She knew he was dangerous. She tried to keep her distance from him but that doesn’t stop him from trying to get to her.

He was just the typical Frat party college boy who loved to get pissed drunk and shag multiple girls who were in his eye of sight and bring one home every night with him until he sees [i]her[/i] for the first time.

She tries to do nothing more than to stay clear of him but he does nothing more than turn her world around for the better and ultimately the worst.

Will contain some: sexual themes, alcohol usage, language and abuse

**AU Harry Styles fanfic!**


6. Nobody's perfect

As I make my way back inside, I rush past Sidney who stood there. She seemed very confused by what was going on. To be totally honest, I had no idea what was going on either and what just happened with Chris. I don’t understand why he’s blaming me for me telling him how to treat his girlfriend. It’s just how I see it; when I get angry, I speak what’s on my mind, nothing less than that.

It isn’t any of my business, but she definitely doesn’t deserve him of all people. Since I met her, I’ve wanted nothing more than to get to know her. There is just one thing that was in my way from getting her: Chris. I knew I could come up with a way to get her away from him, but I couldn’t think where I should begin. I’m sure I’ll come up with something soon enough.

I walk over to where Nick was sitting. He sat up and grabbed hold of my shoulder, squeezing a bit. “Hey man! What happened out there? I could hear you with Mour-ies out there. What was the bastard going on about?” he questions staring at me.

I let out a frustrated sigh and run a swift hand through my messy curls. I really didn’t feel like conversing right now. All I wanted right now was to get the hell out of here.

“Tell you later, man. I think I’m gonna go – see you later. Can you catch a ride from someone? Maybe Brae can come get you?” I ask looking at him. He just gives me a nod and tells me he’ll see me later. I nod my head before pulling my keys from the pocket of my jeans.

“See you later, mate!” I hear him call out to me as I swing my keys around my finger while I head toward the main doors of the restaurant.

I end up walking right past Sidney once more, but she wasn’t alone this time. He was with her and talking at her like she was a small kid or something. As I look at Sidney, I can’t help but notice the look on her face. She seemed like she was about to burst into tears. What a bastard, he doesn’t deserve her at all, especially not by treating her like that.

I roll my eyes at him as if he could see me before I begin to make my way out the doors. It really astounded me that he thinks he’s treating her right, when he really isn’t. I push through the main door of the restaurant and head down the path that led to the parking lot where I parked my car.

After what seemed like a lifetime, I finally make it to my car. I press the button to unlock it before I grab the handle and pull it open. I climb up in to my Tahoe and take my respective seat behind the steering wheel. I slam the door shut once I sat down before I secured my safety belt in place. The doors automatically lock after a few minutes.

I stick the key in the ignition and start it up. After I started the engine, I press the button to turn my radio on. A song by Three Days Grace was playing; Over and Over, which is one of my favorite songs. I crank the volume up as I begin to pull out of my parking space. I keep my eyes on the road in front of me so I don’t get distracted.

As I drive down the main road that came to the street Braden, Nick and I lived on; I can’t help but notice Sidney standing at the corner with her friend, waiting to cross at the light. She was too beautiful; I couldn’t help myself from staring. I am soon caught off guard by some bastard honking at me, signaling for me to go.

Shit, why the hell did I do that? I really didn’t want to get rear ended now. I give him a slight wave in the rear view thanking him before I step on the gas and continue driving forward. I soon come to a stop at the next light before I take a sharp left onto the street which was right before the street Nick, Braden and I lived on. Thankfully, no one was coming from the other way as I sailed over.

I soon come to a stop in front of the street the lads and I lived on. As I look up, I notice dark brown locks I recognized – Sidney. I guess we lived a street down from each other. I couldn’t help but stare at her. At least I was pulled off to the side this time instead of in the middle of the intersection. She soon looks over at me, her mouth slightly agape.

She had a scared look in her eyes. I don’t know why she thought I was a bad person just by looking at me like she was. As I look at her, I can’t help but take in her beauty. My lips curve up into a smirk as I look at her. I wasn’t going to stop at anything until I get to call her my own. My fingers tighten around the wheel as I gripped it even tighter than normal.

Even if it means having to fight dirty with a bastard like Chris to keep her away from him, I was going to do it. She is what I want, more than anything. I know I can keep her safe, especially away from him. It was going to take a while but I know I will get her in the end to have as my own. No matter how long it takes.

She quickly averts her eyes from mine and leans closer to her friend. She must have whispered something to her, because they soon begin to walk away, not even looking back once. Her long dark hair blew in the breeze and was flowing behind her as she walked. I couldn’t help myself as my eyes trail down her body; she was too beautiful for words.

