ll finish the reception and then we’ll find a medic.”

Liam: London rarely had sunny days, and you and Liam rarely had the same days off, so when the two came at the same time you thought fit for a picnic. When you headed for the park, you’d left the sunscreen behind, wanting to get a bit of color, but unfortunately left the bug spray with it. You were smacking at them, making Liam laugh at your pout, until you missed one and felt a sharp sting on your skin. “Ow.” You whimpered, feeling tears well up as you rubbed at the injury. “Oh Baby, I’m sorry. Are you okay? Do you need ice?” Liam pouted at you this time, noticing the wetness. You giggled. “No. But a kiss might help.” Liam grinned, happily obliging.

Niall: “Ow!” Niall practically jumped out of his skin when he heard your shrill shriek from behind him while you were spending some time outside your backyard. He whirled around and rushed towards you, stumbling over his words, “What hap-you okay?” You pouted up at him, holding up your hand and pointing to the red mark on the back. “Something bit me.” You sniffled. Niall let out a breath, running a hand through his hair. “That’s all?” He sighed, feeling his heart beat slow down. “It really hurts!” You exclaimed, showing him the spot again. “I’m sure it does, Princess.” Niall chuckled, taking your hand and kissing the throbbing spot.

Zayn: “Zayn!” You cried, running from outside into the kitchen where he was preparing himself a sandwich. He jumped, turning to face you with a worried expression. “What’s wrong?” You showed him the bite you had gotten outside, a frown on your face. The corners of his lips flicked up in a small smile, and he gently examined the area. “My poor baby.” He teased, rubbing some hair out of your face. You nodded, still sporting your pout. “I’m gonna need a kiss to make it better.” You told him, making his grin get wider. He leaned down, pecking your finger and muttering to himself, “I swear, I’m dating a three year old.”

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