Preferences/Imagines w/ one direction.

Some preferences/imagines with One Direction for you ;) I'd be happy if you would leave some feedback - thank you !


24. He is sick, and you take care of him. *Request*

24# He is sick, and you take care of him.

Note: This was requested :) I think its sucks, so i need your vote! comment, comment, comment.

p.s: I wanted to try something NEW so i did a Josh one, the drummer :D - i think he is so hot *_*


Harry: “Hey babe.” You say quietly, carefully shaking your boyfriend awake. He’s sick with the cold. His eyes slowly open and he smiles when he sees your face. “Hey Y/N.” he says. “Feeling any better?” you ask, pouting. He shakes his head. “I brought you some medicine,” you inform, sitting down next to him on the bed. He sits up. “I like nurse Y/N,” he says, winking. You laugh at his attempt to me cheeky but it turned you off. You pour the amount of medicine in and hand it to Harry. “You have to take it all.” You tell him. He crinkles up his nose. “It smells- achoo- awful.” He says. “But you need it. Just take it; your acting like a five year old.” You say. He just shakes his hand and won’t take it. “I’m not going to kiss you until you take that.” You say, crossing your arms and looking away from him. He grabs your hand. “No no, ok, I’ll take it, see.” He says making sure you see him take all of it. You lean in and kiss him on the cheek. “Hey, no fair.” He exclaims. “Sorry I don’t want to get sick too.” You say, walking into the bathroom to throw stuff out.

Louis: “Can you get me a blanket, another pillow, some video games, and… some cookie dough!” Your sick boyfriend explains through the phone. “Cookie dough? You’ll feel even worse! I’m not getting you that.” You say as you’re walking around the store, looking for the right medicine. “But I’m hungry!” “Then I’ll get you something else.” “But Cookie dough will make me feel better.” He protests, coughing. “Louis, it will make you feel worse. Do you need anything else diva?” you joke, paying for everything. “Uh, just you.” He says. You roll your eyes at how dorky he is and tell him you’ll be over soon.

Niall: it was late at night when you felt Niall get up. You heard him in the bathroom, throwing up. You got two pillows and a blanket. You groggily walked over and knocked on the door. “Babe?” You said. He threw up in response. Then he told you to come in. You put the blanket and pillows down. “Niall…” you started. “I feel like I’m dying.” He said. “What did you eat?” He shrugged, leaning back into the toilet. You rubbed his back, kissing his shoulder. “If I could feel this way so you wouldn’t have to, I would.” You said, yawning. You snuggled up to Niall. “Princess, go back to bed, I…I’ll-“ he had to throw up again. He cleaned up and finished. “I’ll be fine.” “No I’m staying here.” That night you slept with him on the bathroom floor, no matter how uncomfortable. 

Zayn: You went over your boyfriend’s house to take care of him because he’s sick. You’ve tried giving him medicine, food and things to do as he’s just lying in bed but he’d rather sleep off the disease. You just hang around the house, passing the time by watching TV, cooking and then eating and being on the internet until you hear Zayn cough and sneeze. You got some juice, crackers, and soup on a tray and take it up to him. You see he’s turned over and trying to go back to sleep. “Babe, why don’t you eat something?” You say quietly, watching his eyes open. He does and kisses you on the cheek but just falls right back asleep.

Liam:  “Need anything?” you ask your sick boyfriend lying on the couch. He puts on a thinking face, still cute as ever. You watched as he tried to get up. “I got it.” He says. You watch him shiver even though he’s sweating. “Love, you’re too sick. You don’t have to get it, just tell me what you want.” “No, I can do it on my own.” You lightly force him back onto the couch. “Li, I know you can do it on your own, but you shouldn’t have too. You’re sick and I want you to be comfortable. What can I get?” you ask sweetly. You see his very thankful face and get up to put in Toy Story. You sit with him and watch it, hoping he’ll get better.  

Josh: Refusing to tell you anything, your boyfriend called you at work franticly and asked that you come home. You got over there as fast as you could, which wasn’t fast enough. You unlock the door and hear moaning. You rush upstairs. “JOSH! What’s wrong?” you say as you see him sitting in bed. You rush to his side. “It feels like I’m on my period.” He jokes, which makes you laugh but then you’re serious. “Are you ok?” “NO.” he yells angrily. “Well, what’s wrong?” you question him. “Stomach ace?” he croaks. “Aw, poor baby.” You say playfully, taking his face in your hands and kissing him all over his face. “What do you want me to do?” you ask him. He just sits and stares at you. “You’re a woman, you’re supposed to know. That’s why I called you.” He complained. “This is the modern era, I don’t know what to do.” You sat and thought about it. You scooped up your purse. “Where are you going?” he whined. “Out to the store to get you medicine and… stuff. When I get back I’ll help you feel better.”

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