Preferences/Imagines w/ one direction.

Some preferences/imagines with One Direction for you ;) I'd be happy if you would leave some feedback - thank you !


44. The thing that made him fall in love with you

44# The thing that made him fall in love with you

Note: I didn't made this, I changed a few things tho' :) - you should check her out BooBearGirl16 she's amazing. *not even joking*

Niall: When he saw his favorite snack in your shopping cart at the grocery store, He laughed at first, then looked at you, but quickly looked away scared you might think he's weird. You laughed before saying, "You like 'em too?"

Liam: You were walking one day down the sidewalk with quite a few books in your hand, before crashing into someone causing you to drop your favorite copy of a poetry book. "I'm so sorry, love. Let me help y-" the person who crashed into you stopped talking once your hands brushed over the same book. "poetry, huh?" You nodded. "I like that..." He trailed off.

Zayn: You were finishing up your spray painting on the back side of your apartment building before someone crept up behind you in the dark night. "Ya know. It's illegal to do such a thing... But. It's quite a work of art..." You jumped a little of the suddenly voice and blushed, looking at his face that was illuminated from the street light. "Wanna help me finish the 'illegal thing'?" You smirked handing him a can. 

Harry: You sat at the coffee shop down the road in your favorite Rolling Stones t-shirt which you paired with black ripped skinny jeans and black converse. "I can't say I hate your outfit." A boy flat out said while coming up to your table at the coffee shop. "Uh, thank you?" You replied giggling. He sat down at your table and started with "I'm Harry..."

Louis: Your laugh/smile. He saw you laughing and smiling from the other side of the comedy club. The way you throw your head back and clapped your hands when you laughed, made his heart melt. And he just made an effort to talk to you after the show, being sure to make you laugh in the process so he could feel his heart race once more. 

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