Preferences/Imagines w/ one direction.

Some preferences/imagines with One Direction for you ;) I'd be happy if you would leave some feedback - thank you !


18. Will you cuddle with me?

18# Will you cuddle with me?

Note: This is not a personal, just for fun.

Harry: “Will you cuddle with me?” Harry is sprawled out on the couch, his hair is wild and his eyelids are heavy. He looks adorable, so how could you say no to that? “We’ve been cuddling all day.” You recall as you curl back into his arms “Are you complaining?” He chuckles brushing his lips against your neck, your lips pull up into a smile before you shake your head. “Not at all.”

Liam: “Will you cuddle with me?” He asks lowly - you and Liam had been arguing for quite a few hours and it was finally getting to him. You say nothing, but get up from the other side of the room and crawl into his arms. “I’m really sorry.” He whispers against your hair, one arm wraps warmly around your hips causing you to grin. “It’s alright, Li. Don’t worry.”

Louis: “Will you cuddle with me?” The house is freezing, your heater broke and Louis decided to come over to warm you up - cliche, yes but thoughtful. However he didn’t succeed and ended up freezing himself. “You were suppose to keep me warm.” You chatter as you wrap your arms around him. “At Least if we freeze to death we’ll be together.” He coos which makes you scoff “shut up.”

Niall: “Will you cuddle with me?” The blonde boy whines as he squirms on the bed “It’s my first night back and you won’t even cuddle with me.” You laugh as you walk out of the bathroom clicking the light off as you make your way to the bed. “I had to brush my teeth, Ni.” The older boy grins up at you before pressing your lips together. “Minty fresh.” He confirms, “You’re gross.” You laugh pushing him back.

Zayn: “Will you cuddle with me?” Zayn had a rough day, which you could tell because he was never one to ask for a cuddle. “Of course,” You nod pressing your book closed and lifting up your blanket. He makes his way slowly from the couch to the loveseat, kicks his shoes off and curls up against you. “Bad day.” He whispers as you stroke the black hairs on his neck. “Shh it’s alright. Relax.”

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