Preferences/Imagines w/ one direction.

Some preferences/imagines with One Direction for you ;) I'd be happy if you would leave some feedback - thank you !


38. Feelings.

38# Feelings.

Note: I don't know about you guys, but this made my heart beat really fast, wow


Harry: Harry and you had been hiding out in your hotel room, playing a heated game of Go Fish. “Do you have any sevens?" Harry inquired, raising a knowing eyeball at you. With a swift glance at your cards, purposefully skimming passed the seven, you replied “Nope." “Such a liar!" Harry accused. He reached out to grab your sizable deck of cards to reveal your hidden card. You retaliated, trying move your cards out of his reach. Being the child that he is, Harry crawled nearly on top of you, his chest pressed against yours, stretching his arms. Giggling, you tried to distance yourself but ever move you made, Harry reciprocated. You tumbled over and fell back on the mattress. He hovered over you, still laughing. The chuckling dissolved as the details of the situation became more distinct. His body was fulling pressing on top of yours, your noses just barely skimming each other. You immersed yourself inside his gorgeous lively eyes that were quickly darkening as his pupil grew in size. Was it your imagination or was Harry leaning closer? Slowly, his eyes drooped closed as he puckered his lips. With a shaky breath, you pressed your hand on his chest. “Harry…" He seemed to understand what was running through your mind, the uncertainty, the fear. Harry nodded. He stood up off the bed, tugging on the hem of his green shirt. “I should go," he suggested, heading towards the door of your room. “Harry," you called, “you don’t have to go if you don’t want to." But he shook his head. “No, I need to." After he was gone, you regretted the doubt that had once previously controlled you and desired for the feel of Harry laying atop you again.

Zayn: Can you blame yourself for falling for Zayn Malik? Yes, yes you could. Your quivering hand outstretched towards his hotel room door before retreating by your side again. Were you risking everything just to admit your feelings for the Bradford boy which were probably not mutual? Answer: undecided. You walked a few paces back towards the elevator, giving up, but you quickly turned around and walked back to your spot in front of the white wood obstruction between you and Zayn. It was surprising that there wasn’t prints in the plush carpeting from you standing there for so long. You rocked on your heels, slowly inching yourself closer to the entrance. Swiftly, your hand swung and quickly knocked on his door. Fear struck inside of you. You couldn’t face Zayn and admit anything, not yet anyway. Turning around, you started running towards the elevator which had just dropped off an elderly couple followed by someone you couldn’t see. You sprinted inside. But before you could press a button you heard your name. “Hey," Zayn greeted, having just got off the mechanism. “Going down?" You nodded, unsure of how else to react. Your heartbeat had sped to probably an unhealthy rate when you had heard Zayn and you desperately attempted to lessen the beats per minute without Zayn’s notice.He repeated the motion before heading towards his room. The doors started to close, heading to their next destination. Much like with the knock, a rush like feeling coursed through as you announced “I really like you Zayn." Your last visual of the fourth floor was Zayn freezing in the middle of the hallway before the reflective doors closed and ascended to one of the above floors. Where it was going, you had no clue, but so long as you didn’t have to face the mistake you were already regretting, you were content.

Niall: After yet another tiresome concert, you laid in your bunk, freshly showered, wearing soft pajamas  scrolling through all your social networking sites. You were checking out the Worldwide Trends when a certain hash tag caught your eye. Sure enough, the tag was part of Niall’s name tagged to the other half of your name. Curious, you clicked on the tag. Tweet after tweet, fans were shipping you and Liam, some including manips that they insisted was the two of you out on dates, others claiming Niall couldn’t keep his eyes off of you backstage. Was it so wrong of how you wanted all those pictures and rumors to be true? You and Niall had bonded the most out of anyone else in the band and maybe it was for a reason. “Hey Niall, come here," you demanded, your voice low so as not to wake the others up. “Hmm?" his sleepy voice asked from the bunk above yours. Extending your phone up to his bunk, with the tracked tag highlighted. It seemed like a moment later when your mobile was returned to you. “Yeah, so?" “Well…" You were uncertain about how to accept his reaction. “I don’t know, what do you think about it, us being shipped?" Niall sighed. “Why do you want to know?" You shrugged, even though he couldn’t see it. “I just want your intake on it." Niall groaned. “Let’s not talk about this right now okay? It’s late." You agreed, not planning on letting the conversation slip so easily.

