Preferences/Imagines w/ one direction.

Some preferences/imagines with One Direction for you ;) I'd be happy if you would leave some feedback - thank you !


4. Two in one

4# Two in one

Note: idk man


Niall: he recently started to share his food with you and it means that he has finally found the one, your the only one that Niall shares with and that makes you feel really special.

Harry: he always takes your food off your plate, you don’t really mind you do the same to him.

Liam: he loves feeding you, you just let him because you know it makes him feel Like your all his and you are.

Zayn: the two of you play with your food, trying to make faces and shapes and even try to build stuff. It sounds kind of childish but you have a laugh.

Louis: he always asked you of you could hear ‘his crunching’ when he are chips or something crunchy, it made you laugh every time.


Where you go on vacation:

Niall: Hawaii, you always wanted to go to the island it was really pretty in pictures and every one who’s bin there said it’s amazing, so Niall took you there for your birthday.

Harry: Brazil, you loved the music and dancing, you always told him how one day you would go there so he supposed you with the tickets on your anniversary.

Louis: Japan, he told you how amazing it was when he and the boys got to go and wanted you to see it for your self.

Liam: Spain, you went to Madrid when you where younger and you wanted to do back one day, when Liam found out he baught the next tickets to Spain just for you!

Zayn: Australia, you always wanted to go and promise yourself that you would go one day, he naught two tickets because loved you and would do anything for you.

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