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85. You don’t want your child to go into showbiz *Requested*

85# You don’t want your child to go into showbiz

Note - what a shame *requested*

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Harry : “Absolutely not.” You were putting your foot down. “No reality show.” You refused to put your daughter in the spotlight any more then she has already been. Harry didn’t ask about it until after you two go home. “What’s wrong with a show? I think it’s a good idea.” You two are always putting off rumors so the boys management though it would be a good idea to fight off all the rumors. “Harry, I don’t want any other attention on her. If she grows up and wants to get into the industry then that’s fine but I don’t want to force her to. I want her to make that decision herself.” You looked at your one-year-old daughter who was sleeping in her dad’s arms. “I don’t want her to grow up used to having cameras in her face. That’s not fair to her. She needs to have a choice.” The last thing you wanted was to be the parent that expected their child to go into the industry. Dragging your year old daughter into this crazy lifestyle doesn’t feel fair. 

Niall: “Mum please.” Your son has been following you around the house for the last hour begging you to let him start acting. You’ve let your son and Niall know how you felt about this. You are dead set against him acting, at least at this age. “Mum, I don’t see why you won’t let me.” Y/S/N has been fighting you ever second. “The director said I have talent. Mom I have talent.” You weren’t surprised that he has ‘talent’. “I’m sure you do sweetie but you’re so young.” Niall sided with your son, reassuring you that he’s going to be just fine. “I’ve been there, you’ve put up with me. We can handle this. You don’t have to be afraid that he’s going to get out of control because he has the best mom that’s going to keep him in line.” You wanted to agree with Niall but it was hard, you didn’t want to let go of your baby boy. “Y/D/N has been in LA for a year and she’s fine, babe Y/S/N will be too.” 

 Liam: You watched your son interact with the directors at the boy’s reunion video shoot. “I think that my dad.. I mean Liam should come in from there.” The director nodded and agreed. “Good idea Y/S/N.” He continued to work with the director for the rest of the shoot. “Our son is a genius.” Liam was so proud of him and it made you happy to see him so proud. “He’s a natural. I can get him an internship. Let me go talk to him.” Before he could go off you stopped him. “No, not now. He’s too young. He’s in university. He has his whole life ahead of him. Plus that’s not even his major.” It took some talking to but Liam finally was able to talk you into it. “Mum, did you hear? I got an internship.” You watched your son fill out paperwork and become one step closer to becoming an adult. Your son is no longer you little baby boy. 

Louis : “I dunno.” You said. Your daughter sat next to you on the sofa, her hands interlocked. “Please mum, please. I’ve been thinking a lot about this.” Your daughter has been dropping hints all week about wanting to record a song with Louis. “Dad thinks it’s a great idea. Dad, uncle Harry and uncle Niall think that it’s a great idea. Everyone thinks it’s a great idea.” Y/D/N looked at you with her blue eyes, her eyes are the same color as Louis. “Look sweetie, you’re fifteen and I just don’t think it’s a good idea. not right now at least. You’re so young you have your whole life ahead of you.” She looked at you, disappointed. “Okay mum.” She agreed and you assumed she went to talk Louis into talking to you.   An hour went by and you didn’t hear anything from either of them so you made your way up to her room. “If I agree you have to promise whatever happens with this song you’re not going to drop out of school. School comes first, a career will always be there but your education won’t. If you start to slack in school then your father and I have the right to pull the plug.” 

Zayn : You watched your beautiful 5 year old daughter dance around the stage with her dad and the rest of the boys. “She’s a natural dancer.” Sophia beamed watching her. “Does it make you excited for your baby to get here?” Sophia’s hands rested on her growing belly. “Yeah, Liam and I have been butting heads. I don’t want him to grow up in the spotlight with all the cameras. The constant scrutiny. I’ve seen how it’s affected the boys.” You agreed with Sophia, you and Zayn have been fighting the same fight for the last year. He wants your daughter to grow up in spotlight. “She loves to dance and Zayn wants her to be a dancer but I don’t want to force her into it. That’s a lot of competition and a lot of work, I need to make sure she wants it.” Your daughters enjoying this and you want it to stay that way. You want her to continue to enjoy dancing for the rest of her life. It has to be a hobby before it’s a job. 

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