Preferences/Imagines w/ one direction.

Some preferences/imagines with One Direction for you ;) I'd be happy if you would leave some feedback - thank you !


34. You catch him looking at you

34# You catch him looking at you

Note: ily


NiallYou swung your guitar case next to you and made your way over to where Niall was sitting on your couch. “Niall, look what I got for Christmas!” He instantly sat up and his eyes lit up at the sight of the instrument. You sat down next to him and slowly took out the guitar. Your fingers traced the strings and the pattern the wood created. “It’s beautiful. Have you played it yet?” He reached over for it and played a few notes. You shook your head, “I don’t know how.” You watched him as his fingers move across the strings hitting each note perfectly in key. “Do, do you think you could teach me? Or at least get me started?” He smiled at you and placed the guitar in your arms. He taught you a couple chords and a simple song. He reassured you, telling you that you were doing well, especially for your first time playing. When you finally got the song down you handed Niall the guitar, “Your turn. Play something?” You betted your eyelashes and put on a puppy-dog face. You realized you didn’t have to plead. He took it from you and played an Ed Sheeran song. His voice laid perfectly over each note. You studied his fingers, hoping someday you could be that good. Your eyes followed up his arms, watching his muscles move as he plucked the strings. Finally your eyes landed on his face. He was watching you too. He was analyzing you. He was smiling. “What?” you mouthed. He shook his head and continued the song.

Harry“A-ha! Another touchdown for me!” You were sitting backstage with the boys, playing paper football with Niall. He shook his head and jumped up pointing at the paper folded into a triangle. “NO. You cheated!” You flung your arms up in the air, “How could I cheat? It’s paper football!” He sat back down and folded his arms in defeat. “Come on. It’s not over yet. We can still play.” He sat up, hating the feeling of being inferior. By the end of the game you scored 6 more touchdowns, and he only scored 2. You decided to stop. “It’s, it’s my fingers. They are cramping up from holding the microphone too much, and, and playing guitar.” You started laughing, and you didn’t know why, but you couldn’t stop. You clenched your stomach and hunched over. “What? Why are you laughing?” Then Niall started laughing. That only made you laugh harder. You decided to roll out of your seat and fall to the floor. Finally you were able to catch your breath. That’s when you noticed Harry standing by the door. He was watching you, with a huge grin spread across his face. His eyes were bright, and he looked truly happy. None of that fake crap he is forced to put on around the cameras. “Harry! How long have you been there?” He walked over to you to help you up. “So mate, your fingers hurt? We don’t have to play today. I guess we can tell the fans you were just painfully defeated.” So, he had been watching you for quite a while.

Zayn: “No, no I’ll, I’ll be fine. It’s ok.” You tapped your fingers on the countertop. The boys were talking cheerfully at your table oblivious to your discussion with your mom. “Yeah. Ok. I’ll call you tomorrow.” You turned to the sink, trying to hide your tears pricking the corner of your eyes. Your mom had called to inform you that your cousin had gotten into a car crash, and the results had been fatal. You picked up the dishes in the sink, and finally let some tears seep out. You stayed silent, hoping the boys wouldn’t notice. There laughter continued, and you looked at them in the reflection of the window. Niall was stealing Harry’s food, and Lou was laughing. Harry and Niall playfully bickered back and forth. Liam tried to calm them down. Zayn, well Zayn was watching you. Concerned tattooed to his forehead. He fiddled with a fork but kept his eyes on you the entire time. You tried to compose yourself, and you looked down. You splashed warm water on your face, soothing out your muscles that were working so hard to keep your mouth shut. Arms reached around you and turned you around. You were welcomed to his chest and his arm wrapped around your head. Finally you had it. You gave up. Horrid noises escaped your lips, and you shuddered as you tried to quiet yourself. Zayn ran his fingers through your hair and he crooned in your ear, “You’re ok. It’s ok. I’ve got you. I’ve got you.”

Liam: “Come on! Will you play with us in the basement?” Your cousin tugged on your arms. You sighed and put your drink down on the table, shooting Liam a pleading smile in the process. He smiled and followed you as you went downstairs. Your cousins were separated into boys and girls. The boys were tumbling on top of each other throwing around a football. The girls were huddled around the play kitchen braiding their dolls’ hair and talking about how annoying the boys were. Your cousins decided on separating you and Liam too. The boys pulled Liam over to them and climbed on top of him. He pretended to be a monster and picked them all off of him. He then proceeded to chase them around the basement, stomping his feet and yelling. The girls called you over. You soon became Aunt Sally. Aunt Sally wears pink glasses and a tutu and makes chocolate soup for breakfast lunch and dinner. You turned around to hand the girls their soup. When you looked up, Liam was leaning on the wall, and the boys were pulling on his legs, trying to get him to chase them again, but he stayed put and watched you. When he noticed you looking at him, he quickly looked up and picked up one of your cousins and ran around the basement with him. You tried to ignore it, and not read into it too much, but you couldn’t help it. Liam Payne was looking at you, and something made you feel like there was reason behind it.

Louis: “Where does this go?” You held up a screw to Louis. You were putting a desk together, and he offered to help. He shrugged his shoulders and looked at the instructions again. You tested certain spots to see where it could go. When you finally found its place you proceeded to try and finish it. You hadn’t noticed that Louis wasn’t saying anything, and seemed to become absent from the project. When you turned around to reach for another part for the desk, you realized the Louis was sitting behind you, just watching you. “What?” You giggled. “You’re perfect.” He smiled. You crawled over to him and placed a kiss on his nose.

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