She knew he was dangerous. She tried to keep her distance from him but that doesn’t stop him from trying to get to her.

He was just the typical Frat party college boy who loved to get pissed drunk and shag multiple girls who were in his eye of sight and bring one home every night with him until he sees [i]her[/i] for the first time.

She tries to do nothing more than to stay clear of him but he does nothing more than turn her world around for the better and ultimately the worst.

Will contain some: sexual themes, alcohol usage, language and abuse

**AU Harry Styles fanfic!**


1. Intro

Harry Styles; I remember when I first set my eyes on that boy. By the first glance, I knew he was dangerous. Well, that’s what everyone told me. I kind of freaked out a bit how he first spotted me across the huge crowd of people at a party one night. It was like he was staring right through me like he knew everything there is to know about me.

As I got to know him more, something happened that I never planned on doing…I fell for him. He fell for me too just as hard as I fell for him. Little did I know then, he was going to turn my world around for the better and ultimately the worst and that is exactly what he did. Before I met him, I was just the typical girl at University of Manchester who passed all my classes and did best I could until he came into my life.

This is the crazy story of how I met him and strangely enough, fell for him when I kept telling myself to stay away…  


AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is ONLY the beginning. I know it's short but it will get MUCH better in the actual first chapter! Things will start out slow in the beginning and then it will pick up as the story progresses. You guys have NO idea how excited I am to write this! Hope you enjoy. Please let me know what you think, it would really mean a lot :D Any kind of feedback would be awesome. Leave me your thoughts? <3 thanks for reading & enjoy!:D

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