Preferences/Imagines w/ one direction.

Some preferences/imagines with One Direction for you ;) I'd be happy if you would leave some feedback - thank you !


1. What He Does To Let You Know He's In The Mood

1# What He Does To Let You Know He's In The Mood

Note- does not contain dirty.

Niall- You’ll be cooking dinner, and leaning your elbows on the kitchen counter, when you’ll feel Niall press against you from behind, his hands resting on your hips, thumbs drawing patterns on them. He’ll lift one of his hands to push your hair to one side of your neck. He’ll lean his head in close, and whisper in his thick Irish accent ‘Leave the food. I’ve got something else we can do.’

Harry- You two will be curled up together on the sofa. Your legs hung over Harry’s lap, as you two focus on whatever is on TV. He’ll start trailing one of his long fingers up your tanned legs, stopping mid-thigh and resting his hand there. You’ll look down at him, and he’ll be smirking at you. You’ll simply reach for the remote of the coffee table, turn the TV off, take his hand and walk him to the bedroom. His giant hands and signature smirk turning you on straight away.

Liam- Liam is very obvious in letting you know he wants you. From day one of your relationship he knew you had a certain attachment to his muscles. So, when he is in the mood he’ll casually remove his t-shirt dumping it by you. He’ll use the excuse ‘I’m just going to do some press up’s.’ And start doing them on the lounge floor. You’ll admire his muscles tensing everytime he goes down and comes back up. It won’t be along until you’ll walk over to where he’s working out. He’ll stop mid-press up, turning his face to take in the sight of your long legs. You’ll gently push his side with your foot so he’s lying down, you’ll straddle him and end up enjoying the ten inch…

Zayn- You have a habit of cleaning in very short shorts, which turns Zayn on endlessly. You’ll be shuffling up your magazines, and his hands will land unexpectdly on your waist. He’ll spin you around fast, making you giggle. But you’ll stop when you meet Zayn’s dark eyes, and realise they are clouded with lust. He’ll push you up onto the counter, and kiss you passionately.

Louis- Louis doesn’t let you know in actions. He’ll stare at you in a way that let’s you know everything. Biting his lip, he’ll nod his head towards your bedroom. You’ll smirk at him back, and start towards the bedroom. Quickly followed by Louis...

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