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93. Tulips

93# Tulips /his POV

Note - hi how are you today, my loved ones

it wake up everyday at 8 am and feeling fresh af

You’d been on edge all day, sweat covering your palms and adrenaline making random surges through your veins at the thought of her. You knew you’d only begun to know her—but you were desperate to hear everything she had to say—desperate to be with her everyday.

Glancing at the clock, you calculated the minutes until you’d see her, mind buzzing with exactly how you were going to do this. She’d given you no option but to spend your birthday evening with her, not that you’d have chosen to be anywhere else to be, but tonight was a lot bigger than just you turning a year older.

You were picking her up in exactly 37 minutes. Even though it was your birthday, she insisted that you be the gentlemen and take her out for dinner. You loved it. She knew what she wanted and she demanded it. She was independent. She was something special.

Grabbing your phone, your fingertips danced across the screen, shooting a quick message her way.

Favorite flower? xx H

You waited in anticipation.

You don’t have to Haz! Your birthday, remember? xo

I want to! :-)

Her response was delayed and you could feel worry in your stomach. Too far? Was it too soon to bring her flowers? Was this whole thing a bad idea? But your thoughts were hushed with a faint buzz.

Then tulips, absolutely xo

You smiled as her name lit your screen and you stood quickly, grabbing the keys off the counter. If you left now, you’d be able to grab the flowers and get over there with a few minutes to spare—one’s you’d most definitely use to talk yourself up, to get the courage to ask what you’d been dying to ask.

You pulled into the market, feeling too overdressed to be strolling through a grocery store. You didn’t care. You’d be in and out. You entered the store, wandering through the isles before stumbling upon the racks and racks of flowers. Tons of them. In every shape and color.

It was at that moment that you realized you had no idea what tulips looked like.

You tried a search on your phone but the all the bright petals looked the same to you. Lost in the whirl of colors and smells, you were too embarrassed to ask for help. You stood there in silence, staring at the buds surrounding you, making absolutely no progress. After endless minutes of nothing, you checked the time. Dammit. You only had 10 minutes to get over to Y/N’s. Grabbing the closest bouquet, you were out the door and into your car in moments.

The drive was fairly short considering your foot was like a lead weight on the gas pedal, tearing through town to make sure you showed up in time.  You pulled into the drive at exactly 6:59, one minute before you were due at her doorstep. Climbing out, you took a brief moment to catch your breath and gather your thoughts. This was it. You were going to do it.

Making your way to the door, you heard the faint pump of a bass through the air. You could imagine her dancing around as she got ready, spinning as she tugged on her dress, feet padding across the floor to the rhythm of the music. You pressed your finger to the doorbell, clenching the flowers in your hand.

You heard the music stop abruptly and a shuffling inside. Her heels clicked down the hall as she swung the door open.

Your eyes widened at how beautiful she was. She never wore her hair down like that, but it made your jaw drop.

"Happy birthday handsome," she smiled.

It took you a moment to snap out of your daze, eyes clearing as you returned the grin, “Thanks.”

It was quiet for a moment but she quickly filled the silence, nodding to the flowers in your hands, “Nice tulips.”

You could feel the light sarcasm in her voice, “I take it these aren’t tulips?” you laughed a little.

"Not quite," she reached out to take them, "But roses will have to do. Very romantic, you know."

You ran a hand through your hair, “That’s what I was going for.”

She smiled at you before realization crept into her eyes, “Oh! Let me go get your present.”

You grabbed her wrist before she could go and confusion fell over her face, “Wait! Uh. I just—I have to ask you something.”

You couldn’t believe you were doing this.


Your stomach was in knots.

"I uh," you took a deep breath looking away, "Do you want to be my girlfriend?"

Silence rebounded back at you, forcing your gaze back to get a read on her. She had a huge smile stretching across her cheeks and you felt every ounce of nervousness drain from your limbs.

"Yes," she nodded, tugging you closer, "I will."

You brought your hands to rest on her waist, smiling, “Thank God,” you leaned in pressing your forehead to hers. You wished you could stay that way forever. She tilted her head, closing her eyes and pressing her lips to yours just briefly. You felt your body flood with relief.

She giggled a little, “Now,” she began to pull away, “I have to get your present.”

"No you don’t," you kept your grip on her waist.

"Yes I do!" she insisted, turning.

You laughed, pulling her back, closer this time. She was pressed against your chest as you inhaled the smell of her skin, “C’mere,” you sighed, “You can be my present.”

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