Preferences/Imagines w/ one direction.

Some preferences/imagines with One Direction for you ;) I'd be happy if you would leave some feedback - thank you !


53. He talks to the baby

53# He talks to the baby

Note: *awkward wave* hi

Harry: “Now love.” He starts his knees dropping quickly to the carpet and his hands coming to cup around your belly. “You’ve got to stop kicking Mummy, because I really want her to be able to watch the show tonight. And then one day – if you promise to be really good then one day you’ll be able to come to the shows too yeah?”

Louis: He cracks his lids when he feels you roll towards him again, shuffling for the last hour. “Okay.” He laughs tossing the blanket aside and sliding down the bed. “Babies, you’ve really got to let mummy sleep. We’ve got a big day tomorrow, tomorrow we get to see if you’re a boy or a girl and then you can kick all you want.”

Niall: “I always thought you’d be a boy.” He smiles pressing his lips to your swollen belly. “I mean we always thought you’d be a boy, but now I’m so excited. I can buy you jerseys and you’ll watch derby and I bet you’ll have fast feet like your daddy too.” He smiles, giving an eskimo to your stomach watching your lips move. “He’ll have a great voice too.”

Liam: He rubs his hands down your sides again, massaging away the extra feeling of the subtle kicks through the hospital gown. “You just need stay in there a little bit longer. I know that it’s probably cold and a little dark, but you’re a tough little boy and I promise you’ll be a champion – as long as you just stay in there a little bit longer.”

Zayn: “I know your Mum thinks the paint is cold, but this is going to be wicked.” He laughs, grinning up at you from the floor, paint brush resting against your belly button. “You’re not even born yet and you’re going to be the best pumpkin for Halloween – you’ll be so cute all of the other fetuses will be so jealous.” He chuckles.

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