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25. First date *Requset*

25# First date

Note: I wan't to kill you guys

I love you


Harry: You weren’t sure how to dress for your first date with Harry Styles but casual was always the best option. You had picked out a simple white button down tucked inside a pair of black ankle caprice you’d rolled up once and a pair of cream flats. You’d parted your long curled hair to the left and pulled it away from your face with a wide black headband. You’d kept your makeup simple; foundation, powder, blush, and mascara. You check the clock, anticipation building before spritzing your Marc Jacobs perfume on your expose neck and grab your red leather bag. You glance at yourself in the mirror, run your manicured fingernails through your curls, and breathe deeply. You’ve never been on a desert date before, especially during the day but the warm sun and cool breeze calm your nerves as you make your way through London towards the Waterloo. You stand outside Le Pain Quotidien for a moment, closing your eyes for a split second before pushing the door open. You check your phone a last time before ordering a tea and make your way down stairs. You see his curly head at the corner table and he smiles you over, standing when you near him to help you into the seat beside him. “Hi” he breaths out, relieved you had showed up and you give him a nervous smile. “Hi” you repeat, watching as he pulls a crossword puzzle from his bag. He gives you a sheepish smile and you set your purse between your seats as you lean closer to him. He orders several tarts and baked cheesecake for you to share, ignoring the waitress who’s clearly trying to get his attention as he traces the lines of your face and you blush. No matter how charming and enchanting he is, nothing calms your nerves about the end of the date. He’s vocal about kissing at the end of first dates and you’ve barely been kissed, let alone kiss at the end of a first date. After managing to complete your crossword, Google became your best friend after a few several failed attempts, he leads you out of the restaurant and out onto the streets. You stop at The London Eye, smiling as Harry points things out you’ve never noticed in the new city you’ve found yourself. You talk about everything; his recording schedule and your school schedule. He’s stopped a few times by fans for pictures and autographs and you stand back, enchanted at how easy he falls into the pop star role from the sheepish boy touching your fingertips with his while walking down the streets. He can sense you’re nervous and he pulls back, nowhere near as charming or aggressive as he could have been. He keeps his hands to himself for the most part, daring a few times to touch his fingers to yours while walking side by side down the street. He stands behind you on the steps of your apartment building, looking up at the town house you share with three other girls and he shoves his hands in his pockets to avoid reaching for you. You turn then, the glow of the setting sun casting on your street and he’s in awe momentarily at the way you look at him. You blink slowly as he steps up, backing up against the door and he smiles. He leans forward and your stomach pitfalls. He nudges your nose with his before stepping backwards down the steps, watching as you stumble into your apartment before wondering back down the street towards his waiting car. You lean back against the front door of the building, chest heaving from anxiety before touching the tip of your nose with your fingertips and smile. It isn’t even ten minutes later before he’s texting you. “Chocolate and more crosswords again?”

Liam: “Want to run away?” your text reads. You’re supposed to go for a fancy dinner with Liam Payne that night but his text makes you think differently. “I may not be who your father wants for you but I can be anything you want. Let’s run away, dress incognito and meet me at Victoria train station in 30 minutes. Make sure you aren’t followed”. His texts are vague and you don’t know what you need but your chose a floral summer dress and a pair of comfortable gladiator sandals. Your hair is curled and you grab a headband and your bag before rushing from your apartment. You hurry down the street, clutching your bag to your chest and your heart is beating wildly beneath your hand. You glance over your shoulder, looking for any familiar faces before hurrying further towards your destination. “Where you followed?” he asks and you quirk an eyebrow at him. He’s dressed in black jeans and a white v-neck, black leather boots on his feet and his hair is pushed back effortlessly. “You sure?” he asks when you inform him that no, no one followed you. “What’s going on?” you ask, taking his outstretched hand and he smiles. “We’re running away from everyone that says we can’t be together” he says, leading you onto the train and you smile. You follow him down the aisle, sliding into the seat opposite him and he grins at you. This is unlike anything you’d expected from Liam Payne but you aren’t complaining, especially when he nudges your foot with his. He takes his phone out and starts snapping pictures of you, promising not to show anyone the photos or post them because this was secret. So you do the same. He shows the ticket man your tickets before he’s leading you to another seat, pushing you into a bathroom when someone looks like they notice one of you. “Think they know your father?” he questions and you smile because this is fun. You shrug, leaning back against the sink and he grins at you. “We’ll just keep running until we’re somewhere no one knows us” you offer, following him towards the back of the train before sliding into the seat across from him. He buys a paper and you play the crossword, surprised because Liam’s not half bad at figuring out the answers. The conductor announces you’re pulling up to the Brighton station and Liam stands with you, taking your hand in his to pull you towards the doors. Looking over your shoulder, you glance at the people filling in behind you and Liam tugs on your fingers to get your attention as the doors open. “Run” he tells you, pulling you onto the platform and you’re gone.