LiamI slowly find myself falling more and more for Liam, you wrote in your diary. How do I end this? I know his feelings will never be the same. Oh well. As long as he doesn’t know, everything will be okay. You stashed the book in your pillow just in time for a knock to beat on your door. Opening it up, you were greeted by Liam holding an array of DVDs that he had just rented. He frowned upon seeing you still in your clothes from earlier. “What are you doing?" he inquired, walking into your room and throwing the movies on your bed. “Why are you still in normal clothes?" Liam himself was in a muscle shirt that he thought was too ripped on the sides to wear in public and some old black basketball shorts. Without any permission, Liam started rummaging through your suitcases. “Liam!" you complained. He picked up a navy blue tank top then some yoga pants. Liam instructed “Here. Now go in the bathroom, change, and then we can start our movie night." Apparently, you didn’t move fast enough for Liam’s preference so he thrusted the clothes into your arms and pushed you inside the bathroom. “Change!" he asserted. “Fine," you yelled back. Quickly, you switched clothes, tousled your hair a little bit then went out to the room. You wished you hadn’t though. Laying comfortably across your seats and pillows, Liam was a good portion through your dairy, his eyes scanning each line. “Liam!" you shrieked tugging the book out of his grasp. Liam stayed in his position, looking at you. “Is that true? Do you like me?" Ashamed, you threw the diary back on the bed. “Liam," you started with as much dignity you could muster. “I think it’d be better if you left now." He nodded and got up, leaving you in your room. Surround your bed, the pillows lined the edges with multiple blankets to create a fort of comfort. Movies you had no intention of seeing anymore littered your floor. You were really starting to regret the diary your mother had bought you before you left for tour. Frustrated, you threw the book into the trashcan and landed face first in the bed.

Louis: “First kiss?" Louis questioned taking another sip of his tea. You thought back to the unfortunate event before relaying the accident. “It was in the guy’s front seat of his minivan in a McDonald’s parking lot." Louis nearly spat all his drink on you. “In a McDonald’s parking lot?" You nodded. “In his minivan?" Yet again, you nodded. “God that is priceless," he chuckled. You rolled your eyes, chugging the rest of your now lukewarm tea. “Okay, I’ve got a question. Who do you currently like?" Eleanor and Louis had split just a little bit after the current tour had started. For some reason, Louis didn’t seem to heartbroken over the break up but you just assumed that Louis had initiated the separation. Louis pondered the question a beat too long before admitting “No one." A devious smirk plastered your face as you began to poke Louis’ side repeating “Who is it? Who is it? Who is it?" Needless to say, Louis was not enjoying your pestering. You sat your drink off to the side to increase your poking abilities, which decreased Louis’ force. He grabbed your hands so as to stop the insistent prodding. “If I tell you who I like, will you stop asking?" You nodded quickly, scooting closer to be sure you’d hear the answer. Louis leaned closer to you before saying “Well she is this amazing singer," still his face inched closer to yours, “whom I’ve come to befriend." Your eyes widened at the lack of space now between you two. “She is one of the funniest, prettiest, and most annoying person I have ever met." Expectantly, you closed your eyes and waited for Louis’ lips to meet yours. “But I can’t do a thing about it because…" Louis retreated from you. “I can’t be with her while I still have feelings for Eleanor." Louis stood up, brushing some dirt that wasn’t visible and nodded his head goodbye before heading towards the dressing room. Meanwhile, you sat still, a numb feeling freezing your body on that couch.

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