Preferences/Imagines w/ one direction.

Some preferences/imagines with One Direction for you ;) I'd be happy if you would leave some feedback - thank you !


47. "Can I have this dance?"

47# "Can I have this dance?"



Liam: “What?” “I said, can I have this dance?” You shook your head and sighed, “Liam, I can’t right now. I have to work on this paper.” He pouted, “But you’ve been working on that paper for hours, and I just want to help you relax. One dance, babe. That’s all I ask.” You sighed, you were exhausted from hours of trying to figure out what to write, “Fine. One dance, then I need to get back to this death sentence.” Liam chuckled, playing a song from his phone, and he pulled you into his arms. “You need to relax, (Y/N), this paper isn’t everything.” You sighed into his chest, “I know, but it’s the first grade of the semester, I can’t already have an F.” You swayed to the music as Liam gently stroked your back; he always knew how to calm you down, “You know, I like dancing with you.” You looked up at Liam and smiled, “Why is that?” He pressed a kiss to your nose, “Well, for starters, I can feel your boobs-” you smacked his chest and laughed, “Liam!” He chuckled, “And we can just be without a care in the world. Tour, school, fans, it just doesn’t compare to this.” Once the song ended, Liam tore his arms away, “Okay, you can get back to school work now. Your one song is over.” You smiled, “No, forget homework. I probably wasn’t going to do it anyway.”

Niall: You and Niall were on a date, just strolling through the park, when the sky began to darken and you heard thunder, “Shit. It’s going to rain.” You rolled your eyes, “Really now?” Niall frowned as a few drops off rain fell, “It’d take about 20 minutes to walk back to the flat.” More rain. “We could always run,” you suggested. Niall laughed, “You think my chicken legs were made for running? And with this stupid knee, my legs could snap any second.” The rain was already coming down hard, and you were both soaked, so you sighed, “Let’s just walk then.” Niall shook his head, “Wait. It’s raining.” “Well you’re a smart one, aren’t you?” Niall grinned, “Can I have this dance?” You smiled and nodded, “Might as well.” You both joined hands and started prancing through the park, Niall jumping in all the puddles. After about 10 minutes, you ran under a tree for shelter, “I’m soaking wet.” He cheekily smiled, “So I make you wet. I think we all know that already.” You smacked his chest, “Shut up. You’re crazy for wanting to dance in the rain.” “I want to do one more thing with you in the rain,” he pulled you back out from under the tree, pressing his lips against yours, mumbling, “See where dancing in the rain leads us?”

Zayn: High School Musical 3 was still your favorite movie to watch, especially with Zayn. “I stopped believing in love after Zanessa broke up,” you mumbled. Zayn laughed, “Then we’re not in love?” You grinned, “Okay, I guess we’re an exception. Oh, wait, this is my favorite part! Shh!” “You’re the one talking!” “Shut up, Zayn!” He chuckled lightly at your childish state. "And with every step together, we just keep on getting better. So can I have this dance? Can I have this dance?" You smiled, “Makes me want to cry every time.” Zayn stood up and held out his hand, “Come on.” You raised your brow, “What are you doing?” He took a hold of your hand and waist, “Can I have this dance?” You grinned, “Of course.” You two started dancing around your living room to the beat of the song. Zayn smiled, “You know, (Y/N), I think our love is better than Zanessa.” You giggled, “Yeah, I’m not so sure, but we’re definitely a close second.” He pulled you closer, wrapping both arms around your waist, still swaying to High School Musical, “Don’t fight me on this,” he pressed a kiss to your temple, “We’re better.” You glanced at the t.v. screen, “Do you think you can gracefully lift me like Troy does with Gabriella?”

Harry: You smiled when you heard “Never Stop” by SafetySuit start playing, and looked over at Harry who was approaching you with a wide grin on his face. “Well, Mrs. Styles, our song is playing. I think you know what that means. Can I have this dance?” You blushed slightly, taking his hand, “I don’t really have a choice, so yes.” His smile didn’t falter, he lead you to center of the room, “Everyone keeps staring at us.” You glanced around, he was right; everyone kept looking at you two, waiting for a cute moment, even those who were dancing, “Kinda creepy, don’t you think?” Harry chuckled and nodded, “Come on, let’s dance.” He pulled you in close, both arms wrapped around your waist as your arms went around his neck. As you both moved slowly in a circle, savoring this moment of intimacy, Harry kissed your shoulder, “If we keep moving in a circle, I think I might get nauseous.” You wrinkled your nose, “Please don’t throw up on me during our wedding day.” He smiled and pressed a light kiss to your lips, “I love you.” You both closed your eyes, you placing your head on his chest, and ignoring everyone else but each other, until Niall tapped your shoulder, “Uh, Harry? (Y/N)?” You looked over at him, “Yeah?” “Everyone’s staring at you. They stopped playing music about 10 minutes ago.”

Louis: It was your little sister’s birthday party, and the entire day she ran around acting like a princess, flaunting her dress and tiara. “(Y/N), is Louis coming?” You smiled at her and nodded, “He’ll be here soon, I promise.” She always loved being around Louis, and he absolutely adored her, so when her birthday came around, you realized what you and Louis would do for her. “Hey, (Y/N)!” You turned around and smiled when you saw Louis in his costume, “Aw, Lou! You look so cute!” He grinned, “It’s kind of impossible for me to look ugly, babe. Plus, the label on the costume said ‘Dashing Prince Charming’, so I better look cute.” You kissed his cheek, “Thank you for doing this.” Louis smiled, “No problem. Your sister is the cutest.” “Louis!” your little sister ran up to him, hugging his legs, “You’re here! And you look like a prince!” Louis kneeled down, “Just for you, my princess.” She squealed when she heard ballroom music begin to play. “Can I have this dance?” Your sister’s eyes lit up and she nodded rapidly, “Yeah!” Louis picked her up and they began prancing around your living room, sending her into a fit of squeals and giggles. You looked over at your mom, who was laughing at the sight, “You better marry that prince before your sister does.”

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