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16. He Says Something "Sexy" About You To the Other Boys

16# He Says Something "Sexy" About You To the Other Boys

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Harry: The boys and their girlfriends were over your's and Harry's house before you all went out to dinner. The girls were upstairs with you as you all finished getting ready as the boys stayed downstairs to talk and have some drinks. Harry had gotten a quick glimpse of you earlier and he nearly started drooling because your boobs looked fantastic in the dress that you were wearing. Harry mentioned to the boys that if he caught any of them staring at you, he would beat them up, but you knew that that wasn't going to happen. Since you were the last one to come down the stairs after all the other girls, there was a bunch of wolf whistles and you noticed that Niall was obviously staring at your chest. You cleared your throat before saying, "Umm Niall. My face is up here." The boys erupted in laughter and Niall's cheeks redden as he nervously looked down at the ground and Harry playfully nudged him before he said, "I told you not to look at my girl's boobs!".

Liam: You were on your way over to Liam's house to drop off his wallet before you went to the gym. Liam stood in his kitchen with the boys, talking and the boys got onto the topic of what they thought that you might be wearing. You were just friends with the boys and they all thought that you were really hot. You had always had feelings for Liam and you had a feeling that he liked you like that too but neither of you ever said anything. Liam through out his suggestion on what you might be wearing and after he said it, all the boys just looked at him knowing that what he had just said was worse then what all the other boys had suggested. Liam quickly caught on before Zayn said, "Looks like our little Liam's got a crush on (Y/N)!" Liam chuckled nervously and soon you walked in. As you greeted Liam, you could feel all of the other boys watching you and when you turned around to look at them, they all pretended to be busy with their phones. "What's going on you guys?" You asked and Liam started to respond but Harry jumped in saying, "Liam's got a crush on you!"

Zayn: "You know.... (Y/N) looks really hot tonight." Zayn commented before he took a sip of his beer and continued to watch you dance around on the dance floor. "What did you just say?" Liam asked him with his eyebrows knitted together. You and Zayn had always "hated" each other and always fought but it seems like Zayn never really hated you at all. "What?" Zayn asked as Liam still looked at him. "Did you just say what I think you just said?" "If you are thinking that I said that (Y/N) looks hot tonight, then yes. You heard correctly." And with that, Zayn suddenly stood up from the booth that him and the boys were sitting in and he made his way over to you.

Niall: "Someone has been awfully quiet today." Harry said teasingly as he playfully punched Niall's arm. Niall refocused his attention back on the boys, who were all gathered at your living room in your apartment that you and Niall shared. You were in the kitchen cleaning and Niall snuck a peek of you as you bent over to pick up a piece of paper that you had drop, giving Niall the perfect view of your ass in your yoga pants. Niall's cheeks instantly reddened as he continued to think about you while looking back at the boys and eventually Louis got him to spill the beans. "Her butt just looks really good in the pants that she is wearing today that's all." He said while rubbing the back of his neck nervously and the boys laughed before Harry yelled out to you, "(Y/N)! Niall says that your butt looks really good in those pants and I personally agree!" You just rolled your eyes and went back to cleaning.

Louis: "What are you staring at Lou?" Niall asked as him and Louis sat a bar. "Do you see that girl over there?" Louis asked as he nodded his head in the direction of the girl. After Niall nodded his head, Louis said, "Oh the things I would do to get into that girl's pants." He smirking in your direction and Niall let out his typical chuckle. "Go over there and talk to her." Niall nudged Louis' arm, almost pushing him off of the bar stool. "She won't want to talk to me. Look at all the boys that are talking to her now." "Oh come on! You are Louis Tomlinson! Go strut your stuff and win her heart!" Niall said before taking another sip of his beer and Louis laughed. Louis took a deep breath before he stood up and made his way over to where you were standing and talking to your friends. Louis greeted you and introduced himself and you two fell into an easy conversation. "Can I possibly buy you a drink?" Louis asked and added a smile at the end. "I would love that." You said as you followed him back over to the bar where you two sat and talked until the early hours of the morning.

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