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21. He helps you get to sleep

21# he helps you get to sleep

Note: This was so cute, i couldn't stop myself for post this.. I am so sorry that Niall and Zayn's is pretty short.. But, i ran out of ideas. I love them anyway.



Niall: “Ugh” you groaned, digging your head into your pillow. Niall turned his head to face you. “What?” he asked, and you slammed your fist into the bed. “I’m getting frustrated. I can’t fall asleep” you said, and Niall frowned. “How can I help?” he asked, brushing the hair out of your face. “I don’t know” you whispered, staring up at the ceiling. “Come here” he whispered, pulling you in under his arm. You cuddled in close to Niall’s chest, and Niall cocooned you. You felt his chest rise and fall against your back and his warm breaths on your neck. Niall held you tight, pulling you in really close. Almost instantly you dozed off, feeling a sense of security in his arms.

Harry: “Why aren’t you sleeping?” Harry asked, turning to you. You were laying in bed, looking up at the ceiling. “How did you know I was awake?” you asked, turning to look at him. He had been sleeping face the other side of the bed. “I can just tell” he smiled, and you sighed. “I just feel overwhelmed, honestly” you said, and Harry propped his head up on his hand. “Why? What’s on your mind?” he asked. “I have to get someone to cover for me at work while I go with you guys for the Europe leg of the tour next month, I have to clean the house before the painters come on Thursday, but I have to go out and pick up some new clothes before we go away. I have those interviews next week with you, we’re going to visit the animal shelter in two weeks. It just feels like so much” you said. “Well, you know you can find someone to cover for you. Plus, you have two weeks vacation, and you wanted to quit anyways if it comes down to it. It’s not like we’re hard up for money. I will have a maid come in and clean the house, I will call for one for tomorrow. Shop online if you have to, it will come in time for us to leave. The interviews will be easy, you just have to look beautiful. Comes natural to you” Harry said, and you smiled. “You’re the best” you said, kissing him before cuddling in close and falling asleep, your worries far away.

Zayn: “I can’t sleep” you whispered, and Zayn turned. “Me neither, this is the worst night ever” Zayn said. “I’m not even tired” you said. “Let’s watch a movie?” Zayn asked, and you nodded.  Zayn threw off the covers and put in a DVD. “This one again?” you asked, and Zayn smiled. “I like it” he said, and you smirked and cuddled into his side. You and Zayn had seen this movie an easy fifty times in the last year, and you were frankly sick of it. Before you knew it, it was morning. “Zayn” you whispered, and he smirked. “That movie always puts you to sleep” he said, and you realized you had never seen the end of it, you always passed out. “You’re the best boyfriend” you smiled, kissing his cheek.

Louis: You pulled the blankets off you and made your way to the TV room. You couldn’t sleep, for the eighth night in the row, and you weren’t going to lie down in bed for hours not doing anything. You threw yourself down on the couch and turned on the TV. After about ten minutes, you heard footsteps coming from your bedroom. “Y/N?” Louis asked groggily, and you turned. “Hi, can’t sleep. Sorry” you said, turning the volume down. “No it’s alright, but this has been, like, a week now” Louis said, sitting on the couch with you. “I don’t know what it is, I just can’t sleep” you said, and Louis sat with you. “Are you stressed?” he asked, and you shrugged. “I mean, I might be. We did just move and I started a new job. I guess I am stressed, I just don’t notice cause I’m so busy” you said, and Louis nodded. “When I first started with the boys, and when I was getting a lot of the gay hate and, I had a hard time sleeping. I tried ginger tea. Decaf, of course. It works well. Want a cup?” he asked, and you nodded. Ten minutes later, Louis brought you a warm mug of tea. You drank it and cuddled with Louis. You both ended up falling asleep on the couch, and whenever you couldn’t sleep, you both turned to ginger tea.

Liam: You were laying in bed playing on your phone when you felt Liam shift. You tried to turn your phone off, but Liam noticed the bright light before you could hide it. “Y/N, are you awake?” he asked, and you turned. “Kind of” you said, and Liam rubbed his eyes. “You aren’t supposed to have your phone in bed” Liam said, grabbing your phone. You smirked and Liam shook his head. “Doctor said if you want to get out of this insomnia thing you need to not use your phone” he said, and you nodded. “Come here” he said, pulling you against him. He started kissing your forehead and running his fingers across your temple. “I love you” he whispered, brushing your hair back softly. After about ten minutes, you were fast asleep. You asked Liam to do the same thing every night, and he was happy to help. 

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