Preferences/Imagines w/ one direction.

Some preferences/imagines with One Direction for you ;) I'd be happy if you would leave some feedback - thank you !


79. Asleep

79# Asleep

Note - hi beauty's, I made this on the statement that I am going to a concert today. With who?, you ask. Oh, just the regular ONE DIRECTION, I AM SCREAMING LOUDER THAN A BABY HOLY WATER I AM EXCITED

Fun fact : I feel of my chair multiple times in the making of this, bc I was so excited

Zayn (His POV): Damn I really didn’t want to leave her. I wanted more then anything to wake her up and say goodbye, to tell her I love her and I’ll be home later. But at the same time I hate leaving her without saying good morning. But am much as I want to wake her, I hate waking her up, I wanted her to sleep, I didn’t want to rip her away from her dream. Damn, she looked so peaceful. My shirt looked better on her then it did me. Her tan naked legs were exposed, making it even harder for me to leave. I knew if she woke up and asked me to stay I would. Screw press conferences, if my girl wanted me to stay I would. But she didn’t ask, she stayed asleep. I kissed her one more time before heading off to meet the boys. “I love you.” 

Harry: Your head was in his lap and he was running his fingers through your hair. He loves watching you sleep, but you weren’t asleep. You were lying there trying to fall asleep. “You really love her don’t you?” Liam asked in a whisper. He emerged from the kitchen where he was getting them a drink. “Yeah I do. She’s really something special.” To your surprise you were able to hide the smile on your face. “You know I’ve never seen you look at anyone the way you look at her.” You could feel his eyes on you. “I’ve never felt this way about anyone else either mate.” After that the boys moved on to talk about football and you were finally able to fall asleep. 

Liam: “Babe stay with me.” Liam gabbed ahold of your arm and pulled you into him. “I was going to get you some soup weirdo.” You tried to break Liam’s grip but he wasn’t going to let you go. “I don’t need soup. I need you.” Liam is the worst at being sick he complains all the time. “Please just lay me with.” You agreed. “See feeling better already.” He choked out between coughs. “No Liam you need soup. I’ll be right back.” You get back with soup to find a sleeping Liam. You climbed back into his arms. You watched his chest rise and fall. He couldn’t breath out of his nose so his mouth was parted. You ended up falling asleep to the sound of his heartbeat. 

 Louis: “Bedtime for me. Bedtime for me.” Louis sung as he curled up in the bed next to you. The boys are leaving early tomorrow morning for America. Louis fell asleep right away, his arms draped around your torso and you sat up reading your book. You couldn’t help but chuckle as little snores left his mouth. You admired him he looked so content. This is the first time you’ve seen him smile in days. He’s been upset about leaving you. An hour later you decided it was finally time to go to sleep. You carefully got out of his grip, trying not to wake him. After you changed into your pajamas and curled up to Louis chest. “About damn time.” He whispered against your neck. 

Niall: Hey baby. It’s 1 am and I can’t sleep so I decided to write you. You’re passed out next to me; your hair is tossed all over your face. I try to move it whenever you move so I can see your beautiful face. I love watching you sleep and I hope that doesn’t sound creepy, but I love it. You talk in your sleep you know that? Not full sentences, just little mumbles. I just heard you say ‘I love you’ and I hoped you were dreaming about me. But I can’t wait until you wake up and I can tell you how much I love you. To tell you how much you’ve changed my life. You’ve made me a better person. Sleep tight and I’ll see you in the morning. Love you forever Niall. 

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