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48. Tattoos

48# Tattoos

Note: Holy shit, 2 imagines on 50 minuts this is a new record

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Louis: "What do you think?" He removed his shirt so you could inspect his newest tattoo. His jersey number was sprawled across his back in bold letters, and he was grinning ear to ear. He hoped you would like it, since he was excited he actually got it. He joked with the guys about if he ever changed numbers, but he didn’t care. It was there now. "Louis, it looks great! But you’ve been talking about it for months. Why now?" "I just thought it’d be good to do it now. No more overthinking," Louis smiled. "Funny you mention that." You reached down to the hem of your shirt and rided it up to show the side of your body. Right there on your ribcage was Louis’ initials and his number next to it. "(Y/N), when did you get this," He asked, astonished. You giggled as he touched the letters in bold varsity font, and you winced. "It’s still new. I got it a couple days ago. I was waiting for the right time to tell you." He pecked your cheek and grinned again. "I love it. It looks great on you."

Liam: Never get a tattoo that you will second guess, because if you second guess it why put it on your body permanently? You wondered if Liam second guessed his arrow tattoo, then repressed it considering that was what made him give you the silent treatment in the first place. Watching the TV and still not saying a word, his arms were crossed and his brows were furrowed. You wanted to laugh at his childish behavior, but that would only make him “angrier”. “Liam, will you just talk to me? I’m sorry I made you upset about your…arrows,” you giggled. You loved the symbolism behind it, but it honestly looked like a “Parking Is This Way” sign in your eyes. “Does it really look that bad,” Liam pouted, looking over the tattoo again. Well, no matter what you said, he’d still have the tattoo. “No babe. I was just joking! I love your tattoos.” He smiled and kissed your cheek. “Thanks babe. Besides, you shouldn’t hate my tattoos when your panda one is ridiculous.” “My panda tattoo isn’t that stupid!” The rest of the night consisted on both of you defending your tattoos, but you knew yours were better than his.

Harry: Your body went slack underneath him, his torturous hands moving up and down, but not willing to take your clothes off..yet. You moved your hands up to his neck, and kissed both of his sparrows, winning a husky groan from his mouth. “God how did I get so lucky,” Harry mumbled before kissing you over and over in different spots, wanting to be the one to have full control. From your lips to your neck, he moved lower to your collarbones, and you assumed he would take the initiative to remove your shirt. “Harry, c’mon,” You sighed, wriggling underneath him and urging him to do something. He pulled you up to remove your shirt, and he gawked. “What?” He took a long look over the snake starting at the side of your navel to the bottom of your ribcage, twisting around your side. “When did you get this,” He spoke breathless, in awe of how good it looked on you. “A couple weeks ago, while you were away. You like it,” You smirked, fumbling at his belt as he was still distracted. He laid you down gently again, and it seemed that his eyes got three shades darker. “Jesus (Y/N), you fucking astonish me sometimes.”

Niall: Tattoo artists did their job well. They didn’t scream or make gruesome faces at the needle pinging around to make the tattoo people wanted. That job was for the person getting the tattoo. The bite of the needle hurt like hell, but you wanted this. Niall assured you it was looking good and that you would be fine, but he sounded like he was trying to console a wild animal. And honestly, you felt like you were behaving like one with all the fidgeting you were doing in your seat. “Alright sweetheart, you’re done,” The artist Jane smiled, wiping off the needle and patching up your side. She gave you the instructions about how to shower with the tape and when to take it off, along with some ointment as you put your shirt back on. It wasn’t that bad after, but sitting and still feeling the sting definitely stayed. “I hope it looks as good as you said it did,” You mumbled, your side burning. If the tattoo didn’t come out the way you wanted it, it was for nothing, and you’d be pretty pissed. “Trust me, it’s gonna look great,” Niall smiled.

Zayn: “What’s this one mean,” You asked pointing to the small dove on his hand. All the other tattoos he spoke of numerous times. From his Zap! to the microphone across his forearm. But he never explained the dove to you before. “Well, it’s kind-of long,” He chuckled, tracing over the wing. “Good thing I can listen all day.” He grinned and then kissed your forehead before beginning. “Well, I already explained to you about how some of the tattoos I have are kind of just..for show basically. I mean I love them all don’t get me wrong, or else I never would’ve put them there right? But the dove, it kind-of symbolized me and how I like to be free and how I am like one. Birds mean freedom, and me travelling and going everywhere, floating and flying around, I felt I symbolized what a bird truly is. I know that’s cheesy, but that’s why I like it so much.” You grinned and kissed the tattoo firm on the back of his hand. Not cheesy at all. “I think it’s your best one.”

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