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82. True colors

82# True colors

A/n - warning: Liam and Louis' are a little sad and may  not be realistic but who cares

Liam: You couldn’t stop the tremble in your hands as the blue of the packaging grew fainter and fainter while you held it. This was a bad sign. Since Liam’s diagnosis, you had seen the slow decline in your world; bright colors began to lose their luster and pastels faded away completely. But that had been a slow change, something that you didn’t notice day to day until you couldn’t remember what shade of red roses were supposed to be. After that it seemed like he got worse faster. You knew you’d never be able to look at the walls of your home or old photographs the same way if they retained their color soaked memories. The vibrant hues you had envied all other couples of seeing appeared for you both immediately after meeting. It was like the volume, so long silent, was turned up as loud as it would go. It almost seemed fitting that living in a world without Liam would also deprive you of a world with color.

Zayn: You could pinpoint the moment you began to notice it. It was sometime after your second date, during that moment right before he kissed you while standing on your porch. Suddenly, you could see the deep brown of his eyes, although everything else was still muted. That’s when you knew he wasn’t just another guy, that this was it. After that other tones began to blossom before your eyes. The best part undoubtedly was the sky. What used to be shades of black and grey now varied between the brightest blue to an inky black that matched Zayn’s hair, and any number of pinks, reds, oranges and purples in between. It reminded you of the progression of your life; dark in the beginning, but now a crazy conglomeration of colors that made everything look so much more beautiful.

Louis: Even now, walking down the street was an adventure. In the five years you had been with Louis you had never gotten used to the wild colors of the world that came with falling in love with him. That day is forever seared in your memory; the day that you looked into his eyes and saw a million tones give life to the black and white world you’d grown resigned too. One morning you lounged in your sun room, lazily watching the sky change from robin’s egg blue to cerulean, delighting in the fact that it was almost a perfect match to Louis eyes. He was out that day, gone on some errand or another with promises to be back in time for dinner with a surprise for you. When your phone buzzed with an incoming call, you didn’t pause to look at the caller I.D of the screen, assuming it was Louis. However as you raised it to your ear to answer, your blood ran cold at the sight of the once bright sky fading into a bleak grey.

Harry: Your morning walk to work passed in the typical way; varying shades of black, white, and grey smearing together to paint the unpromising start to your day. You had given up looking into the eyes of strangers as they passed hoping that you’d see the telltale splashes of color appear on them before the rest of the world filled in. You’d watched the rest of your friends fall in love and see an entirely different world appear before them because of it. Envy was a mild term for what you were feeling. You slogged through your day to your four o’clock meeting with prospective new clients, arriving a few minutes late to your embarrassment. As you hopped into the elevator someone called out for it to wait, and you thrust an arm between the doors in order to allow a tall, tousle haired man to bound in next to you. Warily you glanced up, meeting his eyes and gasping aloud when you saw the vivid shade of green in them.

Niall: I can’t believe I’ll be seeing you tomorrow. Sleep well xx. You’d been staring at the text message for an hour, unable to quell the butterflies in your stomach long enough to close your eyes. After talking to Niall for two years via text, email and instant message, you would be face to face. This would be a dream if it were not for one thing: Toby. You had been dating Toby for almost three years, and over the past few months the colors had started to appear. No matter what you felt for Niall, you were going to have to tell him that he just wasn’t the one. You’d first noticed it while looking at a picture of Niall; the blue of his eyes had immediately jumped out at you, and for the rest of the week varying shades had begun to appear. There was no other explanation- Toby was it. The next morning you dressed with a mixture of excitement and sadness, looking around your hotel and imagining what it would be like once all of the colors had appeared. It didn’t take long to find the little book store that was your meeting place, and when you entered it and spotted Niall you stopped dead in your tracks. His T-shirt went from a dark grey to deep red- the only color you hadn’t been able to see. It wasn’t Toby after all. 

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