Niall: You’re leading Niall Horan down the street towards your apartment after an awkward first date. Your leather boots click up the steps of your apartment building, and your turn at the front door. You tug on the hem of your cream jumper, reaching up to run your fingers through your hair as he scuffs his toes against the concrete below you. You open your mouth to say something but think twice, pulling your lip between your teeth when he looks up at you. You glance around awkwardly before turning, unlocking the door and hurry inside without saying a word. In the scheme of first dates, anything that could’ve gone wrong did go wrong. Not to mention, neither one of you hardly said anything the whole time and you ended up watching other couples on considerably less awkward dates. You shut your apartment door behind you and slide down to the floor. Leaning your head back against the locked door, you close your eyes and pray. Maybe, you actually didn’t have that much in common as Eleanor had thought. You sit stationary for several long minutes, over analyzing every aspect of the disaster date before sighing. He won’t be texting you again. Tears fill your eyes, not for that fact but the fact that you’ve ruined another first date. You’re just not good at first dates, they make your nervous and you aren’t sure how to act which usually results in awkwardness. There’s a knock at your front door and wiping the tears away, you stand to open the door. Shock is written on your face as you see Niall on the other side. “That was awful, just god awful” he tells you and you hold back the tears. “I should’ve been more attentive but just coming back from tour is tiring so I’m sorry. Can we, would you like to try this again?” he asks and you’re still shocked. “I, don’t think you can redo first dates” you tell him and he smiles while holding up a bag of food. “Wanna bet? It’s still our first date day so it’s possible” he tells you, sliding past you when you grant him entryway to your humble apartment and suddenly, you aren’t so nervous for a redo.

Louis:  “Just go out with him,” your best friend had said. “No!” you told her. You weren’t one for blind dates, especially ones set up by her. They had been disasters in the past and so you thought this one would be no different. Yet here you stand in front of the full length mirror getting ready to go out on the date she had been begging you to go on. She had told you nothing about the guy you were meeting for dinner, which caught you off guard since she usually never stopped gushing at how perfect they were for you  (though they never were). You roll your eyes at your thoughts as you fluff your hair in the mirror, making sure every strand was in its place. You hated blind dates but you hated looking bad even more, so everything had to be perfect. You walk over to your jewelry box and pull out your favorite pair of diamond studs before making one last check in front of the mirror. ‘Leaving now this better be good’ you text your friend as you walk out the door and climb into your car. You spend the time as you drive thinking about all of the horrible possibilities that this blind date has. Pulling into the parking lot of the restaurant causes your nerves to begin. You were never one to get butterflies, but first dates always seemed to get that reaction from you. As you walk into the foyer of the restaurant you are greeted by the hostess. “I’m meeting someone here,” you tell her with a nervous smile as she shows you over to an empty section of the restaurant. You follow her wondering where she was leading you to. She couldn’t have possibly known who you were meeting, could she? As you pass all the empty booths, you turn the corner to see even more empty booths ahead of you; except one. There is a guy sitting by himself at the very end of the empty rows. He is facing away from you so you were going to have to wait a little longer for your first impression. The hostess holds her hand out, showing you that this was obviously your date. You inch closer to the table and he turns around. You immediately stop as you gaze upon the face of Louis Tomlinson…THE Louis Tomlinson. He smiles at your reaction and you let out a chuckle, finally realizing why your friend hadn’t given you any details on him. He stands up to kiss your cheek as you walk the rest of the way to the table. You’re in complete shock as you lean in to his embrace and take your seat. “It’s very nice to finally meet you (y/n), I’ve heard a lot about you,” he says with a smile. “That’s funny, because I’ve heard nothing about you, but now I know why,” you answer shaking your head, still in amazement at what your friend had done to you. Setting you up with terrible guys was one thing, but setting you up with a member of a world famous boy band was a bit over the top for her and nothing you had expected. “Well where would you like me to start,” he says with an encouraging smile. “You can start by telling me how you know (y/f/n),” you ask still very confused at how she had pulled this over. To your knowledge she was only a fan of his band. “Family friend, we use to hang out all the time until she moved over here,” he explains taking a look at the drink menu. “That little bitch,” you say under your breath. “You would think that knowing someone like you, personally, would have come up in one of our conversations or something,” you say as you meet the gaze of his deep blue eyes for the first time. You were completely mesmerized, so mesmerized in fact that you stumbled on your drink order causing the waitress to ask you to repeat yourself several times. The two of you continue through dinner and getting to know each other very well, laughing the entire time. “You want to get out of here?” he asks putting his napkin on the table and pushing his plate away. You smile and nod as and he reaches for his wallet. He throws a $100 on the table and stands up, reaching for your hand. You chuckle, shaking your head, and take his hand. He leads you out the door and to his Porsche. He casually walks over to the passenger side door and opens it for you, gesturing you inside. “I guess chivalry isn’t dead,” you say climbing in the car. “Never,” he says with a wink before shutting the door. With no idea of where your next destination is, Louis drives around, while making sure to hold your hand tightly in his as he cruises the streets. You drive around for an hour, talking about your lives, and getting to know one another even more. As he pulls back into the parking lot of the restaurant to take you back to your car you have an immediate feeling of sadness. You absolutely don’t want this night to end and in only a matter of minutes it was going to. He pulls beside your car and throws his in park. “This was amazing, truly amazing,” he says with a smile as he kisses your hand that is still tightly intertwined with his. “Yes, it was,” you say smiling back trying not to blush. He takes his other hand and reaches into his back pocket and hands you his phone. “You want to put your number in there for me so I can call you tomorrow?” he asks. You take the phone and put your actual information into his phone, much like you hadn’t done with all of the other dates you’d been on. He watches you and smiles, giving the hand he was still holding another kiss as you hand him back his phone. “I guess I better go, I’m sure you’ve got somewhere very important to be,” you say almost laughing. You open the door to get out, but as you turn to head out, he gently pulls you back inside. He pulls you within inches of him as he stares straight into your eyes, nearly taking your breath away.  He places his free hand on your neck and pulls you in the rest of the way to his lips, kissing you as the butterflies you had been experiencing all night long exploded. The two of you pull back with smiles on your faces. He gives you one final wink and a kiss on the hand before you make your way over to your car. As he pulls away, you sit in silence, with a simple smile on your face, thinking about the unbelievable date you had just been on, hoping and praying he would call.

