Preferences/Imagines w/ one direction.

Some preferences/imagines with One Direction for you ;) I'd be happy if you would leave some feedback - thank you !


43. He proposes to you

43# He proposes to you

Note: It's like REALLY hard to figure out what I wrote and what I haven't wrote like omf


Harry: You and Harry are on a date. You ordered your ‘go to’ meal at any new restaurant and Harry ordered champagne for the both of you. “Champagne?” you questioned confused. “We’re celebrating because as of today I’m on break for 4 months and get to spend all my time with you and our family.” You smiled. “I’m so excited about this break you’re having. There are so many things we could do in those four months.” You smiled as the waiter came towards you with a smile and place the champagne in front of you. You froze. It was a ring, a large square diamond surrounded by smaller circular ones. “Harry.” Your voice broke as the waiter walked away. He stood up and walked to your chair before getting on one knee. “(y/n) you are the sweetest, nicest, more incredible women I’ve ever met and I can’t believe it took me three years to do this but will you marry me?” he asked. A small tear shed from your eyes. “YES! Yes! A billion times yes.” Everyone around you started clapping before

Liam: You were laying in bed in your pj’s when Liam called you. “Hello?” you asked. It was 11pm and you were so confused. “Hey, come outside your house. I’m waiting at the park.” You got up and grabbed a hoodie for the cold weather outside. “Why?” you snuck out of the house making sure your parents didn’t notice you were sneaking out. “Because I have to tell you something.” “Okay. I’m at the entrance. Wow.” You smiled hanging up the phone as you saw candles set up in the shape of a heart. “Hi.” He smiled in the centre of the centre of the heart. “What are you doing?” you asked smiling walking inside the heart. You arms went to around him and you gave him a sweet kiss so happy about this little set up. “I need to tell you something. A couple weeks ago you were on holidays and I couldn’t deal with life away from you. I kept saying I never want her to go on a holiday until I marry you because then we can go together and I will never without you!” he confessed. “Then I realised what I wanted to do, I realised I wanted to marry you for longer then I noticed. I felt like I have never showed how much I truly loved you and I realised how can I show you.” He got down on one knee and your hand flew to your face. “I was wondering if you would do the pleasure of marrying me?” he asked his own eyes tearing up much like your own. “Yes, oh my gosh YES!” He smiled placing the ring on your finger. Then he jumped up, hugging you tightly.

Zayn: You were sitting at home with your family, Zayn and his family. He had been suggesting a day like this for a while. Just so we could all become closer. “Hey everyone.” Zayn begun speaking as he paused the show causing you to groan. “BABE! I was watching that.” You glared playfully. “Well now you’re watching me so…” Zayn poked his tongue out at the you. “Okay so as you all know (Y/N) and I have been together for 3 years?” Zayn questioned. “ZAYN! IT’S  BEEN 4!” you growled at him. “I’m joking.” He smiled. “Anyway point is, it has been a very long time and I love my beautiful girl, this is why I would love if she would marry me.” He smiled getting on his knees in front of you. You couldn’t believe what was happening. You looked at your parents to see tears in their eyes much like your own. “Yes. I- yes.” You cried grabbing Zayns face and kissing him. “You’re going to be my husband!” you smiled looking at him adoringly. “And you’re going to be my wife.” He winked at you as he lifted you up. As both of your parents screamed excitedly, Zayn leaned down and whisper, “Tonight will be fun.” You laughed at his dirty remark and hugged him again before placing the ring on your finger.

Louis: You were with your parents when the door bell rang. You grabbed your jacket expecting your girlfriends to be there. “Lou?” you asked when you opened your door. “Come with me.” He said excitedly. He pulled you towards the street where you saw all of Lou’s family and the boys holding signs. “What is this?” you asked smiling. “Read the signs!” he smiled hugging you from behind. The first had a memory from the first time you went to the beach together where a little kid ran to you and asked for a photo because you were so beautiful and you laughed because the kid didn’t know who Louis was. Then it was a memory of your first kiss where you and Louis head budded each other. The rest were all ‘first’ memories and you were so shocked, you couldn’t even thing about the future possibility that Louis was going to ask you to marry him. The only signs you hadn’t read the 4 boys signs. You walked towards them and saw ‘Will you marry me?’ “Lou!” you squealed, you turned around and saw him on one knee. “Oh my gosh. YES!”

Niall:  “Hey princess.” Niall winked as you walked passed security backstage and towards him. “I’ve got to go on in like 10 but we need to speak first.” He smiled taking you to the dining room. “Is everything okay?” you questioned following him. “Yeah of course. You know that night where you went out with the girls to the movies?” “Yeah?” “ Well, I went to your house that night. You see I had to ask your dad a question.” “Oh yeah? What question?” “I had to ask for your hand in marriage.” Your jaw dropped. “So here I am,” he got down on one knee, “asking you to marry me.” You looked at him with tears falling. “YES!” you shouted as he put the ring on you. He picked you up and spun you around. “I love you baby!” he smiled as the other boys ran in. “DID SHE SAY YES?” Louis shouted as all the boys ran in. “Yes.” You giggled wiping your tears away.


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