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83. Family problems

83# Family problems

Note - this is not Daniella, I'm her friend Elli and I wrote this pref for Daniella, bc she's in the hospital

Liam: You knew your parents were having problems, but you didn’t know it was that bad, until they told something you had dreaded. It was very weird for your parents to ask you and your sister and brother to meet them, as soon as possible. So here you were, in your old livingroom, sitting next to your sister, waiting for your brother. When he was finally there, your parents stood up and said they had to tell you something. “We are getting a divorce” they didn’t even try to explain it, they just said it like it was not a big thing. You couldn’t stand to be there, so you left. When you came home to your and Liam’s flat, you rushed inside, sobbing hard and crumbling to the floor. You heard Liam call for you and he was by your side within a second. “Shhh, it’s okay” Liam tried everything to calm you down, but you just couldn’t calm down. After a while your sobs finally died down. “It’s not okay, Liam, they are divorcing” you said, before falling into his arms again. “They couldn’t have wanted to upset you this much, but I am sure they have there reasons and it is probably better for them” Liam said, trying to make you feel different about the situation. And he made you feel different, you tried thinking into your parents situation and maybe they are happier now. “Maybe you are right” you said softly into his chest.

Niall: It was your little sister’s birthday and of course you and Niall were going to her party. When you walked in, you already could feel the tension. Last time there was a birthday in the family, your mother had a fight with your dad’s siblings. You knew it was about money, but you didn’t want to get involved, so you let it go. Now it was a weird situation, your dad’s family where on the one side of the room and your mum’s family on the other side of the room. “Sorry” you said looking back at Niall. You had warned him about this, but he quickly assured you that is was fine. You went to your little sister to give her your present, when she opened it she couldn’t stop smiling. It was a rather expensive bracelet, because Niall wanted to get her something special, because of the drama in your family. And that was when it hit off. “So you are scolding us, for having money and not helping you with your financial situation, but here is your own daughter and her boyfriend buying something that costs a fortune, which could be spend helping you” your dad’s brother shouted at your mum. You didn’t know, your parents were having financial problems, so you were very shocked to here that. “Not in front of them, I told you, they don’t need to hear about this” your mum shouted back. You immediately grabbed your little sister in your arms and walked upstairs, Niall following you. “They never told me they had problems, why wouldn’t they tell that” you said angrily. “They probably didn’t want you to worry. We are going to sort this all out, alright?” Niall said, hugging you and your little sister at the same time. “Alright” you said, laying your head in the crook of his neck.

Harry: Your parents didn’t like Harry, from the beginning. Tonight you wanted to change their minds, you loved Harry and you wanted your parents to love him too. You asked them over for dinner and Harry really did his best on cooking. That is when you heard the doorbell ring, you gave Harry a quick kiss on his cheek. When you opened the door, you immediately gave your parents a hug. “Thanks for coming, Harry has cooked a delicious meal” you said, smiling broadly. Your parents mood changed immediately and you saw a look of disgust on your mother’s face. You tried to ignore it and lead them over to the dining room. “Hello, nice to see you again, Mr. and Mrs. Y/L/N” Harry spoke trying to be nice, like always. “Hi Harry” your dad spoke in an unamused tone. You saw that Harry was already getting stressed out because he was rubbing between his eyes. After that Harry kept quiet. Your mum was talking about this BBQ for some family and friends and she invited you. “Harry will come along too, he has a week off then” you said. “No, he will not” your mum said sternly to you. “It is bad enough that you are dating him, but it will be even worse when you bring him along our family and friends” your dad said to you. “I am sitting right over here, thank you, I am going upstairs” Harry said, and you could see that he was absolutely fuming. After he was gone, you and your mum started shouting things at each other. “You know what, I don’t want you anymore in our family, you are not even respecting us” your mum shouted at you and walking out of the door with your dad in front of her. You went upstairs, crying softly, seeing Harry sitting on the bed. “Hey, what’s wrong?” Harry asked whiping your tears away. “I am not wanted in the family anymore” you said crying into his chest. “Oh, babe, I am so sorry. I will solve it, I promise” he said kissing your head.

Louis: Since you and Louis were dating, you went a lot on the road with him, because of that you didn’t see your family that much. This time you were somewhere in America when your mother called. “Y/N, we miss you when are you coming visiting again?” your mother asked, after a while into the conversation. “I don’t know yet, we are now in America, we are getting back in three weeks, so probably then” you said laying down next to Louis on your bed. “Why don’t you just stay home, one time, here with your family, instead of going off with Louis” your mother said into the phone, with disappointment in her voice. “Mum, we already talked about this, I want to see the world, before I have to go studying again in a year” you said annoyed. “Yes, I know, but you have a little sister and brother here, who you don’t see grow up, and they both miss you incredibly” your mother said, angrily. “I don’t want to do this over the phone” you said. “Well when do you want to do this then? You are never here” you could hear your mum was crying now and you had to blink away a tear too. Louis grabbed your hand and kissed it, he smiled weakly at you. “I will come when we are back, I promise and we will talk about it” you said, with a lump in your throat. “You better be coming then” your mum said, hanging up the phone. You leaned back against the headboard and sighed hard. “You know, maybe you have to stay with your family for a little while, they need you more than I do” Louis said, staring at you. “I don’t know, she is kind of mad at me now” you said, feeling the tears behind your eyes. “She will forgive you, I am sure of that” Louis assured you, kissing your lips.

Zayn: There you were again, at a dinner party which your mum planned for the family and some family friends. Of course you and Zayn were invited. You loved your family to pieces, but you couldn’t stand how you were always treated as a slave by your mum. And here it goes again. “Can you grab some extra plates, Y/N” your mum asked, while she was chatting with one of your aunts. You stood up reluctantly and walked to the kitchen to grab some plates. Zayn knew how you were feeling, so he was right behind you. You grabbed the plates and kept standing there for a little while. Zayn was rubbing your back, to comfort you. “You should talk to her” he whispered in your ear. “I can’t, that will cause a huge fight” you said sighing hard. “Just call her in the kitchen, I will be right by your side” he said, kissing the back of your neck. You left the plates there and you nervously walked to your mum. “Can I talk to you for a minute?” you asked your mum, with a shaking voice. She gave you a confused look but walked with you into the kitchen. Zayn grabbed your hand and squeezed it, and you decided to get straight to the point. “Why are you always asking me to do things, which you can do yourself, or you can ask dad or Y/S/N?” you asked not wanting to look in her eyes. She didn’t answer so you looked up and there she stood with a shocked experession. The next thing you know, your mum is walking out of the kitchen and you hear her stumping upstairs. “I told you, now she is mad at me” you said while turning to Zayn. “She will come around, she needed to know it” he assured you, giving you a tight hug.

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