After a few minutes, I step on the gas and head forward to stop at the light before I take the left turn onto the street I lived on. I soon come to an abrupt stop in front of the house. After cutting the engine, I pull the keys from the ignition and open up the door before climbing out. I make my way up to the door and reach for my house key in my pocket. Turns out, they weren’t there.

I could only think of one person…Chris. They must have fell out when he slammed me up against that building. Such a prick, no one deserves to be treated like that by him, Sidney especially. How he treats her is wrong. She doesn’t deserve him. Nobody is perfect, we all have our ups and downs including high's and lows.

Even though I used to go around and get pissed drunk and bring a lass home every night for a shag, I never treated them unfairly. Only bastards who don’t know how to treat their women do that, take Chris for example. Just thinking of him, I clench my hands together tightly in anger.

I bang my fist on the door a few times. After standing there a couple minutes later, I hear footsteps on the other side of the door moving closer. The door is thrust open to reveal Braden standing there, his brows creased together in confusion as he looks at me.

“Hey, Harry. What’s going on, mate? Where’s Nick? Thought you always kept your key on you,” he questions me with a smirk resting his hand on my shoulder as I step inside and rush past him. Kicking my converse off my feet, I step out of them and pull my dirty socks off in the process. I really needed a shower because I was beginning to stink.

“I lost it earlier. He’s still out, told him I was coming back now. Mentioned somethin’ ‘bout you goin’ to get him, or he may just walk back, who knows. Brae, I really don’t feel like talking, not now man, not in a good mood,” I mumble as I shrug his hand off my shoulder before I stalk toward the stairs. I hear the door shut, which I’m guessing he had just closed.

He seemed taken aback by my harsh words. After a few minutes of silence between us, I hear him speak, “Sorry man, catch me up to speed later, sorry with whatever happened,” he says as I begin to head up the stairs, listening to him babble.

“Yeah, I will,” I reply back and open my mouth to finish my statement, “Going to bed, later,” I mumble as I make it to the top of the stairs. I actually was drained from today. I wanted nothing more than to pass out until morning.

I walk into my room and slam my door shut once I walk in. Peeling my shirt off, I let it drop from my hands to the floor as I head for the bathroom so I could take a shower. It was one of my ways I like to relieve stress, the hot water does wonders. I undo my belt and get out of my jeans, leaving them in a pile on the floor along with my shirt.

After my shower, I felt refreshed and clean. As I walk back into the room, towel wrapped securely around my waist, I go over and slip on some clean boxers before I begin to towel dry my curls with another clean towel. Once my hair was dry enough, I chunk both the towels into the hamper before I slip on some sleep shorts and climb into my king sized bed.

Glancing out one of the windows I had in my room, I notice it was still light out. It kind of ticked me off since I usually can’t sleep with it being light, but being as exhausted as I am now from earlier events, I could deal. I quickly drifted off to a deep sleep, hardly able to comprehend my last thought on my mind as I fall asleep.

“Harry!! There’s someone at the door for you – her name is Sidney!” I hear Braden’s voice from outside my room with the door closed. I roll over and immediately sit up at the sound of her name.

Did he just say Sidney? Was I losing my mind? What was she doing here? How did she even know where I lived? Enough analyzing, Harry! I think to myself as I get up and quickly grab my shirt from the floor and slip it over my head. I wondered how long I was asleep. I noticed it was dark as I looked out my window so I had to have been out for more than a couple hours at least.

“Coming!” I yell back to him as I make my way through the dark room to my door.

Grabbing hold of the door handle, I twist the knob and pull it open. Walking out, I hurry down the hall way to the stairs before I begin to make my way down. I walk over to the front door to find it closed. What was going on? I begin to pad across the floor to the living room.

I have to blink a few times when I notice her – Sidney – sitting on the couch beside Braden and Claire. She actually was here and it wasn't a figment of my imagination.

“H-hey,” I speak up as I stare at the beautiful girl who was seated before me. “Uh, what are you doing here?” I ask as I stare at her, my eyes a bit fuzzy from sleep. I reach up and wipe as much sleep as I could from my eyes.

“I uh…came here because I wanted to talk to you,” she replies before looking over at Braden and Claire.

“We’ll leave you two alone to uh…talk,” Braden says as he grabs Claire by the arm and they walk out of the room toward the kitchen. That left me alone with Sidney. Slightly awkward since I barely knew her but I was totally willing to get to know her since I first set my eyes on her.

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