Preferences/Imagines w/ one direction.

Some preferences/imagines with One Direction for you ;) I'd be happy if you would leave some feedback - thank you !


65. Mistletoe

65# Mistletoe

Note- I never had a kiss under the mistletoe.. #cryin

Louis: “C’mon, babe. You have to kiss me now, that’s the rule.” Louis whined as he blocked your entrance to the door. “Just let me in, Louis. Come on,” You groaned as you attempted to push him away but he didn’t budge at all. “Not until you kiss me. What’s so bad about one kiss?” “What have you done to deserve a kiss from me?” Louis’ face quickly went red. “I-I, um, I made you dinner.” He stuttered as you laughed and leaned up to connect your lips with his. “Happy now?” “Definitely.”

Harry: “But you’re my best friend…” You protested, attempting to move away from him but he only wrapped his arm around your waist to spot you from moving. “So? You don’t really have a choice. We’re both standing under the mistletoe so you have to kiss me.” “Will you shut up then?” You suggested. “Yes just kiss me.” His sentence was cut off as you slammed your lips against his. Let’s just say that you two weren’t just friends anymore.

Liam: “Hey guys!” Louis called out from behind you, interrupting your conversation with Liam. “Look up!” Liam and you both complied only to see a mistletoe hanging above you. “I guess we have to kiss now.” He smirked down at you. “Guess so.” You sighed, faking disinterest. “What a shame.” He said just before he locked his lips with yours.

Zayn: You cheeks blushed brightly as you looked about the both of you to see Niall standing on a ladder, holding a mistletoe above you as you visited said at a music video shooting. “You both have to kiss now. You don’t have any choice.” Niall called out. “Don’t worry, babe. We’ll make it quick. I know you hate pda.” He said as he quickly pecked your lips. “That doesn’t count!” Niall yelled as Zayn dragged you off to his dressing room.

Niall: His lips were attached to yours the second that you both realized that there was a mistletoe above you. “Mistletoe means that you’re supposed to kiss her not eat her face, Niall!” You felt Niall smirk against your lips once Harry finished speaking. The kiss only continued as Niall slipped his tongue into your mouth. Finally, minutes later, you both had to pull away for air. “And they actually breathe!” Louis exclaimed as the rest of the boys, including Niall, chuckled. “Just wait till they’re gone and we’ll continue.” Niall whispered into your ear.

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