Preferences/Imagines w/ one direction.

Some preferences/imagines with One Direction for you ;) I'd be happy if you would leave some feedback - thank you !


50. Bets

50# Bets


“You’re good but you’ll never be a better cook than me.” Harry bragged though he also knew he wasn’t a master chef. You giggled, nodding your head slowly. “Fine then. How about a small wager?” You suggested, Harry raising a brow in question. “Tomorrow we can both cook a dish. We’ll serve it to Niall and Louis when they come over tomorrow night. Then, whoever is the best cook wins.” You came up with the idea so quickly that you credited yourself for such a fast thought. “Alright, and if I win?” Harry asked, waiting for an answer. “Then I’ll clean the whole house by myself on Saturday.” You’d both planned to have a cleaning day as you place you shared had gotten quite messy. “Good, but you have to be wearing that cute little French maid outfit I got for you.” He smirked, another idea coming to mind instantly. “Fine, but if I win you clean the house,” He didn’t seem to worried about the bet until you tacked onto the end, “while wearing the maid outfit.” His eyes widened as he shook your hand, sealing the deal that would make for both a clean house and a pretty embarrassing photo for your keepsake.

Louis: Louis’ hands pressed against your tummy, his voice soft as he spoke. “Do you even have ears yet? Can you hear me in there little man?” You laughed, raising your brow as you sat up on your elbows. “So you think it’s a boy then?” You inquired, Louis nodding quickly. “It is. I know it’s a boy.” You chuckled at his confidence. “It’s a girl. Believe me, a mother knows.” Your hand slid down touching just next to his. “Wanna bet?” He jumped at the opportunity, a bet and prize that neither of you would win as you both ended up being correct, a set of twins, one of each sex.

Niall: Niall always loved that you were just as into sports as he, one of your favorite things to doing together being watching your favorite teams. You and Niall sat on opposite sides of the room, you sporting his own teams jersey while you wore yours, both grinning slyly at each other while you waited for the game to begin. “Ready to place your bets Horan?” You smirked, reaching into your wallet just as he did his, placing bets that your team would win against his and vice versa, one of the only things that you ever disagreed on but that actually made your relationship a bit more interesting.

Liam: You were both usually sure that he’d lose, though it was always good to know that you always had so much confidence in him. “We’re not gonna win.” He’d shake his head just as another nomination came up, seemingly for an even bigger awards show each time. “Wanna bet?” You’d smile, walking up behind him, your arms curling up around his shoulders. There was nothing to it, no prize really, no money, though you’d know just as a presenter called out the name of One Direction, that though he’d lost the bet, he’d truly won everything he could have ever hoped for.

Zayn: “There’s no way you’re better than me at COD. You’ve only played like twice.” Zayn rolled his eyes, crossing his arms over his chest. You scoffed, nodding your head. “How much are you willing to put on that Malik?” You posed, cocking a brow at him. “So we’re betting now.” He pondered. “Head?” He came up with a simple solution but one that you could both definitely agree on. You kept a serious face as you sat down, both of you grabbing a controller. A little secret you’d kept from him, you’d taken to the video game, playing it whenever he was away from home for long periods of time. Zayn huffed as the game went on, finally losing to you. He pouted a bit as he dropped his controller, glancing over at you as wore a victory smirk, his hands reaching to pull your legs so that you were laid back on the couch and he could reward with you his tongue on your skin.

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