Preferences/Imagines w/ one direction.

Some preferences/imagines with One Direction for you ;) I'd be happy if you would leave some feedback - thank you !


86. They don't know about us*

86# They don't know about us*

Note - did I just do a song pref holy shit is a mircale


 People say we shouldn’t be together

We’re too young to know about forever

But I say they don’t know what they’re talk-talk-talkin’ about

“They did it again. The screaming, the cursing, the pushing.” you sighed as soon as you and Liam were both safely inside of your hotel room. “Babe-“ “it just keeps getting worse. Why do they hate me so much? What did I ever do to them?” you sniffed. You were just so tired of every time that you went outside with Liam, all the so called fans would curse at you and just push you away. “I’m nice to them, right? I never did anything wrong, I just want them to like me too… I was a fan once too so it hurts to know that my own kind doesn’t like me anymore…” Liam pulled you into his arms, his hand softly stroking your back. “Baby girl, you did nothing wrong. They don’t know what they’re talking about. They’re just jealous, and believe me, some of our fans are actually pretty amazed by you; they think you’re amazing. I think you’re amazing, and that’s what matters.” with that, Liam softly kisses your lips and he shows you just how much he loves you, giving you not only himself, but also his promise.


 'Cause this love is only getting stronger

So I don’t wanna wait any longer

I just wanna tell the world that you’re mine, girl

“Let me take a picture for instagram!” Harry cheered as the two of you stood in front of the “I amsterdam” sign in Holland. “Harry” you warned him. “You know you can’t.” Harry sighed. Harry wanted the world to know that you were his, his girlfriend, his everything, not just his best friend anymore. “But babe, they’re gonna find out anyways and I’m tired of this, I wanna kiss you in public.” you smiled sadly at him and nodded, “I want that too. But who knows what’ll happen? Shouldn’t we just wait a bit longer?” Harry bit his lip, looking down before quickly kissing your cheek, snapping a picture of the two of you. “Wha- Harry!” you laughed. Harry smiled and put his phone back in his pocket. “Don’t worry, I won’t do anything with it. You just looked so cute, I had to take a picture of you.” You laughed again and shook your head, smiling like an idiot. “I’m so lucky to have a silly idiot like you.”


 They don’t know about the things we do

They don’t know about the “I love you”’s

But I bet you if they only knew

They would just be jealous of us

“Don’t leave, please.” you begged Zayn. “Why, huh? Why, (Y/N)?” Zayn glared at you, his normal adoring brown eyes angry and dark. “You’re embarrassed to be seen with me, you don’t want anybody to know that we’re dating, now you want me to stay, huh? Well we’re basically not boyfriend and girlfriend so I’m going.” Zayn walked out of the door, and you didn’t even bother to follow him anymore. He just didn’t realise that you didn’t want to tell anybody that you were dating because you were scared it’d ruin his reputation. You didn’t have any idea what the fans would do if they found out Zayn was dating somebody, but they’d probably be so jealous that they’d do something bad. Besides, you cared deeply about all the fans, and you didn’t want to break their hearts by taking their love. You sighed into your pillow, screaming loudly. You mumbled all kind of profanities and hit the bed with your fists. “Babe?” you heard Zayn whisper beside you. “I’m sorry.” you didn’t react, you just laid there. “I know you mean the best, boo. I know you do it for me, but I don’t want it. I don’t care about anything else, (Y/N). I just care about you. And if others disagree, so be it. I don’t care anymore. I’m so sorry for walking out on you, boo. I love you so much.”


 They don’t know how special you are

They don’t know what you’ve done to my heart

They can say anything they want

'Cause they don’t know us

“Ah, this one is cute,” you said, while reading the tweet out loud, “stop ruining louis with your bitch ass lies” you laughed. Reading hate was something you and Louis did sometimes, but you knew it was just silly. Some of the fans needed to take a step back and calm down, because it was pathetic. “You know none of it is true, right? I just don’t want you to get hurt… I mean, you act like you’re totally fine with all of this-“ Louis started, his lips on the side of your head. “Louis, I know. I don’t care about some hate. At the end of the day, I have you. And why would I even bother being touched by this? What do they even know about me? Nothing. They know absolutely nothing about me. Louis, you don’t need to worry, babe. I love you for caring so much, though.” you smiled. Louis nodded, happy that he finally found the girl right for him, the girl that understood what it was all about. That girl just happened to be you.


 They don’t know what we do best

It’s between me and you, our little secret

But I wanna tell ‘em

I wanna tell the world that you’re mine, girl

“You know I’m not ticklish, Niall. Don’t even bother!” you laughed as Niall tried to tickle you, desperate to win the tickle-war, but he had no chance. While Niall was basically soft on every side, you weren’t. “But you’re laughing, I don’t believe you!” Niall laughed too. He straddled your hips and lowered his head, almost kissing you. “I love you, Ni.” you whispered, looking into his eyes. You loved the way they shined, always having happiness glowing in the blue eyes of your secret boyfriend. “The boys are starting to become suspicious, (Y/N). What do we do? I wanna tell them so badly.” Niall whispered, his heart racing. You were supposed to be ‘just friends’, but everybody seemed to know that you were way past that already. “Me too. We should tell them later. Why not, right?” you smiled and Niall did too. He knew he picked the right girl, he knew he wanted to be with your forever, and he didn’t bother to show it to everybody.

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