Preferences/Imagines w/ one direction.

Some preferences/imagines with One Direction for you ;) I'd be happy if you would leave some feedback - thank you !


30. Harry imagine

30# Harry imagine

Note: This was just a fast one i did this morning, i should really hurry up so i became really.... uhm... eow? kk..


”Mommy,when is daddy coming home?” Your 6-year old daughter Darcy ran up to you while you were washing dishes in your and Harrys house. “I don`t know sweety,want me to call him?” “Yes!” “Where is he,he should`ve been home right now,he should`ve been already back from his tour.” you thought to yourself.Harry didn`t answer his phone,you started to get worried.Where could he be? He would`ve called…
 Then you saw through the window that a car turned into your drive way.You ran outside you thought it was Harry,but it wasn`t. The car stopped and officer stepped out of it. “Mrs.Styles?” “Yes…” “Your husband,Harry Styles,he got into an car accident on his way home from the airport…” “Oh my god,is he ok?! Where is he now?!” “Yes ma`am he`s ok,he`s in the hospital right now” “Can you take me there?!” “Yes,of course” You ran inside to get your daughter and you both drove to the hospital.You arrived,and ran to Harrys room.He was lying there helpless and unconscious.Tears started to stream down your cheeks,it was very hard to seem him like this.
 You talked to the doctors they said he`s going to be fine,but they`re not only 50% sure of that.There was still a chance he could not make it through the night.You sent your daughter home,and your mother agreed to watch her.You spent the night in the hospital,right next to Harry.The next day he woke up,and the first thing he saw was you standing right there and holding his hand.You hugged him “Ow, still hurts.” he said.”Sorry..” Harry told you what happened,at least what he remembered.”We were so worried,Harry…doctors said you could not make it,but you did.I`m so happy,please be careful..don`t ever scare me like that.I don`t know what would we do without you.Darcy loves you,she couldn`t live without a father…and i could not live without you…” Harry held your hand,you both had tears in your eyes.Then through the door your little daughter ran in “Daddy!” You picked her up,so she can kiss Harrys cheek.It was amazing to see happiness in Darcys eyes as she understood that her daddy is still here with her.”Don`t ever leave me again daddy..” she hugged Harry as strong as she could.”I love you daddy!” Harry couldn`t keep th tears anymore,he couldn`t bare with the thought that he could`ve lost his family,his beautiful wife,his pretty little girl..his princess.He loved you both very much,and the thought that if he could`ve not make it and you would be alone just broke his heart.
 After a week Harry was checked out.You finally went home,together as a family.Few months later you found out that you were pregnant with your second child.Darcy was very happy to know that she is going to be a big sister.But Harry…you couldn`t describe in words his smile when found out.Everything was good again.

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