Preferences/Imagines w/ one direction.

Some preferences/imagines with One Direction for you ;) I'd be happy if you would leave some feedback - thank you !


11. You get in a fight

11#  You get in a fight

Note: i just had a fight with mah lil brother, i hate him

Niall: "Niall, come on, let's go home." You said trying to drag your very drunk boyfriend out of the club. "No I don't wanna leave." Niall slurred. You hated when Niall was drunk because it always ended in a huge argument."Niall, Please! I just wanna go home and I know you are getting tired too, so please just cooperate with me and go home." You said practically begging. "No I want to stay here. Now stop being a bitch and let go of me. I can have someone else take me home. Like this girl right here." He said pointing to a heavily drunk blonde girl. "Fine Niall, You know what we're done. I never want to see you again." You said hoping that Niall would shape up and go home with you. But instead Niall grabbing the blonde girl and started to make out with her. You left the club with tears threatening to fall as you keep on replaying what Niall just did in your mind. For the last week you have been staying at your best friends flat. You haven’t left the house except for work. You have ignored all of Niall’s calls and texts. One day while your friend was at a dinner with her family, you decided to watch a movie. Halfway through the movie you heard a knock on the door. You walked to the door and opened it. You looked up and saw a very tired Niall with puffy red eyes. “What do you want?” You said coldly. “I want the best thing I have ever had in my life back.” Niall said, fighting back more tears. This hit you like a ton of bricks.” Just let me explain, please, Y/N?” He said. “Fine.”You said letting him in. “Look! I am so sorry for being a complete dick to you. I never wanted to have that happen. I was completely smashed and when I woke up the next morning Liam told me what happened and I honestly didn’t remember any of it.” He said now crying. Before he could get another word out of his mouth you crashed your lips on to his. Without saying anything,both of you knew that you guys were far from being over and that Niall was forgiven.

Louis: You and Louis just came home from a day of shopping, or how you liked to call it,a day getting mobbed by fans. You loved the fans, but you just wished you could get some time with Louis without being surrounded by fans and paparazzi. "What's wrong babe?" Louis asked. "It's just, I want to spend time with you without being surrounded by fans or paparazzi, that's all. Usually Louis was okay with you complaining about how you and him never get alone time cause he knew you were right,but today he was on the fans side. "Well, boohoo, For once can you think about the fans. They mean so much more to me than you. They help made me and the boys famous not you. Now I am so sorry if you can't handle that and if you can't then leave, I knew the fans were right, you are definitely not a good girlfriend!!!" Louis screamed. You could not believe that this was happening, instead of running out of the house, you ran to the bathroom, locked the door and just sat there hoping Louis would come around. “Y/N!! Please let me in there! I need to talk to you.” Louis yelled form the other side of the door. You hesitated for a minute and then unlocked the door for him to come in. Louis came in the bathroom and immediately took you in his arms. “I didn’t mean any of that back then. I was just agitated with the fans and I took out all my anger on you.” Louis said. “Then why did you say how the fans meant more to you then me?” You said through sobs. “I didn’t mean any of that. It isn’t true.You are my world, you mean more to me then anything else in the world.” Louis said. You just buried you face into his chest as him arms wrapped tighter around you. “I love you so much Louis. I forgive you.”You say calming down. ” I love you too, Y/N. I always will. Never ever forget that.” He said kissing the top of your head.

Liam: "Jeez, Y/N! Stop trying to be like a slut, it is annoying." Liam yelled at you ask you were about to walk out of the house. You knew that your outfit was more on the slutty side but it wasn't that bad for Liam to yell at you. "Liam, are you serious! It isn't even that bad. If it makes you feel better I will go change. Okay." You say turning back to walk up the stairs. "No why don't you go show the world what a good for nothing slut you are!" Liam shouted. You were taken back by his sudden change in attitude. You turned around and ran out of the door with tears fall from your eyes. Liam knew that he had hurt you and instantly felt bad. He chased after you when you left the house but you didn't turn around. You kept running until Liam was out of sight. You went back to the flat you and Liam shared after a good half hour of just walking around the neighborhood. You went to the living room only to be greeted by a  sobbing Liam. “Oh god Y/N thank god you’re home. I thought I lost you forever. Please don’t leave me! I didn’t mean anything I said.” Liam said, who had more tears streaming then his face. “Liam, calm down sweetie. I forgive you. You were right, I should have worn something less revealing. The reason why I left the house was because you scared me. I have never seen you like that.” You said with a few tears falling from your eyes. Liam quickly wiped them away with his thumb and brought you in for a hug. “I’m sorry baby, I will never ever yell at you again. Promise.” Liam said before giving you a quick kiss on the lips.

