Preferences/Imagines w/ one direction.

Some preferences/imagines with One Direction for you ;) I'd be happy if you would leave some feedback - thank you !


19. He's jealous of you spending a lot of time with other band members

19# He's jealous of you spending a lot of time with other band members

Note: i like holes in the text

go away devil holes


Niall:You were cuddling on the couch with your boyfriend Niall watching some movie.As movie wasn’t so interesting,you took your phone out of your pocket and started texting your good friend Louis.You two were texting for good 20 minutes ignoring Niall’s constant sighing and groaning.You felt like you’ve been watched and Niall’s scary gaze just confirmed it.“What?”you asked with confused look on your face.
“Nothing,just…..”,he sighed,”Who are you texting whole night and why do you have that goofy smile?”he asked flatly. “No one,just…Continue watching TV”you answered,your eyes never leaving the screen.Niall moved closer to you and with one swift move,your phone was taken in his hands. “Hey!That’s rude!”you pouted like 5 year-old.He looked at all of your texts and turned your phone off placing it on the desk out of your reach before he looked at you again. “Then why are you texting Louis whole night?You think that’s not rude?Why is he so better than me?Is he funnier or it’s just because he’s older?”you could see the hurt expression in his eyes. “Niall.We’re just friends and you know it.You’re overreacting.I’m not dating him,I’m dating you,remember.That’s because I love you more,ok?Now,will you forgive me?”you said. “I have to think about it”he said and you lightly kicked him in the shoulder before he kissed you.

Liam:You were hanging out with your boyfriend Liam and the rest of the boys at your and Liam’s shared flat.
“So,(Y/N) we’re going in the shopping tonight,right?”Zayn asked you siting on the empty seat on the couch next to you.
“Wait!You’re taking MY girlfriend out?”Liam said turning around so he could face you.His eyebrows were raised up as he waited for an answer.
“Yeah.I mean,it’s not like we’re going on a date or something”Zayn flatly said.
“But you’ve been in shopping few days ago!”he pouted.
“So what?We’re going again”,you said.
“(Y/N)!You’re spending more time with him than you’re spending with me!And nobody asked me to go!”he said crossing his arms over his chest.Sometimes he acted like a kid.
“I’m sorry.I didn’t mean anything to hurt you.I’m so sorry.I’ll spend more time with you,I promise.Do you wanna come with us?”you asked trying to sound polite.
“No,not really.But when you’re going,buy me something to eat”he said before he kissed you.

Zayn:“I just don’t know Harry.Are you sure he’s going to like it?”you were lying on your and Zayn’s bed talking on the phone with Harry about the present you bought to Zayn.
“I’m positive.He’s going to love it,trust me”,Harry said and you waved at Zayn when you saw him entering the room.He sat on the edge of the bed waiting on you to finish the call.
“I really hope he will.Gotta go,bye,see you tomorrow!”you finished your phone call and threw you phone to the other side of the bed.When you tried to kiss Zayn,he moved so you kissed him on the cheek.
“What?”you confusedly asked. “Why are you spending so much time with Harry?” “I’m not”you pouted.
“Oh really?You weren’t here whole afternoon,and when you finally came you were talking on the phone with Harry and now I found out you’re going out with him again tomorrow!”he said and you could tell that he was hurt. “You’re overreacting!”you said. “Then tell me why are you everyday out with him instead of me?”
“We were buying you gift!That’s why!You’re ruining surprise!It had to be perfect,so we were looking for it for three days!” “Oh…I’m sorry.I should have known.What did you buy me?”he asked.
“You’ll have to wait to find out”you smirked. “Oh come on!”he shouted. “No,you’ll wait”,you said before you kissed him.

Louis:When you came home you expected to find your boyfriend to be happy about you coming home.Instead of that,you found hip sitting on the couch,arms crossed on his chest,laptop resting on his lap.You kissed him,but instead of kissing you back he just gave you mad look.
“What’s this?”he asked shoving you pictures of you and Liam.
“Me and Liam walking in the park?”you said,but it sounded more like a question.
“What were you doing with him outside?You know,that’s supposed to be me with you.Why is he so better than me?”he said,his face starting to get hurt expression.
“You think I’m cheating on you?”you shouted. “I didn’t say that”he said looking at you.
“But you didn’t deny it”you couldn’t believe that he was thinking that. “Don’t twist my words”
“I’m sorry if you think like that.Me and Liam are just friend,good friends actually,but you’re my boyfriend.I love you,that’s why I’m dating you,remember?” “I’m sorry,I love you too”he said before he hugged you.

”But you’re going to spend more time with me,right?” “Promise”,you smiled.

Harry:“No,no,this hand is supposed to be here”,Niall said as he moved your hand higher on the guitar.His guitar was lying in your hands while he was standing behind you,his arms wrapped around you shoving you how to correctly hold the guitar.You giggled as you finally realized that you were holding it wrong.
“Hey,hey,hey!What’s happening here?”Harry shouted entering the room seeing you and Niall.
“What were you two doing?”Harry asked frowning.
“He was just shoving me how to play guitar”you said trying to defend yourself.You could tell that Harry was getting angry,and when he was angry,he would be really scary.
“I should go”Niall said,took his guitar,kissed you on he cheek and left.
“It seems like you two are spending a little too much time together”Harry said after Niall left. “Why would you think that?” “Well,firstly,I found him teaching you how to play the guitar,yesterday you spent whole afternoon in the shopping,and you said that tomorrow you’re going to Nando’s.”he said crossing his arms.
“So what’s the big deal?We’re just friends”
“You used to spend that much time with me,and now,now it seems like we’re barely seeing each other”he said,his face starting to get hurt expression.
“I’m sorry.I didn’t meant anything to hurt you.I’ll spend more time with you,I promise”
“Ok,i guess”he said before he hugged you and kissed your forehead.

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