Preferences/Imagines w/ one direction.

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40. 1st anniversary

40# 1st anniversary

Note: (In celebration of my brothers 1st anniversary with Michelle) :)


Zayn: You looked down sheepishly after he had given you his gift which was a diamond bracelet, necklace and earrings that you thought were the most gorgeous things you had ever seen in your life. “Zayn, these are beautiful, i’m sorry i didn’t get you something like this.” He waved your apology off. “Don’t be sorry, i’d be perfectly fine if you gave me nothing because you give me enough just by being with me.” You blushed as you handed him a tiny box. He took his time opening it and when he finally took the lid off, he quickly engulfed you in one of his hugs. “(YN), this is incredible.” “It’s nothing.” you say and he shakes his head. “(YN), this belonged to your father.” You nod. “Yeah and he told me to give it to the one person i could never live without, and that’s you Zayn. Happy 1st anniversary babe.”

Louis: “Whatever shall we do for our first anniversary?” he sing songed as he walked down the stairs in your shared flat where you laid on the couch, all snuggled with a warm blanket, a nice movie on the television and the newest book in your favorite series in your hands. “I thought we could just stay in and chill and do whatever the hell we want without having to leave the comfort of our home.” you answer him and he thinks about it for a minute before jumping onto the couch, barely missing your feet and curling up to you so that his back was against the back of the couch and he was spooning you. “Sounds good to me, now, can we restart the movie, restart the book and get a bigger blanket for the both of us to share, then after the movie we can order a pizza or something?” You smirked at him. “Such a perfect anniversary.” He nodded. “I agree.”

Niall: “You rented out the entire theater for us, Niall?” you whisper shouted as you passed a couple workers and most likely the owner of the place. “Yeah, look, we have the place to ourselves all day long, we can watch whatever movie we want to watch, we can have the movie paused so we never have to miss our favorite scenes and i already had food ordered to be delivered here. Do you like it?” You smiled at him and gripped his hand tighter. “Niall, it’s perfect, i’ve just never had someone put this much thought into a first anniversary is all.” His worried expression turned to one of love and joy. “Then i’m glad i’m your first to give you the best first anniversary ever. This will be a night you’ll always remember, i’ll be sure of that one.”

Liam: “Paris? We’re going to Paris?” You squealed as you jumped up and down in the middle of the airport, not caring if anyone around you saw. You were just so happy with the news that Liam had just told you. “Yeah, your birthday is in two days and i thought why not just do a huge mega party for you. So we’ll start in Paris for our anniversary, then for your birthday, we’ll do whatever you want.” You thought about it for only a second before he started to pull you through the terminal so you could get on the plane. “Shopping spree? I’ve always wanted a Paris shopping spree, Liam!” He smirked down at you. “Then that is what you shall have. Ready for our first anniversary in Paris?” You nodded and ran in front of him and onto the plane. 

Harry: Roses had been delivered to your front door. Chocolates had been sent, a giant teddy bear, you were starting to get overwhelmed with each time you opened the door and another gift appeared instead of Harry. You knew that he obviously didn’t forget your anniversary, but you were still curious as to where he was at the moment. “Come on Haz, it’s our first anniversary, we only get one of these.” you mutter and that was when the doorbell rang again. “Better be you.” you mumble and walk slowly over to the door before opening it just a crack then squealing when you saw Harry down on one knee on your guys’ doorstep. “Happy first anniversary babe. I hope you enjoyed all the gifts i had sent for you, now will you please consider accepting one more gift?” you nodded and he smirked before producing a tiny box from behind him. Opening it, he stared right into your eyes. “(YN), will you marry me?”

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