She knew he was dangerous. She tried to keep her distance from him but that doesn’t stop him from trying to get to her.

He was just the typical Frat party college boy who loved to get pissed drunk and shag multiple girls who were in his eye of sight and bring one home every night with him until he sees [i]her[/i] for the first time.

She tries to do nothing more than to stay clear of him but he does nothing more than turn her world around for the better and ultimately the worst.

Will contain some: sexual themes, alcohol usage, language and abuse

**AU Harry Styles fanfic!**


4. We all have dark sides

I put on my blazer before hurrying down the stairs and rushing to the door. I was going to meet a few of my friends for a few smokes and drink to get my mind on something else. I needed to get out of this house, the sooner the better. That is one of the reasons I couldn’t wait to leave for college and then I’ll be gone from him, my bastard of a father.

Ever since my mum died when I was just fourteen, he had blamed it on me that I was the reason she died. That is when he began to abuse me and treat me like shit. After two years, that is when I began to resort to drinking and smoking, when I was sixteen. It took my mind off everything for a good while.

Right as soon as I took hold the rusty brass door knob, I am immediately forced backwards by the one person I was trying so hard to avoid. My father stood there, eyes wide and dilated; I knew he was drunk since I could smell the hard liquor on his breath.

“Where you goin’, boy?!” he questions me harshly as I try to pull my arm away from his tight grip.

“Out,” I tell him quickly as I pull my arm from his death grip and head for the door, keys to my car tight in my grip.

“Out? Where exactly, Harry? I thought your mother and I taught you better than to sneak out of the house,” he snickers as he looks at me before bringing his bottle of jack up to his lips and taking a long swig.

“Does it really matter, dad? I want to get the hell out of here, away from you bastard!” I reply in a demanding tone.

“Don’t you talk to me like that boy!” he snarls at me and next thing I know, I am on the floor from him hitting me with harsh force.

I spring up and open my eyes as I stare around the room, my heart pounding hard against my ribcage like it was about to burst from my chest. I run one of my hands through my messy curls as I realize I was in my room in the house I lived in along with Braden and Nick. I let out a sigh of relief when I realized it was only a dream. The sun shone brightly in the windows even through the dark curtains I had over the windows. I let out an exasperated groan out of my parted lips as I bury my head in my pillow and pull the duvet over my eyes to block out the protruding light.

Fuck, I mumble to myself as I rise up from my bed and pad over to the window so I could shut the blinds. After I pull my dark curtains to cover the blinding light, I trudge back over to my bed and collapse, closing my eyes hoping to fall back asleep.

I reach over and grab

my phone to check the time to see it was 8:45 AM. That is when I realize I was going to be late for my history lecture. Shit, I’m going to be late… I get up and begin to rush around my room and grab a shirt off my floor and pull it on along with some jeans and pull them up and zip them up before I rush out of my room so I could find some breakfast. I was quite surprised to see Nick sitting at the table eating some breakfast and drinking tea.

“Nick, what the hell are you doing man? Don’t we have class today?” I question the boy with brown hair and round glasses that made him look like Harry Potter.

“It’s Sunday, mate. Go back to sleep, you need it,” he says with a chuckle as he reaches forward and pushes my chest which results with me taking two steps back.

“Really? Shit, well I’m going back to bed…see you later, mate,” I mutter and run one of my hands through my messy curls as I make my way back toward the stairs.

After I head up the stairs and go into my room, I slam the door behind me and pull my shirt over my head and toss it to the floor. I was still tired from being out late last night. As I shut my eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep once more, images of Sidney invaded my every thought. I couldn’t help but wonder when I would see her again. I was still determined to have her as my own; I wanted nothing less than that.

After I wake up a little later, I was starving and that is when I realize it was already a little after one o’clock. I get up and make my way to the bathroom so I could take a shower. After I take my shower, I put on my boxers before pulling some jeans on along with a shirt.

I slip my white iPhone 5 in to the front pocket of my jeans along with my wallet as I head out of my room. I also grab the keys to my car because I wanted to get out for a little while instead of staying inside the whole day. Going out, I have the feeling I might see Sidney again since she’s going to university here at Manchester, just like I was.

As I make my way down the stairs, I head in to the living room to find Braden sitting there watching some show on the telly with his “friend”, Claire, whom he tells us all the time he’s not in to her and that they are “just friends” but I have a suspicion it’s much more than that.

