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89. Who the fans thinks you should date

89# Who the fans thinks you should date.

Note - Hi my loved ones! I am back, after a long period I made myself back in track. I am so great and I finally have a smile on my face. I started a new chapter in my life, and is a whole new person! And I am ready to post imagines again! hurray! I missed you guys!

btw. i forgot to put -> " <- when they spoke, hope it dosen't confuse you.

Harry: Some fans had brought huge and bright signs to the concert that said you name and Niall’s with hearts around or with subliminal messages that suggested both of you should be together, as you made a better couple. When it was Harry’s turn to speak and interact with the crowd when it was Harry’s turn to speak and interact with the crowd and in a jokingly annoyed, yet still true attitude he confronted the signs. Hey! Yes you he said pointing at the girls who had these signs up What’s that he said trying to have a better look at the signs. “Niall and Y/N for the win” WHAT? And the other one, “Y/N and Niall equals love forever” "WHATS THAT ALL ABOUT? Harry said surprised, quite annoyed but new how to camouflage it so people thought he was joking but still got how he felt. Niall, would you mind explaining? The crowd was going nuts tonight, many of the girls started to record to always remember. Yes is true, I’m afraid Harry, Y/N and I are deeply love each other Niall admitted seriously making everybody in the arena, the boys and especially you and Harry froze.WHAT? Harry said with the funniest shocked expression on his face. What the actual fuck Niall? You managed to yell from your spot near the floor, where most of the boy’s crew and Lou cracked in laughter from your reaction. Niall cracked in laughter and filled every corner of the arena with his loud and cheerful laugh making everyone laugh or at least smile. Harry kept a stern and kind of annoyed face, making the crowd die of cuteness and screams. Nah mate I’m absolute kidding you- , Yeah you better be! You interrupted Niall, attracting everybody’s attention towards you, cameras pointing at you and Niall and finally Harry smiling Everyone knows she is madly in love with you Haz, people know that you two Love each other and can’t take hands of each other.Yeah we are all witness of that, Liam spoke up, gaining cheers and screams from the crowd. Don’t worry about it Harry, Niall said looking at one of his best mates. Niall finished speaking and the crowd of fans didn’t was a second to cheer and agree with Niall’s words, positive and good vibes filled the arena again. Harry smiled widely and hugged Niall, then breaking apart and mouthing an I love you to you, making you smile and being elbowed by Lou. Okay this next one is called Kiss You, so sing along with us! Harry spoke to the crowd, comfortable and charming once again. 

Liam: Liam was with the rest of the boys and crew sitting on the couches chatting and relaxing, checking the latest trend on twitter when he stomped into this Y/N and Harry love wave. His relaxed and happy attitude changed completely changed when he when he noticed all those comments and theories about how you and Harry were the perfect match, and how it was all about time when you would end your relationship with Liam to start one with your “soul mate” Harry. Is not like people’s bad opinions influenced Liam’s life, but when it was about you and one of his best mate, it changed him. Is when Liam started to notice how close you and Harry were recently and how after Liam, almost you and Harry spent most time together. Having enough, Liam pulled his phone away and looked for you and noticed your absence. Has anyone seen Y/N? Liam asked starting to get up and look for you. Didn’t she say she was grabbing something to eat? Niall responded to Liam. Yeah and where’s Harry?Zayn said glancing at the empty spot where Harry used to be. Alright, I know where are they Liam admitted relieved and made him way to the buffet where he cleared his suspicions and found you dying of laughter with a hype Harry by the buffet table.  Hey Liam Harry said enthusiastically when he saw your boyfriend. Excuse me Haz im gonna steal my girl for a sec Liam said rushed as he pulled you to a more private place Hey what was all about? Are you okay?You said caressing Liam’s arm trying to find out what was happening with him. So basically I wanted to know something, is something going on with you and Harry? Babe what do you mean? You said confused. Cause lately I feel like you have been spending more time with him than with me and like you are avoiding me…? You started to reflect on your mind and started to remember and in fact Liam was right, although those weren’t your intentions at all nor you felt anything for Harry, for your actions it seemed like it and was totally understandable why Liam felt like this. Listen I’m so sorry if I have made you think like that but there’s nothing going on with me and Harry, he’s just a friend and what we have is a friendship is nearly startingso don’t be jealous babe. Oh okay, sorry I got a little jealous about that, is that I don’t want you to be anyone else’s but mine Liam said getting closer, feeling relieved as ever. You smiled, happy to clear things out, sneaking your hands on his waist and giving him small kisses on the neck.

