Preferences/Imagines w/ one direction.

Some preferences/imagines with One Direction for you ;) I'd be happy if you would leave some feedback - thank you !


39. Tickle war

39# Tickle war

Note: *No irrelevant note for this*


Harry: you were joking around telling him that he is not cute as [zac efron / Channing tatum] “y/n, take that back!" he said “nu-uh" “fine don’t make me do this to you" you see him giving you a dirty look. you ran as fast as you can to get away. you hid in the bathroom. “y/n if you take back what you said I won’t do this to you!" you waited for him to go on to a different room. the coast was clear, just as you closed the door. you heard a footstep. he was near by. right before you went to the living room he saw you. your eyes widened and tried to cover yourself with some pillows from the couch. Harry grabbed your hand and took the pillow away. he had you tight. “last chance, babe" he said. you said no. he attacked you by tickling your whole body. you laughed so hard. you tried to tell him to stop, but he wouldn’t listen. “okay, will you let me explain why I said that?" you say trying to capture his attention. he nodded. “you can never be as cute as him, because you’re way to sexy." he got off you and he just cuddled there with you. he was hugging you tightly, you didn’t want him to let you go

Louis: he just came back from tour and you pulled a prank on him. you made him think that his stripped shirt was forgotten back in one of the hotels. he was freaking out, wondering what the management would say. you were playing at least for 2 hours now. the boys were on this too. before the plane the boys stalled Louis trying to get his shirt. Niall kept his shirt on his luggage. “this can’t be happening I know I put it in here. I checked it at least three times before we got into the plane." he said while going through his stuff. just then Liam and zayn came in. “Louis, where are you buddy?" you hear niall with them too. you went down stairs to see all of them. just before you knew it Harry came with a camera to capture what was happening. “so which one of you really have it?" you whisper to them. zayn finally spoke and said in his car. you called Louis down. you saw him still worried about this. “Louis it fine, just calm down. we will call the some of the hotels and see if they find it" Liam says trying to calm him down. he was pacing around trying to think it through. you, zayn, and Harry went to get his shirt. you put it on. “time to realese this" you say to the camera. the three of you went inside and Louis sees you immediately. “you all had it all along?!?!" he came to you and carried you to the bedroom. he laid you there and tickled you for twenty minutes. the boys came. he was still a bit mad at them. “it was y/n plan all this time. she just paid us to join in." Harry says. he went back to you and tickled you again for another twenty minutes.

Liam: you were watching a movie with him, of course its not other than toy story. it was getting late and you needed to go home but he wouldn’t let you. he begged you to stay for another hour. you couldnt argue with the puppy look he gave you. you both cuddled for the next movie. he arms holding you tight, you sitting on his lap and your head resting near his face. you only had five minutes left. you tried to get up, but his grip got tighter. “Liam, I need to go. time is up. I promise I’ll be back tomorrow." he said nothing and still held his grip on you. you looked at the time, “fine if I stay here for 30 more minutes will you let me go?" you say. “no" “40?" “okay" he gotten a bit loose for 15 minutes. just as he grabbed the remote. you tickled him, making him move. you took the time to escape. you grabbed your bag and went straight to your car. just before you were about to turn on the corner, you saw his face with sadness. you couldnt forget the way he looked. you turned your car around and went back to his flat. you opened the door, and went back to the room. he was still there watching. you sat back on his lap and looked at him. he was still upset. “babe, I’m sorry. if you want I’ll stay here with you for the rest of the night." you say trying to get his attention. you try to put his arms around you, but won’t move them. you kissed up to him and tried to get him in the mood. he was giving the silent treatment. “babe, come on, you have to talk to me some how?" you say. once again you tickle him, just to make him laugh. he was laughing. “STOP?!?!" he finally said something. you both smiled and cuddled for the rest of the night.

Niall you both were at the living room. he watching tv and you were texting y/f/n. just as the show was over …. “y/n, can you make me a sandwich? please?" you looked at him “Niall, your a big boy. I think you can do that yourself" he got his phone and started texting you—-"babe, please? if you don’t, I might die!!!! :(" you finally got up. “Niall, you have to do it yourself, baby" you responded. he grabbed your hand and tackled you down. “y/n, whether you like it or not your going to make me a sandwich." “and if I don’t?" he held you down and started tickling you do hard. “okay, okay. you win" you say “really, you’re making me one?" “nope!" you ran as fast as you to get away. Niall finally caught up to you. “you’re going to make me a sandwhich right now. I demand you!" he says as he tickles your stomach. “deal, just stop, please." you say trying to stop laughing. “beg for it, bitch!" he said. “Niall, if you don’t stop it, I can’t go to the kitchen and make you one" you say. he got off of you quickly and carried you off to the fridge

Zaynyou were at his flat for the weekend. you were bored, and zayn went to get some breakfast. as he was gone, you took all his hair products and hid them. he would freak once he sees all of his stuff were gone. you took all his brushes and gell. you hid them at the guest flat, knowing it would be the last place he would look. you went back inside to wait. 20 minutes later he came home. “boo, I’m home!" he said “hey, babe!" you looked through of what he bought. you ate for the next 40 minutes. “babe, I’m so happy I have you all for me, for this weekend!" he said with a smile. just saying that made you feel bad bad of what you’ve done. for the next two hours you guys watched a few shows. “okay, I need to take a shower. wanna join me?" he says you declined, as you finished watching an episode of FRIENDS. you forgot about the products all of a sudden. “WHAT THE FUCK?!?!" you hear him yell. you went straight to him. “what happened?" he looked at you and tickled you. “I know you did this. so tell me where my babies are!!!" “okay, get off of me and I’ll show you where they are." you took his hand and led him to the flat. on e he saw them, his eyes widened. “ohh, my babies!!! this will never happen again, I promise. y/n, say sorry to each one of them!" you said sorry to each. “look y/n, I know you can be jealous, but just know that there my babies and your my boo." you let that one go because you love him. you both went inside with his babies and took a shower.

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