Preferences/Imagines w/ one direction.

Some preferences/imagines with One Direction for you ;) I'd be happy if you would leave some feedback - thank you !


70. That one thing

70# That one thing

Note- you got that ooooooone thiiiing

Harry: Harry absolutely loved your voice; he could honestly listen to you talk for hours on end. Sometimes, he just got so lost in your voice, it took a while before you brought him back to earth. He would watch your lips as you spoke, his tongue running over his own and just wanting to kiss you right then and there. And when he was able to hear you singing- damn. Harry felt like he was in heaven because you truly had the voice of an angel. You weren’t really sure what it was about your voice that Harry liked so much; Harry couldn’t even explain it himself. But he made you read out loud to him so many nights, asked you to sing him to sleep, made you talk about everything that you did that day just to hear your voice.

Liam: If there was one thing that Liam admired about you, it was your ambition. It wasn’t something most people saw often; you had almost everything you could possibly want. But in those rare moments you really wanted something, you were so determined to get it. Whether it be an A on your biology test that was on Wednesday or that new promotion your boss was still deciding between you and one of your co-workers, Liam was always there to watch you try and make your dreams come true. And it was really inspiring on those days where he just felt like giving up; when he felt like the whole world was against him and he just shouldn’t even try anymore. Because just like he was always there to cheer you on, you were always there to pick him up and cheer him on.

Louis: Your happy dance was probably one of Louis’s favorite things about you; he couldn’t really describe it. You would just wiggle around happily, bouncing around in one spot with a huge smile on your face. But you never let him record you, so he was one of the few people that got to see your little dance, claiming it was ‘too embarrassing’ for public eyes. Obviously, he disagreed, reassuring you that it was endearing. But at the same time, he was happy you didn’t tend to do it outside of your shared apartment. Because it was like a special thing you did with him, proving that you could truly be yourself around him. And the boys would constantly beg and plead to see your dance since you and Louis always made it up to be this big thing, and you would always laugh at them and claim it was just between the two of you.

Niall: Like Niall, you had a carefree, laid-back attitude towards life. You just went with things that happened to cross your path, never worrying about your future and just wanting to live in the moment. And he loved the fact that you could stay cooped up in your apartment for two weeks, only going out for groceries and other necessities, but then want to go out every single day for a week straight. You were able to keep each other grounded, cool, calm, and collected at all times. He was your rock, and you were able to bring him back down to earth. Opposites may attract, but similar personalities worked out too.

Zayn: Everyone has that one thing that they find completely endearing about their significant other; and for Zayn, it was how emotional and caring you were. There’s this thing you would do when you read a particularly sweet love scene in your current novel; you were usually curled up on the couch or lying in bed, so when you stumbled across a scene like that, you would bury your head in a cushion or pillow and get this really wide smile on your face and damn, Zayn just loved that. He liked how you were able to completely feel how the character’s felt, or how you would just sit and listen when he would vent out his feelings to you and just simply hug him and not say anything. Because sometimes, actions really did speak louder than words.

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