Zayn: Zayn was out alone as he went shopping for new clothes and as expected, some fans recognized him and asked for a pic, which he gladly accepted. The girls started to chat with Zayn and asked for you, making a huge smile appear on Zayn’s face. Yeah and how’s Louis doing? One of them asked curious, making a confused expression reflect on Zayn, as they suddenly changed from two opposite people that quickly. Emm he’s very good, chilling with the lads and Y/N back in the studio, he admitted. Oh nice to know, we were just asking‘cause we wanted to know here were Y/N and Louis. And why is that? He asked curious. The girls in front of him started giggling until one of them admitted. Well no offense but like, we ship them very hardYeah they would look so cute together to be honest, it seems like they have lots in common. Two girls responded getting excited, as they clearly ship you and Louis, instead of Zayn. Oh well, she’s with me you know, Not with Louis, Zayn said kind of let down yet proud of him being with you and no one else. Yeah we know, and you two look adorable but it’s just a ship we have, nothing personal.Yes Zayn, we love you with her, sorry if we made you mad. No, no problem at all and thanks. He looked at his watch and said. Well nice to meet you girls, but  I need to go. Bye, He said waving at them and giving them a small smile. Bye Zayn! We love you! The girls said as Zayn walked away with his body guard.You know what they said was bullshit right? The bodyguard said, trying to cheer Zayn up. That girl loves you more than I have never seen someone, she always takes care of you, spoils you, makes you laugh and smile and I’m sure Y/N satisfies your necessities, right? He said elbowing Zayn, making him laugh.Yeah I know, I’m so happy and lucky to have her, thanks for reminding me bro. Zayn said sincerely before going into the studio and directing straight towards you. You exchanged smiles before hugging and Zayn directing his soft and delicious lips to yours, remembering the taste of them and enjoying every second of the kiss. The anecdote wasn’t share today, but in a funny conversation with the rest of the lads when it was no longer a bad story but as a funny story to tell you and Louis specifically that made both of you curse and crack in laughter as you knew it would never happen as you were just friends. 

Niall:  You were literally how Zayn described is ideal girl, your fashion sense was more similar to Zayn’s than to Niall plus you both completed each other’s outfits once in a while with pure casualty. When Niall introduced you to the boys you immediately went along with Zayn, as you shared similar music tastes and it was nothing new that he was charmed and hypnotized once in a while by your physical appearances. You and Niall had already discussed it and agreed that Zayn was only a friend, more of his than yours, but nothing was or will ever happened as you loved Niall with all your heart, you had even already spoke things with Zayn to clarify things. You and Niall were chilling on the tour bus when the boys joined in and all started to talk. Twitter is going mad right now Liam said checking his phone there’s this trend about Zayn and … Y/N. Wait what? Let me see, you managed to say right before pecking Niall. What is you ship name with Zayn already up again babe? Niall said between laughs Yeah, oh my god your fans really think I am or should be in a relationship with Zayn Just look at this girl, you said as Niall pulled you closer to him and sitting you on his lap as you read the twit Omg Y/N and Zayn are so fucking cute look at them matching clothing styles! I ship them, Niall better watch your girl.  And there’s this link to a pic wooow look, you said shocked at a photoshoped photo of you and Zayn where you were holding hands and in other one hugging and kissing. Oh God, I think that’s enough don’t you, Niall said taking the phone and giving it back to Liam. Bad luck to them cause your only mine you know that and nothing. Will. Ever. Change. That. Niall said in between kisses getting a little jealous and touchy over you. I know that bab-you said before Liam threw a pillow at you and Niall. OH please everyone knows that but I don’t want to be a witness so get a room! He said jokingly making Niall explode in laughter and kiss you once more before pulling you to a 

Louis: Liam?! You and LIAM?! Yeah right, that’s never happening… Louis yelled to the four winds expressing his shock and confusion about what you had told him. I know babe chill you said laughing, it’s just something I read on the internet and I thought to myself Oh man I have to tell Louis and see his reaction you said pulling his arm around your waist and kissing him on the cheek to calm him down. He did but with his free hand he decided to snap his phone out of his pocket to see it himself, what was happening supposedly between you and Liam, and indeed many of the fans were going mad with the ship they had created for you and Liam, photoshoped pictures, fan fictions and hilarious hash tags all over twitter. What the fuck? He said astonished at this you and Liam thing and he actually started reading the things that made you and Liam the perfect couple. You are not actually reading what they are saying, aren’t you? You said in disbelief at Louis over dramatic and dumb behaviour. You and Liam had similar yet not identical personalities, both were polite and tender, nice people and shared same tastes in music, movies and clothe style. Of course you got on really good with Liam as he was your boyfriend’s almost like brother and all your common interests helped, but it stayed there, as a simple friendship everyone, most importantly Louis was aware and totally okay with. You actually got lots of things in common he said in realisation. You know I’m with you because I like YOU and not Liam in that way and I love YOU and not him right? you said kinda pissed at Louis. Well then, you said kind of hoping he got the message. I know, I’m sorry loveYou know I love you so much and I get a bit jealousYeah just a little babe you said with a sarcastic tone. Liam is a great friend but we would work out because we would crush due our similar attitudes, but you , you said getting closer to him, looking at his lips and then back to his beautiful ocean blue eyes, you compliment me in every aspect possible you said, Louis with a grin of satisfaction and love in his face to finally crush your lips with yours to reassure your shared and unique love.

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