Preferences/Imagines w/ one direction.

Some preferences/imagines with One Direction for you ;) I'd be happy if you would leave some feedback - thank you !


26. You get a pet together *Request*

26# You get a pet together.

Note: Thank you for the request! Enjoy. I am so sorry that i didn't put Josh in it, but i was out of ideas.. don't hurt me now :(


Liam: “Do we have to get a turtle?” you ask, poised in front of the aquarium case and Liam pouts. “But… my turtles died” Liam says and you sigh. “Ok” you concede, as you usually do but he sighs. “Well, we can look around” he offers, lacing his fingers with yours to wonder around the store. “We should get a pig” Liam says suddenly, dragging you over to a display case were there are a few miniature pigs. He points to a pink one in the front but your eyes are drawn to the little pink one in the back. “That’s the runt of the litter” the sales person says and Liam watches as you shake your head, cuddling the smallest of the miniature pigs to your chest. “He just needs extra love” you defend, looking to Liam and he’s in love. He buys every possible accessory and anything your newest family member could need before leading you to the car. He turns to you in the front seat, camera poised for a picture and you smile while cuddling the tiny pig under your chin. “@real_liam_payne: welcome Weston Payne to the 1D family!”

Louis: “Absolutely not,” he says as you pet the glass between you and the precious kitten. “Awe, why not Lou? Look how cute she is!!!” you say with a smile. “No,” he says not answering your question. You sigh as you walk away from the glass and make your way out the door. “I don’t even know why you go in there, you know we aren’t going to get anything,” he says taking your hand as the two of you walk to the car. The next morning you are awaken by an unfamiliar feeling on your chest. You open your eyes to notice the kitten you had loved on at the pet store was massaging your chest. “Ahhh!!” you scream as you pick the kitten up and kiss its head. You run downstairs to see Louis in the kitchen making breakfast. You run over and kiss him, pulling away as he starts to laugh. “Did you honestly think I was that hateful when it comes to pets?” he asked. You shake your head with a smile and kiss him again.

Zayn: “Oh my gosh Zayn is going to love you!” you say to the porkie puppy sitting on your lap as you start the car. He was getting back from tour today and you couldn’t wait to show him the new addition to your family. As you drive to the airport the puppy looks out the window yapping every time you passed a car. You park in the pick-up lane as you read the text message from him saying he was getting ready to walk out. You see him walking through the sliding doors moments later and your face lights up. He opens the hatch to put his bags in before making his way to the passenger side. As he opens the door he is greeted by you and your small addition. “What is this?” he says leaning over to kiss you. “This is Suzy,” you say with bright eyes. “Hi Suzy, nice to meet you,” he says smiling at the pint size puppy. “You get extra lonely this time?” he says laughing as the puppy licks his chin. “Maybe,” you reply with a smile before pulling out and making your way back home with your new family finally together. 

Niall: You’re surrounded by friends and families, Niall at your side and you’re overwhelmed. It’s your 21st birthday and it seems like everyone is at the club Niall’s rented. “I’ve got something I want to give to my princess” Niall says over the crowd, taking the big box Paul hands to him before smiling at you. You lift the lid off and gasp, throwing the lid down before reaching inside with squealing. A teacup maltese is staring up at you, dressed in a blue bow and you look at Niall with a bright smile. “Did I get it right?” he asks as the crowd watches, you nod cradling the little dog to your chest before cuddling into his chest. “He needs a name” you tell Niall and even though there’s tons of people around, it feels like the two of you. “How about Turner?” Niall asks, scratching the little dogs head and you smile. “Turner, mommy and daddy will take good care of you” you promise the dog, giggling when he licks your face.

Harry: You’re not a fan of cats and Harry knows that. One morning, you’re greeted to the feeling of a wet nose pushing against your cheek and you wake slowly. You blink yourself awake and see a miniature English bulldog sitting on the pillow next to you, a red bow around his neck. “He needs a name” Harry says from the doorway. “What is this?” you ask, sitting up to pull the little puppy into your lap. Giggling as the puppy licks your face, Harry shrugs his shoulder. “We needed a pet and you don’t like cats so I got us a puppy… I know you’ve always wanted a miniature English bulldog so… there he is” he gestures, crawling onto the bed to cuddle into your side with the dog between the two of you. “Beefy” you smile, giggling as the dog rolls onto his back between the two of you. “Beefy… well Beefy, mommy and daddy love you” Harry says, scratching the puppy’s stomach and you grin.

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