Preferences/Imagines w/ one direction.

Some preferences/imagines with One Direction for you ;) I'd be happy if you would leave some feedback - thank you !


56. Too late

56# Too Late

Note- should I do a part 2?, nah

You and Louis have been best friends since you were little. You have always felt something for him but once you knew you truly loved him, it was too late. He was with Eleanor and there was nothing you could do about it. One night Louis invited you over to hang out with him and Eleanor. You accepted because you couldn’t say no to Louis. When you arrived, you were greeted by Eleanor "Hey, Y/N." She said with a friendly smile."Hey, El. Where’s Louis?" You asked as you walked in."He’s in the bedroom. I’ll go tell him you're here." She informed you then walked down the hall to the bedroom.You walked over to the couch and took a seat. You waited for over 10 minutes and still no sign of Eleanor or Louis. “What’s taking so long.” You thought to yourself. Once you stood up to go check on them, you saw Eleanor angrily storm out of the flat. You were confused and went to Louis but once you turned around he was standing right there. He was so close. His eyes were staring into yours. You felt your knees weakening. Then suddenly he crashed your lips together.

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