Preferences/Imagines w/ one direction.

Some preferences/imagines with One Direction for you ;) I'd be happy if you would leave some feedback - thank you !


62. He feels insecure as your boyfriend

62# He feels insecure as your boyfriend /Harry

Note - *awkward wave* hi.

You have your friends over at your house for lunch, Harry was in the other room, taking a nap. Harry wanted to spend the day with you, but you already planned a lunch with your friends. Harry decided to stay none the less and took a nap while you guys had lunch, so that right after, you could resume your day together. Of course, your friends wanted all the details of your relationship, they had already spoken about their own lives and it was your turn. You loved to talk about your and Harry’s relationship, it was laid back and simple, but fun and loving. Being in a relationship with a world famous band member limited the things you two did, having a huge possibility of it being on every magazine the next day. But the love you guys shared was enough to satisfy both of you. But not your friends. After explaining how Harry and yourself spend your days together, they weren’t impressed. “(Y/N), is that all you two do?” One of your friends finally asked. “Mostly, why? Is there a problem?” You answered, getting a bit defensive. “No, its just, remember your last boyfriend? He always brought you flowers and took you to the most romantic places, he even wrote you poems like every other week!” She exclaimed. Your friends awed at the memories of all the nice things your Ex boyfriend did for you. It was true, your Ex was just like the guys in the movies, but what was missing was love, it never happened, you loved the things he did and the idea of being in love with the perfect guy but it wasn’t like the true love you had with Harry. Your Ex knew it too, he was the same, he loved the idea of being in love and finally finding his happily ever after, that’s why he tried so much, he was convinced that those things was what people in love did, but it’s not the kind gestures, it’s the flips your stomach does at the mention of the other’s name, it’s the small moments that somehow become engraved in your mind as some of the best moments you’ve had. That’s exactly what you have with Harry, not you Ex or anyone else in the world. What you didn’t notice was that Harry had awaken from his nap and stood right behind the wall separating the hallway and the living room, where you were. He heard every word about your perfect Ex. You didn’t want to snap at your friends no matter how much you wanted to, you understood why they said it, plus they don’t know what only you and Harry know, how your love works, or anything about it really. So you quickly changed the subject. Half an hour later, they had to leave, you shut the door behind them and quickly walked to your bedroom. You wanted to just cuddle for a few minutes before continuing the day. When you reached the bedroom door you peeked inside, not wanting to wake Harry up. But what you found wasn’t him sleeping, instead he looked deep in thought, looking out your window with a serious expression. You thought it was strange for him to do this, he never does. You walked over behind him and wrapped your arms around his torso and asked “What are you thinking about?” He simply responded “Us, Me, You.” Now you were beyond confused, why would he think of that with such a serious expression? “What do you mean?” you asked again. “I heard, (Y/N). I heard about your perfect Ex boyfriend who always got you flowers, took you to romantic places, and even wrote bloody poems for you regularly!” He almost shouted, stepping away from you, now facing you. You were stunned, you didn’t know what to say, you wouldn’t have expected him to react like this to that information. He continued, “Why did you break up? He was obviously the perfect boyfriend! Why are with me when I don’t do half the things he did?” You understood now, he’s insecure. He thinks you’d leave him because he didn’t do those things. But nothing could be farther from the truth. You smiled, looked him in the eyes, and kissed him with as much passion as you could gather. You pulled away and answered “Because I love you, I don’t care about those things, I care about those silly things we do when we’re alone, the way we can just lay here and everything would be perfect, and whenever I look you in the eyes and know that you love me too, that’s the best thing you can do, love me as much as I love you” He smiled at everything you said, revealing his adorable dimples. “I can do that in a heart beat” he said and kissed you with more passion than before until you both fell on your bed, than you two began laughing, loving every second of that moment and every bit of each other.

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