“Hey, Brae. It’s nice to see you again, Claire,” I give her a smirk as I stare at her before shifting my gaze to meet Braden’s. The look on his face told me that I should back off. He flips me off as I get up from the couch and make my way to the kitchen only to run in to Nick.

“Hey man,” Nick muttered to me, a smile on his face.

“Hey Nick,” I mutter back as I pass him and head over to the fridge. I open it up and pull out a full bottled water and take a long drink before twisting the cap back on it and setting it down on the top shelf of the fridge before shutting the door to the fridge.

“I’m starving, what do you all say about going out to eat?” I ask as I make my way back in the living room so I could join the others. My stomach growled, I was starving, I haven’t eaten all day.

“Sounds good to me,” Nick replied and gave me a high-five.

“You two love-birds want anything?” I ask, looking at Braden and Claire, a playful smirk on my lips, doing it just to piss Braden off. Braden looks at Claire for an answer to my question before looking back at me.

“We’re good, mate,” he says. I just give him a nod in response. We tell them that we’ll see them when we get back later, if we ever come back, that is.

Nick and I head out the front door and shut the door loudly behind us before we head over to my big black Chevy Tahoe. I press the unlock button on my key to unlock the car. I pull open the door and climb in the front seat while Nick gets in the passenger seat and closes the door with a loud thud. I stick the key in the ignition before starting it up.

“Where to Nick?” I ask and look over at him as I begin to pull on to the street away from the place I was parked.

There wasn’t near enough room to park in the driveway since it was so small. We decide to go to Pete’s which is a great burger place a few blocks down from the university, near the club we were at last night. It was a good five-ten minute drive or so from where we lived in the student residential area. For a Sunday afternoon, it was really crowded, but normal for all of us attending university since we were all in close proximity to campus.

I park my SUV in a spot big enough to fit into and cease the engine so we could get out. Pulling my keys from the ignition, I put them in my pocket opposite my phone as Nick and I walked up to the doors that led inside the burger joint. Nick and I go up and wait in the semi-long line so we could order.

We take a seat at one of the empty tables after we each got our food. As I begin to eat my burger, my eyes trail over to the far corner of the café I was in. That is when I spotted her – Sidney – sitting in a booth with one of the girls I saw her with last night and a guy who was beside her. I’m assuming he had to be her boyfriend but didn’t seem like the type. As I look at him I can’t help but think where I have seen him before – he seemed familiar but I couldn’t quite place him.

That is when it hit me – his name is Chris and he had issues of his own. Just by staring him in the eyes you knew something was up. No one was perfect; we all have dark sides. I learned that the hard way. My eyes become wide as I catch him staring at me a stern look on his face.

I lean forward to Nick and whisper something to him, telling him I would be back in a minute. He just gives me a quick nod in return as I wipe my greasy hands on my jeans and get up from the chair I was sitting in. I had no clue what it was but there was just something about him that ticked me off to no end.

“Goin’ somewhere, Styles?!” he shoots up from his seat that was right next to one of the two doors that led outside.

“Outside, what’s it look like, Mour-ies?” I retort back in a harsh tone.

“Sidney – I’ll be a minute, stay where you are,” he snaps and turns back at the girl who had a straight look on her face as her eyes trailed to the floor.

“But–” she mutters back as she takes a step forward closer to where Chris and I were.

“I told you to stay, Sidney!” he yells back, which results in everyone turning to look at us as I scanned my eyes over the place. Everyone’s eyes were glued to me and Chris – more importantly him since he was causing a bigger scene than I was. Now, I was standing next to him on the sidewalk outside, out of everyone's gaze.

“You treat her like she’s your bitch, she’s not a dog, Chris,” I say firmly as he grabs me by the shirt I was wearing and slams me against the wall of the outside of the building.

“Who gives you a right to tell me how to treat my girlfriend?” he questions me. Damn, this guy definitely has some anger issues.

“No, I’m not,” I reply back as I push him off me forcefully. “I’ve seen guys treat their girls with more respect than you treat her, I don’t think she deserves you, man. She’s a living person not a doll you can play with and toss to the floor in enjoyment,” I tell him harshly before I pull the door open in a forceful manner and make my way back inside.   Author's Notes: So, here's the next chapter! so, next chapter! yay :D excited i finally updated it but don't really think this chapter turned out too good. it could have turned out much better but its whatever. :p anyways, enjoy & thank you to every one who's commented, liked and favorited so far! means a lot! (:   are you all enjoying it so far?   hope you enjoyed! let me know what you think, please!
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