Preferences/Imagines w/ one direction.

Some preferences/imagines with One Direction for you ;) I'd be happy if you would leave some feedback - thank you !


72. First date

72# First date

Note- I don't remember doing a "first date" but if I did, I'm doing one more.

Liam: “Oh, fuck.” You stated, watching as the ice got closer to your face. Liam grabbed your hand, trying to help you up, but instead you both fell on the ice anyway. Since Liam had insisted on wearing three hundred layers, it didn’t hurt badly, but you still let out a groan. He rolled over on the ice to face you with a smile. “Wow, I’m sorry (Y/N).” He apologized nervously, getting up shakily before reaching out his hand for yours. “Liam, it’s fine!” You laugh, taking it lightly and doing most of the work yourself. “No, I’m so so—” “Liam, stop apologizing. Neither of us are Olympic figure skaters, so why does it matter?” Liam blushes and nods, grabbing your hand as he made his was to the wall. “Well… maybe it’s time for hot cocoa?” He joked, and you agreed. Slowly you two approached the entrance, laughing the whole time at how awful you both were.

Zayn: You stared at Zayn next to you, and you smiled as All Time Low were rocking out on the stage. A few weeks ago Zayn, your best friend, had surprised you with tickets to your favorite band, All Time Low. But it wasn’t just a concert, it was also a date. So even with your all-time favorite band playing your favorite songs, you couldn’t take your eyes off of your favorite guy. “Hey, (Y/N), I took you here so you can enjoy the band. I mean I know it’s hard to stop looking at me, but you can see me everyday.” He jokes, and you scoff at him, singing along to Therapy. You wave your hands in the air, and Zayn puts his on your waist. As they sing Reckless and the Brave, one of your favorite songs, Zayn whispers the lyrics in your ears, causing you to shiver. “Stooppp.” You moaned and he laughed. “Hey, pay attention!” “Wow leave really.” You told him, laughing and smiling. It was amazing, because you had everything you loved at once: All Time Low and Zayn.  

Harry: “Oh my god, it’s freezing outside.” You manage to say through your frozen lips as you and Harry stepped into the place he had chosen for your first date. “Don’t worry, in here it’s really warm.” He smirks, waiting for your reaction. After undoing your scarf, you looked around and gasped. There were books everywhere, in every cranny, except in some corners where there were reading nooks, big enough for one or two people and stuffed with pillows. “Harry, oh, this is perfect.” You gasped, walking up to the nearest shelf, which held classics. Your hands fell down the spines as his arms wrapped around your waist. “Why don’t you get one and read it to me?” He asks, and you choose Grimm’s Fairy Tales, which wasn’t too long, to read to him. After you had read him Cinderella, which had his mouth hanging open in shock, you two dozed off on the comfy sofa, wrapped in each other’s arms. 

Louis: “Nemo?!” You cry, looking into the main tank of the aquarium Louis had brought you to. Beside you, he let out a laugh, before you let out a shriek and stepped back. “Holy fuck.” You whispered in shock as the shark swam by, and you could swear it looked at you. “(Y/N), did you just get scared of the shark that’s behind like three foot thick glass?” Louis asked, his eyebrows raised. You shook your head, but you were blushing. As the shark swam by again, you flinched and he hugged you. “Don’t worry babe, he won’t hurt you. I wish you had told me that you were afraid of sharks earlier, I certainly wouldn’t have brought you here!” You shook your head at him again. “It’s okay, I’m not afraid of sssssharkksss.” You whisper as you fall back into Louis as it swims by you again. “Louis it’s seen me, its going to come kill me.” “Nah, Brutus is nice.” Lou jokes, taking your hand and leading you away from the tank. “Let’s go get some food, yeah?” He says, and you smile, taking deep breaths.

Niall: “You cold?” Niall asks as he sees you shivering, and in your tank top and shorts, you nod. “Here, have my sweatshirt.” he offers, pulling it off over his head and handing it to you. “Thanks Ni.” You say, accepting it and staring into the fire. “It’s so beautiful, I can’t believe I’m really here.” You whisper as the waves lap up against the beach, Niall slinging his arm around your shoulders. “I think we should go skinny dipping.” He suggests, a smile growing on his face and his hair being blown by the wind, making him look eve more mischievous than normal. “Um, how about no Niall James Horan.” You tell him, shooting him a glare that makes him let out a laugh. “Alright then, I’ve brought something just in case you didn’t want to do that idea.” He says, standing up from the log and reaching into his bag. Out he pulls marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers. “S’MORES?” You cry, running up to him. He nods, handing you a stick and a marshmallow. “You’re the best, Ni.” “Does that mean I get a second date?” He winks. 

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