Preferences/Imagines w/ one direction.

Some preferences/imagines with One Direction for you ;) I'd be happy if you would leave some feedback - thank you !


63. "Stop..."

63# "Stop..."

Note -no note includeing to this.

Louis: “Stop that,” You mumbled as you felt a pair of arms wrap around your waist, pulling you away from your sleep. You felt a painful throbbing in your head as you opened your eyes, turning around slightly to see Louis smiling at you. “Morning, baby.” You groaned in reply, covering your eyes from the bright sun that was directly on your face. “Oh,” He paused, turning around to grab and Advil and water from the table next to him. “Here. This will definitely help you after last night.” You gratefully took them from him before sighing and resting your head back against his chest. “I can’t even remember last night, Lou. I think I might’ve over done it a bit.” You felt Louis’ chest vibrate as he laughed, running his fingers through your knotted hair. “You got completely wasted last night, baby. You were a blast. Nothing could stop you…”

Zayn: “What are you doing?” You mumbled, taking your focus off of your book for a moment to ask why Zayn couldn’t stop staring at you. “Nothing,” He replied, continuing to stare at you and place random kisses to your shoulders at times. “You’re just so fucking beautiful, I can’t help it.” You chose to ignore his gaze and continue reading your book until you felt your cheeks heat up due to his stareing. “Stop…” You mumbled, suddenly shy beneath his gaze, hiding your face behind your book. “I can’t.” He whispered, pushing you book away before turning you to look at him. He placed a small, loving kiss you your lips before brushing some hair away from your face. “I’ll never understand how I managed to get a girl as beautiful as you are.  At times—all the time actually—I wonder how you manage to be so perfect…”

Niall: “Stop!” You squealed, running past Liam and Louis to hide behind Harry, who was completely confused as to what was going on at all. “C’mere, y/n.” Niall taunted, smirking evilly when he saw where you were hiding. You and Niall had a little bet going on; Niall believed that he was faster than you but you denied him completely. So he had at least 3 minutes to catch you but, if he couldn’t, you win and he had to be your slave for a week but if he actually could catch you, you had to be his slave for a week—which, knowing Niall, would end up being a very sexual week. “Save me Harry! I can’t lose to him or he’ll attack me!” Harry laughed but turned towards you. “I’ll protect you, Y/n!” Harry yelled, lifting you into his arms and running out of the room, past Niall who was shocked that Harry took your side. “Harry! That’s not fair! I don’t want to be her slave!” He whines, chasing after you both once again.

Liam: “Stop following me.” You slurred, roughly pushing Liam away from you. “You’re fucking drunk, y/n. Get back here. I’m taking you home right now.” Liam growled, tugging you towards him, causing you to stumble back against his chest. Liam wasn’t your boyfriend. He was actually your brother’s best friend but he has always been so protective of you. He quickly lifted you off the ground before you could escape him. He threw you over his shoulder, his hands resting on your butt for ‘support’. “Put me down, Liam!” You yelled, pounding on the area of his back that you could reach. As soon as he reached his car, he buckled you in; making sure that you couldn’t get out. “Fucking asshole.” You mumbled quietly as soon as he got into the driver’s side, refusing to look at him. “What was that, y/n.” He growled, wrapping his hand around your chin to turn you to face him. “I said you’re a fucking asshole. I wish that I’d never even met you.” You slurred. “You better watch your mouth, babe, otherwise I’ll have to make you. You’re mine and nothing can change that. I don’t want what’s mine going out, getting drunk and going home with another guy. The sooner that you realize that you belong to me, the better.”

Harry: “Stop talking to him.” Harry growled, snatching your phone from your hands. You squealed and tried to take it back from him but he quickly stood up from the couch and held it over his head. “C’mon Harry. I was just trying to send him a quick message. It isn’t that big of a deal.” You stood up and tried to reach it from him but he was way too tall. “This is our movie night, y/n, and you’re fucking wasting it by ignoring me and the movie completely. Ever since you started dating him, it’s like you’ve completely forgot about me; your best fucking friend.” You couldn’t help the gasp you let out; you never knew that Harry felt this way but before you could apologize, harry continued. “He doesn’t ever care about you as much as I do—nobody can! I’m in love with you, y/n, but you can’t even look away from your phone to realize that…”

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