Preferences/Imagines w/ one direction.

Some preferences/imagines with One Direction for you ;) I'd be happy if you would leave some feedback - thank you !


49. Little white lies

49# Little white lies

Note: I woke up at 3 in the morning, did this. enjoy

Louis: You and Louis were kissing each other passionately, heading towards his bedroom, when suddenly you felt like you weren’t ready. “It’s getting late,” you panicked, as you pulled away from Louis quickly. “So?” he asked, not seeing the big deal in the time. “I don’t think I can stay. I - I have a friend coming over in the morning, and it might be weird if I’m not there. I should probably go.” You saw Louis’ face fall, and could tell he knew that was a lie. “I want this Louis. I do. Just not tonight.” Hearing a bit of the truth made Louis feel better, “Okay, not tonight.”

Niall: The feelings between you and Niall were so incredible. You felt so strongly for him, stronger than you thought it was possible to feel for someone else. It was also very new though, and you did not know if he automatically felt the same way you did. “Do you think about me a lot? Because you are always on my mind.” You had been nervous to admit that to Niall, but he was so glad to hear it. Now he knew he wasn’t crazy for feeling as strongly about you as he did, “Honestly, if this room was burning, I probably wouldn’t even notice. You have been taking up my entire mind from the moment I met you.”

Liam: “When will I see you again?” “Maybe tomorrow I’ll go over there. I was busy today,” you said, though you knew you wouldn’t go tomorrow, and you had not done one thing today. You just felt you were falling too fast, and these little white lies kept you away long enough for those feelings to lessen. Liam knew you were lying as well, just from your history. “Can’t you just tell the truth? I think you like playing games. Messing with my head with all these lies. I don’t know what it all means.” You swallowed hard, and Liam heard it over the phone, “[Y/N]?” “I can’t hear you well. I’ll call you later. Bye.”

Harry: “And we have to finish the yard, and it will take so long. I also want those curtains changed, and the bookshelf needs to be painted, and..” you were going on and on, listing all the improvements your new home needed, when Harry stopped you suddenly by pulling you into arms, “Harry!” “Just stop worrying. It’ll be done. Right now all I’m thinking about is you, and everything else just faded away.” You felt your thoughts doing the same, and all your worries disappeared, as Harry began to pull you towards a bedroom that had nothing but a bed, which was all you really needed.

Zayn: “Stop looking at me like that,” Zayn whispered to you, as the two of you sat at a table full of your closest friends and his. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” you lied, as you placed your hand on his leg, “What way am I looking at you?” Zayn took a bite of his food, and nodded at something someone had just said, before leaning in closer to you, “If someone was watching you, they’d see that you’re eyes say what we do when it’s only me and you.” You hid a laugh at his choice of words to describe your look. “Zayn! [Y/N]! Are you two listening?” Zayn snapped his head around to look at his friend, “Sorry, what did you say?”

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