Preferences/Imagines w/ one direction.

Some preferences/imagines with One Direction for you ;) I'd be happy if you would leave some feedback - thank you !


41. Looking at the stars

41# Looking at the stars

Note: Who would ever have thought of it? 2 preferences in one day? holy penguin


Liam: ”It’s a shooting star!” You shouted that, as you saw the flash of light going across the sky. Liam looked in the direction you were pointing, and a huge smile formed on his face, “I see it! Don’t we get to make a wish now? Or just you, since you saw it first.” You closed your eyes, and thought for while before speaking, “I wish that Liam and I will be happy forever.” Liam was looking at you, when you opened your eyes, “Wasn’t that a little corny?” While rolling your eyes, you looked back up at the sky, “So what? It is what I want. Don’t you?” Without an answer, Liam leaned over and kissed your lips.
Harry: “This is really nice. So different from most of our dates,” you sighed, as you and Harry walked hand and hand looking up at the stars shining bright in the sky, with you resting your head on his shoulder. “This is different,” Harry agreed, as he spotted a star that seemed just a little brighter than all the rest, “Look at that one [Y/N]!” Glancing at the one his eyes were glued to, you loved the way in shined. It stood out so much, and you understood why he noticed it, “That one is my favorite.” Harry looked away from the star, and down at your smiling face, “Mine too.”
Zayn: It was a peaceful night. So different from the usual craziness that seemed to follow Zayn everywhere he went. It was just the two of you, sitting on a balcony underneath the night sky. It reminded you of when you were younger, and you would search the sky for a star to wish on. “I use to sit outside and just stare out into the stars, trying to pick the best one to make a wish on.” As you said that, Zayn looked up into the dark sky, “And did those wishes come true?” “Some did. A little girl wishes for some pretty insane things. I never did get the magical powers I wanted.” Zayn was laughing, as he replied to you, “What kind of magical powers?”

Louis: Lying on a blanket under the moon, you and Louis kept your eyes on the billions of bright lights high above the ground. Keeping as close to each other as possible, with your head resting on his chest, you could barely feel the cold night air as it hit you. All your focus was on what you felt for Louis in the moment. “I love you so much,” you whispered softly to him. He tightened his arm, that was wrapped around you, “I love you too [Y/N], and I’m enjoying this.” You knew he didn’t care about looking at the stars. He was talking about spending this time with you, and that made your heart flutter. “Me too.”
Niall: “You are so ridiculous,” you said laughing, as you looked down at the piece of paper Niall had just handed you. On it were a few words that explained what he had been so excited to show you all night. “You bought me a star? Seriously?” “I just thought it seemed so cool to actually buy a star for you. Now there is a star up there called [Y/N], and it’s for you.” Niall was so excited, as he explained his gift to you, which made the gift so much better than it already was. You had the biggest grin, as you looked up towards the sky and the billions of stars all around, “So where do you think my star is?”

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