Zayn: It had only been two days since the two of you had met each other. You were out with your girl friend for lunch, getting ready to pay the bill, when the waitress said it had been covered by the guy sitting at the bar. You had went up to him to thank him and when he turned around to meet your gaze you were stunned at who you were looking at. It was Zayn Malik and you were a huge fan. But you showed nothing but gratitude towards his kind gesture as you smiled and shook his hand. Your friend had stepped away to the restroom to give the two of you some introduction time, and by the time she had come back you and Zayn had exchanged numbers, with him promising to call you. When the phone call came you were almost just as surprised as when he had first turned around at the bar. He was on a little break from work, so when he called you in the late afternoon after your first encounter the two of you continued to talk through the night; not saying your goodbyes until a little past three in the morning. You learned so much about him thanks to that conversation and only wanted every night to be just as amazing as that one had been. He seemed rather impressed with you as well, continuously asking you questions about what you like as if he were reading off a check list. You were still so confused as to how and why you were in the situation. You had been in a rather lengthy phone conversation with a very famous member of a very famous boy band. You had pinched yourself many times while on the phone with him, just making that this was real life. The world stood still when he asked you that question: “Would you like to go out sometime?” He had said it in the most perfect voice, and you had no intentions of saying anything but ‘yes’ and thought of every possible way to say it. The smile on your face at that moment was one that had never been before. There was nothing you wanted more than to get a chance to be with him one on one and you were somehow getting your chance. Sooner than expected as well, when he had asked you if the next afternoon would be a good time for you, you lay in your bed stunned that he seemed to be just as ready for this as you were. You had told him that the next afternoon would work out fine for you; now here you are. You’ve got an hour before he said he would be outside of your apartment to pick you up. The mirror is showing you a blank canvas, practically begging to be dolled up. You go through the different make-up options you could use for this afternoon and once you narrow it down to two you have to result to your typical decision maker: eenie meenie miney moe. You go ahead with the selected make-up style and begin the job that is making yourself presentable for him. Once your foundation is where you want it, you switch over to your hair. To you this was the most important aspect of your look. You had decided on a simple loose curl with a pin against your part. A few burnt fingers later you stare in the mirror with a smile very satisfied with how your hair had turned out. Your eyes were next and you knew exactly what you wanted, half dark, half natural. You darken your lids and add two layers of mascara over your top lashes, but leave your bottom lashes bare to keep the natural look. So far the mirror is showing you everything you want to see as you turn your face from side to side looking for imperfections in your make-up job. You move on to the closet once you have been fully satisfied with your reflection. The halter, floral mini dress you had chosen to wear this morning is hanging from the closet door as if to say, “I’m ready when you are.” You smile as you slip into it and place your white flats onto your feet. The full length mirror shows you what you’ve spent the last hour working so hard to achieve, and you’re in love with it. You smile at your look and walk over to find the perfect perfume. Even though you know exactly what each of them smell like, you have to retest them all to see which one you think he is going to like the best. You’re in mid –spray of the final option when the doorbell rings. Your head immediately turns to the direction of the door as a huge smile spreads across your face. It’s time. 

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