Harry: This was the 4th time this week, a new rumor of Harry cheating on you. Usually you knew if the photo was photo shopped, which they were, but this one you couldn't. You didn't want to accuse Harry of cheating but you knew that he could be a huge flirt, even when you are near him. Harry was due home any minute now so you just waited until he came home to ask him about it. Finally, Harry came home. "Hey babe!" You said giving him a hug. "Hi." he responded coldly with."So babe, umm there is another rumor saying that you are cheating on me. Is it not true? I couldn't really see if it was photo shopped or not." you said, preparing for his answer. "For fucks sake Y/N! Why is it with every freaking girl I'm seen with, you automatically think that I am cheating on you. Are you that much of an insecure bitch that you need to do this!" This was not what you expected. You were speechless, Harry yelled at you for just asking him a simple yes or no question. You grabbed you keys, purse, and jacket and ran to your car. Form behind you heard Harry scream your name, but you couldn't look at him. You just drove off until you couldn't see the road because of the tears making you vision blurry. You sat in your car for the last 15 minutes as it down poured. You had tears streaming down your face like it was Niagara Falls. You couldn’t believe that the one you truly loved could be cheating on you. Suddenly there was a figure standing outside your window. It wasn’t any other guy, it was Harry, who was saturated. You got out of the car right when you saw him. “Harry! What are you doing walking out in the pouring rain!” You said pulling him in. Instead of a response as you expected Harry started to heavily sob into the crook of your neck. You rubbed his back and told him to calm down. After standing in the pouring rain like idiots, you and Harry went back into your car. You turned on one of the lights to see Harry better, who had red, puffy eyes. You couldn’t stand seeing him like this. You knew he was sorry and that he wasn’t cheating on you. “Y/N, I would never cheat on you and I can’t believe I said those things back there. Now I understand if you want to break up with me,but I just wanted to see you one more time and give you one last kiss.” Harry said. He grabbed your face in his hands and passionately kissed you. You pulled back and looked in his eyes. “I would never break up with you, Never in a million years,” You say to a now smiling Harry as you two sat in the car waiting for the storm to pass.

Zayn: " Zayn, please stop getting all of these meaningless tattoos! No offence but they don't look good." You saw after Zayn had showed you his new tattoo. "WHAT! I thought you liked them Y/N?" he said obviously taken back by your comment. "I like you tattoos that have a meaning to them, not those other meaningless ones." You said referring to the ones you don't like. "Well if you don't like my tattoos then leave. I don't need someone like you,who just complains all the fucking time in my life." Zayn shouted. Without even thinking about it you walked out of the house not knowing if Zayn was going to be behind you trying to get you back. After a good 10 minutes of walking you noticed that Zayn wasn't following you. You couldn't help but cry because the love of your life was out of your life. You decided to walk to the park 5 miles away from your house. It was the park you always went to when you felt down. It was peaceful and relaxing and nobody was there. You kept thinking about the fight you and Zayn just had. You were startled by the sound of footsteps coming closer to you. “Y/N?” Zayn asked. You didn’t reply. “Baby please. I am truly sorry for what I said. After you left I couldn’t help but think that I lost you forever and if I did I would never be able to live with that.” He said, choking up at the last part. You felt bad for making Zayn almost cry and you hated seeing him cry. You went up to Zayn and kissed him lightly on the lips. “Zayn, I forgive you. Come on let’s go home.” You said, starting to walk home together.

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