Preferences/Imagines w/ one direction.

Some preferences/imagines with One Direction for you ;) I'd be happy if you would leave some feedback - thank you !


68. he asks you to be his girlfriend

68# he asks you to be his girlfriend

Note: dis is the craic

Liam: You had broken the one rule you and Liam had came up with before you started all of this, "neither of us can catch feelings" you remembered yourself saying before you and him had become friends with benefits. You both needed to get over your recent-exes and thought that messing around with each other would help that. It did help you get over your ex boyfriend, but it made you fall for Liam. All these weeks you had been spending together, not just having sex but also getting to know him made you want him in more ways than just sexually but what hurt the most was knowing that nothing would come from it because he didn’t feel the same way. You heard a knock at your door and stood up, going to open it seeing Liam at your doorstep. "It’s friday night" he said raising an eyebrow at you. "I was worried about you" You stood at the doorway not wanting to let him in. "I-I know, I just got busy sorry" you said making up an excuse for blowing him off for your usual friday night hook up session. "(Y/N)"Liam sighed “I know this is wrong and I don’t know how you may not feel the same way but I need to get it off my chest.. I care about you, a lot.. and I want you to be more than just my friend with benefits, I want you to be my girlfriend..”he said as you stood back your mouth agape. "Liam.." you whispered feeling tears prick your eyes. "I love you (Y/N)" he said, grabbing you and kissing you passionately “I love you Liam” you smiled

Harry: You and Harry had been seeing each other for the past month and you had really grown to like him but he never seemed to want to make it official with you. Whenever you brought it up he would just brush it off and tell you to be happy with where you and him were at now. You were complaining to the rest of the band while they were in the dressing room  one day, wanting to see their reactions on it. "Harry just isn’t the relationship type" Liam explained to you "but i do see that he really likes you, so you shouldn’t worry" you sighed but decided that he was right and walked out the room, seeing Harry standing outside, leaning against the wall having heard the whole conversation. He sighed and ran a hand through his curls as you stood silently biting your lip, scared that he would be mad at you. "(Y/N) just be my fucking girlfriend already" he rolled his eyes but a smile played on his lips as you smiled and hugged him, kissing him softly "You already know what my answer to that is" you giggled as he smiled and cupped your face in his hands, kissing you softly.

Niall: You and Niall had been on a few dates and you did like him but since you both weren’t anything official, you didn’t see the issue in going on dates with other guys. You were at dinner with someone from work when you saw all of One Direction walk into that same restaurant and all wave at you, except for Niall standing in the back awkwardly, not making eye contact with you. "Hi Niall"you waved at him and smiled as he nodded back "Can I talk to you for a second?" he asked as you nodded and followed him outside. "Why are you with another guy?" he spat at you. "Um, because he asked me out?" you said with the same tone of attitude in your voice as him. "Look," Niall sighed "I really like you and I don’t know if you feel the same way back or not, but I can’t see you with other guys.. so promise me no more other guys?" he pleaded. "Niall.." you scoffed "I’m a single girl, I’m not making any promises like that to you.." "So then be my girlfriend and you won’t be single anymore" he raised an eyebrow and you stood back in shock, unable to reply. "I’ll take that as a yes" Niall smiled, kissing you on the cheek and then the lips. You laughed at the mess of an ask out that this was but still knew your answer, "I guess so.."

Louis: You fell back onto the bed as Louis climbed on top of you, kissing  your neck aggressively as his hands cupped your ass giving it a tight squeeze, causing a moan to slip from your lips. You pushed Louis over, so you could be on top of him and sat up unbuttoning your shirt. "Woah…." Louis said, sitting up and pushing you off him "(Y/N) before we do anything like that of sorts, I need you to do me a favor.." you rolled your eyes and groaned "What" you whined, wanting him right now "be my girlfriend" he smiled as you giggled happily "yes" you smiled and pushed him back down on the bed, officially being able to do what you both had been waiting for.

Zayn: You didn’t really know what you and Zayn were, but that never really bothered you, you knew that Zayn’s last relationship had ended badly and right now he wasn’t looking for anything serious and you had accepted that and were okay with it now. So when Zayn asked you what you thought you heard, you had to make sure you weren’t just hearing things. "What was that?" you asked, your mouth wide open. Zayn rolled his eyes and chuckled "I really like you a lot, be my girlfriend please?" he asked, leaning over and hovering his face above yours, knowing your answer before you could even reply, sealing the deal with a kiss.

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