Preferences/Imagines w/ one direction.

Some preferences/imagines with One Direction for you ;) I'd be happy if you would leave some feedback - thank you !


28. Cute moments

28# Cute moments

Note: OMG, I LIKE THIS REALLY MUCH. At first i was like "ew, what the heck did i made?" but then i re-read it i was like *ew, did I really write that, burn it with fire before it lays eggs*. - ehehehhe...


Harry: You’re standing in front of the dressing room mirror. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for your whole life and in just a few weeks, it’ll be here. You swallow the lump in your throat and run your fingers over the white lace, turning to examine yourself in the mirror and smile. You step out onto the floor and the girls around you gasp, tears filling your mothers eyes and you can’t stop your own from falling. “It’s perfect” she tells you, standing behind you in your wedding dress as you look at the final product. You hang it back up, taking a picture of a lace detail before tweeting it “@y/t/n: it’s a crazy idea, that you were made perfectly for me” Harry smiles at the tweet, staring at the lace he’ll see you in just a few weeks and feels his heart swell at the images. “@harry_styles: it’s just the beginning” he tweets, complete with a picture of the bow tie he’ll take you as his wife in

Louis: “No,” he says as you come out of the dressing room. “What’s wrong with it?” You ask looking down at the floral dress you had tried on. “It’s not showing enough,” he says with a completely serious face. You roll your eyes and walk over to sit on his lap. “I’ll make you think it isn’t showing enough,” you say into his ear. “You promise?” He asks cheekily. You pull away from his ear to kiss his lips. You get up to head back into the dressing room. “One more,” he says pulling you back down to kiss you one more time. You laugh and grant his wish with another kiss. You pull back again to turn to head back to change but he doesn’t let go of your hand. “One more?” He asks with his best puppy dog face. You roll your eyes and lean in to kiss him yet again. “If you don’t let me change Mr. Tomlinson, you can’t take me home,” you whisper into his ear. “Well what are you waiting for woman, quit wasting time!” He orders with a smile sending you back into the dressing room.

Niall: You stand back as Niall swings, looking to the sky as the golf ball soars towards green. You’re supposed to follow that. You don’t even golf, you only tagged along to spend time with your boyfriend. You swing, missing the ball and pick up dirt and Niall chuckles. “Try again” he tells you, leaning against his golf club as you take another swing and miss, again. “Here, line up like this” he tells you, stepping up behind you to guide you into the proper stance but now you can’t concentrate as his scent invades your space. “See, that was good” he whispers against you ear before he leads you to the golf cart. He helps you the rest of the day and while you’d gotten the hang on how to swing a few holes back, you keep quiet so Niall will keep wrapping his arms around you. “You did good,” he tells you afterwards, kissing your jaw and you smile. ‘I had a good teacher,” you told him. “Well, next time you could probably do it on your own” he tells you but you shake your head. “No, never… I need help at all times” you tell him and he chuckles. “Good” he admits sheepishly, giving you a proper kiss before setting up another tee-time for the next day.

Zayn: You hate this part. It’s time yet again to send him over to the States and you are trying your best not to cry. You’ve spent the good part of two straight months with him and you can’t help but get emotional. You hold onto his hand as long as you possibly can, but now it’s time to let go. He places his forehead against yours and smiles. “I love you,” he says. You close your eyes and the tears begin to fall. “I’ll be back soon, I promise,” he reassures you. “I know, I’m just going to miss you so much,” you manage to choke out. “I’ll miss you too, but I’ll call you every day like always,” he says pulling you in close for a hug. The fans at the terminal awe and you can’t help but smile at them. “Alright Zayn we’ve got to go,” Paul instructs. You sigh and he squeezes you tighter. “I’ll be back soon,” he says kissing your forehead, “I love you.” “I love you too,” you say allowing him to step away from you. He walks away and waves goodbye before walking through the terminal door. You immediately turn around and notice all of the smiles on the fans faces. “He loves you so much, don’t cry,” one of them says. You nod at her knowing she’s right and that it won’t be long until you see him again.

Liam: “It’s not supposed to look like that” you tell your boyfriend. He huffs, falling back to his ass as he glares at the crib in front of him. He reaches his hand out for the instruction without a word, reads them over before he dismantles the cheery crib in order to start over. “Maybe you should call Paul to help” you offer and he snaps. “I can do this by myself! It’s my child, I can do it” he huffs and you quirk an eyebrow, rubbing circles on your eight month pregnant stomach but say nothing. You stay quiet in the doorway, watching as he continues to struggle until something clicks and he finally puts the crib together. “I WIN” he shouts, jumping around the room before twirling you into his arms in triumphant. “You are my hero” you sigh dramatically, feigning the damsel in distress act to perfection. “@real_liam_payne: screw you crib, I win!” he tweets, complete with a picture of the completed crib with you smiling in the background.



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