Preferences/Imagines w/ one direction.

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80. He has a stomachache and needs you

80# He has a stomachache and needs you

Note - I feel horrible, so much

Zayn: Zayn was not the type to complain when he was sick. Normally you would find out days later that he had been feeling ill at all. So whenever he actually complained to you about his stomach hurting, you knew it was bad. “Just lay down, and I’ll get you whatever you want. I know I was going home, but I’m not leaving now.” He did not even argue with that, though typically he would have told you no. “Thanks [Y/N]. I need you.” You hated seeing him sick, but you were glad he was admitted he needed you right now. So often he would never do that. “I’m going to go get you some water.” He was laying down as you said that, and by the time he replied, he was under the covers, “Can you turn the air off? I’m freezing.” “I’ll go do that first,” you responded, right as you left the room.
Niall: “So much for our big plans this weekend,” Niall joked, as he laid across your bed in pain. Before he had gotten sick, you had a million things planned, and it was supposed to one of the best weekends ever. At least, that’s the way you were hoping it would go. Canceling all of that though, the moment he said he was sick, did not bother you at all. “We can go next weekend. Don’t worry about it. Right now, I just want you to feel better,” you told him, while sitting across from him, on the one chair in your bedroom. “Do you need anything else?” He shook his head. You’d already gotten him water, food, medicine, and everything he needed. “I’m really glad you actually stayed with me. You could have still gone.” You smiled at him; he needed you, and you couldn’t just leave him. “I wouldn’t go without you.”
Liam: “You didn’t eat any of it, did you? Even a bite?” Liam questioned, referring to the meal he’d prepared for the two of you the night before. You had told him it looked funny the moment he put it down on your plates, but he ignored you and ate it anyway. You shook your head at his question, “No, I didn’t. You’re not feeling well are you?” You could see in his face how sick he felt. “I shouldn’t have eaten it.” You were really concerned about him now, “Do you need to go to the hospital? Or a doctor? Is it that bad?” He knew he probably should, but the pain wasn’t that horrible. Just bad enough to really bother him. “No, I don’t think so. I just need you.” You felt awful that he was sick, but you still smiled at his words, “Well what do you need me to do?”
Harry: Harry did not want to say he was sick. He did not want to admit that fact at all. He had a concert in only two days, and the thought of missing it over a stomachache was driving him crazy. You knew anyway though, he did not need to tell you a thing. The fact he was barely getting up to do anything, and asking you for every little thing he needed, told you that wasn’t feeling very well. You were both lying in bed watching a movie, when he asked you for yet another thing. “I’m kind of hungry.” You glanced over at him, and almost asked him what was wrong, but if he didn’t want to talk about it, you wouldn’t make him. You would just take care of him anyway. “Okay, I’ll go fix something.”
Louis: “You need to go to the doctor,” you told Louis, when for the third day in a row he woke up with a horrible stomachache. You had no problem with helping him, and being the only one he said he needed, but he wasn’t getting better, and you were worried. “I’m fine [Y/N],” Louis lied, but you saw him winch in pain at the same time. “Stop lying to me. You’re not okay,” you said frustratedly. “Okay, I’m in pain. You know that. It is getting better though, I promise. I just need you, I don’t need to go the doctor.” You still weren’t sure about that. You were so concerned, but you were going to trust him; at least for now. “Fine, if you say so. Do you need me to go get you more medicine?” He nodded, and tried to smile through his pain, “Thank you.”

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