Preferences/Imagines w/ one direction.

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46. You Ask Him The 'If You Were A Woman For A Day?' Question

46# You ask him the 'If you were a woman for a day?' question.

Note: DONE


Niall: “So, Ni, if you were a woman for a day, what would you do?” you ask as you lay on your stomach, kicking your feet behind you waiting for your boyfriend’s reaction. Niall heaved a sigh and looked anywhere but you for a moment as he sat on the banister just by the stairs in your home. “(YN), if i was a woman for a day, i’d play with my boobs, i mean for any guy who gets to be a woman for a day, who wouldn’t and i’d also be a lesbian because i’d just kiss you still, no one gets my woman even if i’m a woman for a day.” you giggle. “That sounds just like you, Ni.”

Zayn: When you asked him the question he cocked an eye at you. “(YN), i was a woman for a day already. Don’t you remember the Best Song Ever music video? Veronica, the sexy assistant! Does that ring any bell for you?” You smile. “Yeah,it does but, if you were a full out woman for a day not a disguise, Zayn.” He shook his head and took a sip of his water before putting the glass down in front of you. “(YN), i think i’d go crazy, i see how you do it and i don’t know how you do it, so i’d be insane!” 

Louis: “Say what?” he sputters out after spitting out the tang drink he had and looking at you with a shocked expression. “Louis, it’s not that hard of a question to answer. If you were a woman for a day, what would you do?” “Do i have to answer that one?” “Yes. You asked me the other day what would i do if i was a guy for a day and i answered you, so you have to answer me, it’s only fair.” He sighed and took a deep breath. “(YN), if i was a woman for a day, well, my answer is the same as yours, i’d play with myself, what else is there to do as a woman?”

Harry: “Would i be on my period and how big would my boobs be?” he asked with a raised eyebrow and you laughed. “Does it really matter? How does that apply to the question?” “Well,” he began. “If i had small boobs, i’d go get a boob job.” “For a one day thing?” He nods. “Yes, and if i was on my period i’d want to know so i can eat chocolate all day and have no one complain that i’m eating too much chocolate and i’m turning into a fatty or something.” You shake your head at him but a giggle escapes your lips nonetheless. “Of course, Harry, now you got me wanting chocolate, damn you.”

Liam: “Shower!” he bursts out and you laugh as you waited the time for him to answer your question. “So, let me get this straight.” you begin turning yourself to look at him. “If you were a woman for a day, you’d take a shower, just that, nothing else?” “No, i’d do more, but that’s like the first thing i’d do, then i’d go and hit on as many guys as i could.” “You’d do that?” “No, because you only asked if i was a woman for a day, you didn’t ask if i was a woman and not dating you, so i’m counting this as i’d still be dating you, and i’d be with you, all day and you’d help me through being a woman for a day.” You smirk. “Want some basic tips, Li?”

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