Preferences/Imagines w/ one direction.

Some preferences/imagines with One Direction for you ;) I'd be happy if you would leave some feedback - thank you !


75. Romantic thing he always does

Romantic thing he always does


Louis: Louis buys you flowers every week. It’s always a different kind since he knows how much you get bored of the same thing. Even when he’s away on tour he still has flowers delivered to your home. Your favorite part is the notes that are attached to them. Sometimes they’ll be cute and funny but others they are completely perfect by telling you how much he misses you and can’t wait until he sees you again.

Liam: He always makes sure that you’re safe. It may be a simple gesture but it’s extremely important to him because if anything were to happen to you, he’d be destroyed. He always triple checks that the door is locked at night along with the windows being locked. You just thought that he was being protective but when he explained to you that he was terrified to lose you. Liam would sometimes have nightmares about losing you and he did everything in his power to save you but couldn’t. You try to assure him that you’ll be alright but he wants to be positive that you are.

Niall: Niall likes to leave notes around the house for you to find randomly. Sometimes you’ll find them while you’re getting ready for the day or when you cooking dinner for you both. But possible the best thing is when you find them when he’s on tour. It reminds you that he’s cares about you and truly loves you. Sometimes the messages are funny and cute but other times they’re so heartfelt that it almost hurts.

Zayn: Zayn always takes you out on a date that the end of every week. He has always taken you on a date every week even when you were just friends but back then there were just considered you both hanging out together. They are perfect way to end the week and it allows you to vent to him about anything that happened during the week. Even if he is on tour, he always makes sure that you can have a skype date so that he doesn’t break the “tradition” of weekly dates.

Harry: Harry loves to spoil you so at the end of every month— since you won’t let him do it weekly— he buys you a gift. Sometimes it will be something small and meaningful but other times it will be extravagant and expansive. Harry knows how much you hate him buying thing for you since you like to feel independent but he loves to take care of you. He just want to see you happy and loves to know that he is the one who made you so happy.

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