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84. Another member walks in on you naked

84# Another member walks in on you naked

Note - Hello sweethearts

Niall: You knew all along that changing in the back of the dressing room that all of the boys were coming in and out of was a bad idea. You were worried the entire time that someone would walk in and see you. Niall told you he’d watch the door though, so you could change out of the shirt you were currently wearing; the one you’d dropped a can of soda on. Just as you got your shirt off, and bra as well, because the soda had soaked through all of it, and you were reaching for your new one, the door opened. Niall had stepped away for only a moment, but that was enough time for someone else to walk up. You heard Harry’s voice before you could even think to cover anything. “Sorry [Y/N]! I’m leaving, I’m leaving.” He was gone in an instant, but your embarrassment was not.
Liam: A day at the beach sounded like so much fun. It had been a long time since you’d gotten a day to relax, and spending the day swimming in the ocean with Liam was the perfect break. Zayn, Harry, and a few of your friends were there as well, which only made it more fun. Before you could go into the ocean though, you had to change. So you were in the bathroom of the condo you were all sharing for the week, changing into your swimsuit, when the door you forgot to lock swung open. Zayn stood there stunned, completely shocked to see you in nothing at all. It took you a few moments to pull a towel over yourself; moments that felt like forever to you. Neither of you said a word, Zayn just quickly left the room, and shut the door behind him. Walking out of the bathroom yourself minutes later, your face was still so red. That was not the best way to start your relaxing day at the beach.
Zayn: “Why are you and Louis acting so weird?” Zayn asked you, after noticing the way neither you nor Louis could look each other in the eye, or even speak to each other at all. You’d been avoiding each other all day, always ignoring when the other spoke, and though no one else seemed to notice, Zayn had. “He…” you began slowly, an embarrassing memory playing in your mind, “I was in your room changing, and he walked in.” You didn’t need to explain it further than that. Zayn understood what you were saying. “So you were totally naked?” You nodded, and brought your hands up to cover your face, “Neither of us knew what to do, and he couldn’t leave fast enough, and it was just horrible.” Zayn laughed at the situation, “Next time lock the door."
Louis: Getting out of the shower, you did not hear the sound of the bathroom door opening. You were too busy thinking about Louis, and how excited you were for the date you were preparing for, to recognize the sound. Stepping out though, you instantly saw the door was being pushed open, and you couldn’t speak fast enough. “Niall!” You screamed his name loudly, when you saw who was on the other side. He saw you as well, and didn’t instantly look away. “Get out!” His eyes stayed on you for a moment longer, and then he quickly looked away, “I’m Sorry [Y/N]! I didn’t know you were in here!” He left the room after, and you slammed the door. Both of you were embarrassed, and felt awkward about what had just happened; you both also knew you’d never mention it to anyone else. It was embarrassing enough without anyone else ever being told.
Harry: “She was changing in the main room. Who does that?” Liam asked Harry that, after Harry mentioned that he knew what ‘happened.’ He didn’t feel the need to explain what it was, he knew Liam understood. Liam had walked in on you changing, as you had nothing on at all. You had tried to cover yourself the moment you heard him, but it was too late, he’d seen you. “[Y/N] does,” Harry replied, and then glanced over at you. You were standing across the room, talking to a friend, trying not to think of what Liam and Harry could be talking about. You already knew, you just didn’t want to think about it. “Tell her I’m sorry, I really didn’t know she was in there. It felt really weird to walk in on her like that, and I really wish I hadn’t.” Harry looked away from you, and back at Liam, “She was embarrassed, but not mad. Just knock next time.”

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