Preferences/Imagines w/ one direction.

Some preferences/imagines with One Direction for you ;) I'd be happy if you would leave some feedback - thank you !


87. Skyping while he's on tour

87# Skyping while he's on tour

note -I didn't write this one -> credit to owner; zarrycity

Harry: ”You look nice,” he compliments, staring at you with an ecstatic feeling showing through his smile. “I just woke up though,” you sneer. “I’ve got bedhead and pyjamas —” “You still look nice,” Harry cuts you off, causing your cheeks to heat up with blush. “Thanks,” you let stumble out, finding yourself to be grinning thanks to his flattery. “God, I love you,” Harry admits instinctively; his hand runs through his frizzy hair, resting there as he continues to gawk at you. Before you can respond, a voice — not from you or Harry — interrupts your conversation. “I love you, too, Harry,” Louis’s voice mocks into the air, causing Harry to turn away from the screen with knitted eyebrows. “Shut up, Lou,” Harry groans. “Aw, you know you love me,” Louis retorts, “as much as you love [Y/N].”

Niall: ”[Y/N], go to sleep,” Niall attempts to coax, receiving a disagreeing comment in return. “No, no,” you yawn, as you slowly begin to doze off. He amusingly huffs, before asking, “You really miss me, huh?” “I miss you…enough to stay up for you until four in the morning,” you reply, hearing a chuckle chirp from his side; Niall’s lips easing into a grin. “Seriously,” he begs, “you need to sleep.” “Sleep…is for the weak, Niall.” Chortling again, he can’t help but ogle at you; the way that you were too weary to even open up your eyes. “Are you staring at me again?” you whisper, still not cracking open your eyes. “No,” he lies. “I was just…thinking.” “About what?” “How I get to sleep with you in a week,” he pauses, catching the light snores that fly out of your mouth. “Good night, baby.”

Liam: He, with his lips curving up slowly into a frail smile, waves at you; his happy expression shown on the screen of your laptop. “Hey,” he greets, “how is it going?” “Going pretty good,” you shrug, holding a lazy gleam on your lips. “How about yourself?” “I’m good,” Liam replies, then squints hastily as you, making you confused. “What are you looking at?” you ask him. “Is…is that my shirt?” he starts to laugh. “That is my shirt.” Your cheeks flush, as you scoff jokingly, “Uh, no.” “You’re such a liar,” he pesters; his head shaking as he smiles. “It’s really comfy though,” you compliment. “Really, huh?” Liam muses. “Well, that’s good. Very good.”

Louis: ”What time is it there?” you hear his faint voice from his side; his eyes perking up at the sight of you. “Almost three in the afternoon,” you respond. “It’s about two in the morning here,” Louis yawns; his eyelids seeming to droop with the tiredness that staying up late brought. “Go to sleep then,” you muse. “I’ll be on later.” “Yeah, yeah,” he mumbles, “but I want to talk to you now.” You beam, keeping a grin stay on your face. “You’re so cute,” you gush. “You’re cuter,” he sighs, propping his head with the use of his arm; his fingers holding up his cheek as he looks at you. “You’re going to make me all flustered if you keep doing that,” you comment. “I’m not doing anything,” Louis palters. “I’m just staring at what I think is cuter than me; that’s all.”

Zayn: ”I miss you,” are the first words that are hauled out of his mouth when he sees you on the laptop screen, causing you to reciprocate those words back — because it was true; you did miss him. “I saw your latest interviews,” you tell him, seeing him raise up an eyebrow. “You look so happy.” “Happy?” Zayn mutters. “Nah. All I do in those interviews are listen, answer back, and think.” “Think about what?” you brood. “About things.” You nod, continuing to listen along. “I think about you mostly,” he confesses. “It gets really lonely without you. You can’t necessary ask someone to stay in bed with you, only to hold with.” You let a laugh, receiving a glad smirk graze his lips. “I like your laugh,” Zayn admits, “but I’d like it better if you were with me. Right now. Here.”

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