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91. Visit more often

91# Visit more often w/Harry

Note - asdfghjkl;

You were thrilled to see the boys in concert tonight. You’d never been to one of the shows, they weren’t really your scene, but you and Harry were getting too serious for you not to get to see him in his element. You’d flown in that morning and had refused the offer to get picked up in the limo because you didn’t want to make a fuss. 

You stopped by the hotel first. You were sharing a room with Harry of course but you knew he wouldn’t be there. He had to get ready for the show. You walked through the door, not at all surprised to see clothes strewn everywhere. Throwing your luggage on the ground, you set straight to work cleaning up. You didn’t mind anymore, it was habit at this point and you enjoyed cleaning.

Before you knew it, it was nearly time to head out. You rushed to pull on the dress you’d specially bought just for the occasion—not too fancy but definitely flirty. Your hair was not cooperating so you threw it in a side braid just the way he liked and left for the show, nearly forgetting shoes.

You hadn’t denied yourself the pleasure of a limo for getting to the concert unlike earlier. Harry had gotten one for the two of you to take home after and as you slipped inside, you couldn’t help but feel a few butterflies. Hearing his voice on the phone was not nearly as wonderful as hearing it in person and you hadn’t been able to kiss that beautiful boy in weeks. It was killing you.

You pulled up to the stadium 20 minutes late. You felt a little guilty but you probably hadn’t missed anything considering that there was an opener. All the crazy fans were inside so you didn’t have to bear the crowds of screaming preteens. That was a relief. You found your way backstage, excitement swelling inside you. Asking around, you managed to get pointed in the right direction, spotting Harry across tons of stagehands. Rushing forward you were nearly there when he ran out on stage. Slightly disappointed, you stepped back. It wasn’t a big deal. He’d come back sooner or later.

Several songs and a lot of bright lights later, the boys rushed off the stage for outfit change number one. Harry didn’t see you at first, but when he did, he made a beeline straight to you. Pulling you into his arms, he panted “Y/N, I thought you weren’t going to show! You weren’t here when we started and I got worried…”

"Calm down Harry, deep breaths," you giggled, "I’m here now," and you leaned up giving him a long awaited kiss. You felt his body relax just a little and you ran your hands up to his chest.

"Styles! Quit fooling around, get over here and change!" someone yelled and you pulled away. He glared in the direction of the shouting before turning back to you.

"I have to go, kitten. Be here when I come back?" he asked.

"Of course, babe," you smiled, nudging him in the direction of the noise.


The show was phenomenal, you loved seeing all the boys out there having fun. The music was loud and everyone backstage was so nice, introducing themselves, cracking jokes about Harry. You loved it and decided you would make a point of coming to more of them.

The big finale was definitely impressive, but you especially loved it because it meant you would finally get to really see Harry. It only took a few minutes for him to find his way back to you, bringing you over to say hi to the guys. 

"Y/N! nice to see you," Niall pulled you into a hug, followed by a big one from Lou.

"Love having you, babe." Zayn wrapped his arms around you, too.

"Hey, love." Liam joined.

It was only a few moments before Harry had his arm around your waist again, leaning down to give you a quick kiss.

"When do I get mine?" Liam joked as Harry shot him a look.

"Not anytime soon, I’m afraid," You smiled bringing a hand up to Harry’s chest to calm him down.

"It’s pretty late. Y/N and I are probably going to head back to the hotel," he gave you a little squeeze, still acting jealous from Liam’s remark. You said your goodbyes and Harry took your hand, leading you through a maze of people to the back door. Security guards immediately took a stance on either side of you. You weren’t quite used to the crowds and paparazzi which he knew, protectively putting his arm over your shoulder before you braved the screaming girls together.

It took incredibly too long to reach the limo and you were more than relieved to dive inside, random hands grabbing at your clothing. You could only imagine how much worse it was for Harry. He collapsed inside, practically falling on top of you as the door slammed and the limo pulled away.

Once you’d each calmed down a bit, he put his arm back over your shoulder and smiled at you.

"That was a bit crazy, yeah?" he laughed, but you could tell he was tired.

"More than a little," you sighed, leaning your head on his shoulder.

He brought his hand to your face, tilting your chin up “I’ve missed you kitten.”

"I’ve missed you more," you smiled wide.

"Not possible," he laughed before leaning into kiss you. It was sweet at first, his lips lightly pressed his lips to you but it got passionate quickly. His mouth moved in time with yours as his hands ran down your body. You slid your fingers through his hair as he began to lean into you, pushing you against the wall of the limo.

As much as you wanted to, you were not going to do this in a limo. It took all the strength in your body, but you pulled away “Not here, Harry,” you said breathless. 

He moved down to kiss your neck, not getting any less intense “I don’t want to wait, kitten,” he whispered between kisses.

"We’re almost at the hotel, love. When we get there, I’m all yours."

"Promise?" he pulled away, smiling mischievously.



15 minutes later, you were rushing through the door to your room, falling on to the bed in each other’s arms. You tugged off his shirt as he kissed your collarbone. and he ran his hands up your bare legs. As you melted into each other, you could only think about how much you’d missed him and how you never wanted this night to end.

"I love you so much, Harry Styles." 

"I love you you, too, Y/N. Forever."


The morning came too soon and you woke, tangled up in Harry’s arms. He was already awake and as soon as your eyes opened, he planted kisses down your shoulder. You reached up, putting a hand on his cheek and leaning in to quickly brush your lips against his. Pulling away, you noticed the clock on the wall.

"Harry! The time! You’re supposed to be on the bus in 15 minutes!" you sat up, holding the sheet over your bare body. 

"I didn’t want to wake you," he yawned, sitting up as well. He leaned into you, kissing your neck and running a hand across your belly under the covers "You know it’s been so long, I forgot how great that is," he laughed.

"Well you better revel in it now because it’s going to be awhile," you sighed.

Reminded of your limited time, you heard him let out a disappointed breath and he leaned over to give you one more kiss before climbing out of bed.

It didn’t take long to pack up and by the time you were out to the bus, you were only 10 minutes late. You climbed on, immediately assaulted by laughter and shouted greetings from the boys. You smiled. You’d missed them, too, but you really just wanted to spend some time with Harry.

You settled in near the back of the bus and the guys figured they’d leave the two of you alone. Harry pulled you into his lap, wrapping his arms around your waist, “Come visit more often, Y/N. Please,” he asked you quietly.

"For you," you smiled, leaning down to touch foreheads "I’d do anything."

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