She knew he was dangerous. She tried to keep her distance from him but that doesn’t stop him from trying to get to her.

He was just the typical Frat party college boy who loved to get pissed drunk and shag multiple girls who were in his eye of sight and bring one home every night with him until he sees [i]her[/i] for the first time.

She tries to do nothing more than to stay clear of him but he does nothing more than turn her world around for the better and ultimately the worst.

Will contain some: sexual themes, alcohol usage, language and abuse

**AU Harry Styles fanfic!**


3. Breaking me slowly

I turn in a swift manner as I jerk my hand away from his and begin to make my way through the big hoards of people. Who the hell does he think he is? Harry Styles is bad news; I’ve heard it from some of my friends and acquaintances. I didn’t want anything to do with him.

On the plus side, I have a boyfriend, but he isn’t the typical loving boyfriend type. One of the down sides is how he treats me; he doesn’t treat me like normal boyfriends treat their girlfriends with love and compassion and all that shit. Want to know the reason why he isn’t like so-called “normal” boyfriends now-a-days? He is abusive and that is the main reason why I came here tonight, to out and away from him for a little while. I have the bruises to prove it, thank god for the invention of cover-up.

My friends think I am insane for staying with him, but he still does have his moments when he’s sweet to me and stuff. That side of him only comes out sometimes when he isn’t drunk out of his mind. I’m just scared, ya know, of the consequences if I tried to leave him. I know it wouldn’t end well if I ever tried to break up with him. The thought made shivers go down my spine.

The bass was still pounding just as loud underneath my heeled

boots I was wearing that skidded across the floor as I walked and pushed through people toward the entrance of the club. They matched perfectly with the outfit I wore which is one of the reasons I loved them so much.

I soon make my way through the huge crowd to the entrance when I feel a pair of eyes on me, the ones I’ve been dreading to see all night. How did I not think that he wouldn’t be here tonight? Chris lives for parties, always getting drunk and smoking with his friends. I curse softly under my breath so no one could hear me. I try to get past him and turn my nose up toward him as I feel his hand tighten around my small wrist. He doesn’t open his mouth to speak, only tightening his grip on my wrist.

“Where do you think you’re going, babe?” I hear his voice as he pulls on my wrist and resulted in my chest colliding with his. I try to push myself of him but it only results in him tightening his grip on my wrist.

He leans in closer inches away from my lips. I could smell the strong aroma of the hard liquor on his breath as he presses his body firmly against mine while I leaned against the door frame.

“Home, what does it look like, Chris?” I snap at him with a scowl look on my face. I cringe in pain as I feel his grip becoming even tighter on my wrist, almost like he was close to cutting off the circulation of my blood.

“You aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, only when I’m done with you, love,” he growls in reply as he leans forward so close to my face that I could smell the alcohol on his breath. His arms tighten around me as I lean against the doorframe. He leans back with a smug smile on his face smirking evilly at me.

Tons of people begin to crowd around us. I couldn’t do anything since he had a tight hold on each of my wrists. As his tightens his grip a bit more, I only begin to thrash my body around more so I could escape his from his tight grip. My heart was pounding through my chest so hard like it was going to burst at any given moment.

“Let me go, Chris, I mean it!” I retort as I glare at him, the brim of my eyes slowly filling up with tears.

“What are you going to do about it, huh?” he snarls back at me.

I pull my wrist free from the tight constraints of his hand that was holding mine tightly. Truth be told, I always hated when he gets like this, drunk off his ass and treats me like shit. I punch him hard as I could in the groin with the hand that had my sharp rings on each of my fingers, knowing it would hurt like hell. With that, he stumbles backward and that is when I make my run for it. All I knew was I needed to get the hell out of there.

“Bitch! You’re still going to get it; I know where you live,” he calls from the distance.

I tighten my hand around my clutch I brought with me and made a run for it across the street. As I walk down the street that was right before the street I lived on in a house with my two best friends and Chris, unfortunately, I enjoy the nice scenery around me. Next thing I know, I am walking down the sidewalk of the street that I lived on with my best friends Kendall and Payton.

I push through the gate and walk up the steps to the front door of our house. Once I make it up to the door, I begin to fish for my keys that I put in my clutch purse along with my phone, which is why it was so heavy.

“Shit!” I curse under my breath when I realize my keys weren’t in there. I must’ve dropped them when I was dealing with Chris. I hope he doesn’t come home tonight and decides to stay out with his friends because I didn’t want to deal with him right now.

Thankfully my phone was, but it wasn’t as important now. I wanted nothing more than to get inside and take a long bath to relax from the long night. After a few minutes of contemplating whether or not I should climb inside through one of the windows, I finally remember that we kept a spare key under the door mat. I step back off the welcome mat in front of the door on to the creaky porch. I reach down and pick up the heavy mat to reveal the key on the dusty floor of the porch where I stood.

I was glad my dress was stretchy so I could bend down and reach stuff if I dropped them. Thank god for elastic or I would’ve just tore my favorite dress if it wasn’t or any of my clothes really. After I grab the key, I stand back up and stick the key in the lock. It takes me a minute or two but I finally get the door open. I step inside the house before I stick the key underneath the mat and shut the door.

After I check the door and make sure it was locked in place, I slowly begin to make my way up the stairs. As I walk down the hall way, I pass Kendall’s room to find her door closed. She was either in there asleep or more than likely had her boyfriend, Jake in there with her. I walk in to my room and flip the light on before I set my clutch down on my dresser and take out the bow I used to tie my hair up with.

I sit on the edge of my bed as I begin to take my heels off. They were starting to rub against my feet and I could feel them slowly turning in to blisters. It always happens when I wear them. After I get them off, I stretch my toes that were painted a light shade of pink which is my favorite color. I make my way in to the bathroom which was in between my room and Kendall’s and shut the door quietly behind me and lock it so I could have some privacy.

I go over and turn the faucet on so I could begin to fill up the tub with hot water. After I get it hot as I wanted it, I pour in some of my lavender smelling soap. I reach behind me and unzip my dress and let it fall to the wood floor below my bare feet and pull my undergarments off before I walk forward and slowly lower my aching body down in the water. I let out a relaxed sigh as I lay my head back against the tile wall of the tub.

Right now, I just wanted to relax and get my mind off of Chris and more importantly, Harry. I didn’t want anything to do with him, but there was something that I couldn’t seem to let go of. I just had no clue what it was. I guess only time will tell. One thing I knew for sure, I needed to do something with Chris because I didn't know how much longer I could deal with him and his shit. He is surely breaking me slowly.  

AUTHOR'S NOTE: So, here's the next chapter! so, next chapter! yay :D excited i finally updated it but i'm not really feeling this chapter. i think it could have turned out much better but guess i'll have to deal with it.

are you all enjoying it so far?

what do you all think of chris? he's a fucking asshole, i think lol. For a more visual aspect of Chris, he looks like Zac Efron - yum ;)

should i continue? drop a comment & let me know!! c:

hope you enjoyed! let me know what you think, please!

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